5 Growth Courses Marketers Can’t Live Without

Growth marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing courses to help you level up your marketing game. Collaborate with other marketers learning alongside you and apply your learning back to your company.

The internet is littered with marketing courses that claim quick wins and “secrets to success.” In reality, growth marketing is just hard work. But these five courses embrace the hard work and bring together marketers who are up for a challenge. 
Here are 5 growth marketing courses students on Maven are signing up for in droves: 

Startup Brand Strategy with Arielle Jackson

Learn Arielle Jackson’s 3 pillars of successful brand strategy: purpose, positioning, and personality. Having consulted 100+ early stage companies, Arielle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her students in this 2-week bootcamp. 
“I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with agencies across many months to get not as far as this course has gotten my company in the last two weeks.” - Jay T (verified student)

Marketing in 2023 Crash Course with Amanda Goetz

Entrepreneur and marketing executive Amanda Goetz guides students through a 3 hour hands-on intensive. In this course, students get a refresher on audience segmentation and then dive into channel strategy. By the end of the intensive, students have a marketing strategy and key metrics identified. 
“Amanda is a great teacher because she has done it and IS DOING IT. Marketing changes constantly; so it's useful and fun to get to hear someone who is on the field clearly narrate their fresh (and very smart!) thinking.” - Kevin P. (verified student)

Content Marketing 201 with Amanda Natividad

VP of Marketing and Sparktoro, Amanda shares her content marketing strategy, from developing a content engine to managing the executive team’s expectations. Learn how to build a content flywheel that fuels the rest of your marketing strategy.
“Amanda taught months' worth of lessons in 2 succinct weeks. This is by far one of the most valuable experiences that I've had in the years of continuing professional education. I would take this course three times over and pay twice as much, at minimum.” - Steven M (verified student)

Email Marketing with Joe Portsmouth

Joe Portsmouth taps into 7+ years of email marketing experience to share his winning methods with students. In this 4 day bootcamp, students design, write and launch their new welcome series using Joe’s high-converting tactics. Afterwards, build email automations to help scale efforts for the long term. 
“Joe provides clear frameworks for writing emails that convert more leads and instructions for automating the process. This course is a must for anyone running a business.” Rob (verified student)

Alt Marketing Certification with Fab Giovanetti

Fab Giovanetti and her team of 10+ marketing experts guide you from marketing foundations to advanced marketing strategy. In the course, you’ll learn storytelling techniques to build trust in a crowded marketplace and tried and true marketing tactics that get your business in front of your target audience. 
“I've been in my comfort zone for quite some time. Coming into the course, I was nervous about meeting and working with a new group of people. What ended up standing out to me was that I felt comfortable almost immediately. It was just fantastic and gave me a lot of confidence moving forward to whatever that may be.” - Jess P (verified student)

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