Make an impact teaching what you love

Create a highly leveraged asset
Cohort-based courses are the perfect combination of high scalability with a premium price.
Build your brand as the go-to-expert
Cohort-based courses are the next opportunity for thought-leaders to emerge and build a personal brand in education.
Strengthen your community
Cohort-based courses provide the best learning experience possible for your audience.
        My course will be 10x because of what I learned through Maven. If you’re considering teaching a cohort-based course, do it.
Sara Sodine Parr
Sara Sodine Parr
Lead Experience Researcher @ Airbnb
        Creating and teaching my course was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.
Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny Rachitsky
Writer, Investor, and former Growth PM @ Airbnb
        My course is going to live on forever now, achieving a greater impact with every cohort. I could not have imagined this to happen without Maven’s resources and guidance.
Soundarya Balasubramani
Soundarya Balasubramani
APM @ Salesforce
        Cohort-based courses are the next major innovation in this industry without question. Maven was a game changer for us. In only a few weeks, our team learned the insider techniques that the very best creators use to design in-demand CBCs.
Matt Gartland
Matt Gartland
Co-founder, Smart Passive Income

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Maven takes the hassle out of creating and running a CBC

Our cohort-based course (CBC) platform provides the tools so that you can focus on teaching. We also make it easy to connect to the products you’re already using.

Keep track of your students

Track applications and automate key emails from a single dashboard

Automate key emails

Guide students through the enrollment process with customizable email templates

Manage your calendar events

Everything you need to create and manage your events in a single place

Design your course syllabus

Build out your syllabus and track student project submissions directly from our dashboard

Provide a hub for your students

Give your community a home and make it easy for students to find everything they need

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