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Alt Marketing Certification


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8 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Market to Hearts ♥️ Not Brains 🧠 Level up your marketing skills and make people fall in love with you and your work 🫶

Hosted by

Fab Giovanetti, Jess Bruno | Ren Balogun, Veronica Wood Querales | Khaleelah Jones, and Chelsea Cox | Hannah Flores

As seen in Forbes, Business Insider, Next Women Pitch Competition and more

Course overview

Become an unstoppable champion of positive impact

Our certification is for the modern marketer who wants to make a real difference.

You'll learn the principles of sustainable marketing, how to develop campaigns with a social impact, and gain insights into strategic planning.

By the end of our journey, you'll be a fully-fledged positive impact strategist ready to take on any challenge!

The positive impact certification for you if...


You are a freelance marketer ready to raise the quality of your services by driving referral-worthy results (without the burnout)


You are an early-stage marketer who wants to gain real expertise in building a strategy with purpose rooted in psychology


You are an agency owner looking to create powerful systems for repeatable results as a go-to expert and tackle new growth channels

Imagine how you’ll feel when you...

Develop an advanced set of marketing skills that drive more measurable results to any project

Carve out your space as a marketing leader - so that incredible opportunities will start coming your way

Achieve your strategic goals, toss confetti in the air and blast your favourite hype song

Map your own marketing strategy plan and deck designed to show proven, repeatable results
Get guidances from 10+ instructors, mentors, and coaches to develop hard and soft marketing skills (coaching that would cost >£300/hr)
Harness the power of purpose, storytelling, and impact to build trust in an increasingly skeptical world

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Marketing training at university standards, not prices

You will become certified as a positive impact strategist in 4 key areas

Orientation - marketing foundations

Explore the fundamentals of digital marketing - with a positive impact twist. Learn how to build purpose-driven relationships and embody a unique brand archetype across all of your marketing efforts.

Purpose - leadership and storytelling skills

Get clear on your big-picture vision for your career and life. Define the value of your work and brand, uncover your unique goals and messaging.

Impact - strategic marketing skills

Craft a strategy that connects with your audience's values to and will make people want to root for you. You can't be everything to everyone, so be something great to your turn strangers into superfans.

Growth - advanced marketing tools

Uncover blindspots in your knowledge so you can learn and improve your skillset. Lean on data to uncover insights on unique topics such as SEO, marketing operating systems, running experiments and more.

Feedback from our positive impact strategists

        Having personally attended the Alt Marketing 6 week course, and gained my certification we would highly recommend it - Fab and the other teachers are not only extremely knowledgeable, they created an environment in which the whole cohort really bonded. It's been a few weeks now and I am still really missing my weekly sessions!
Cat Wildman

Cat Wildman

GEC Co-Founder, certification alumni
        I've been in my comfort zone for quite some time. Coming into the course, I was nervous about meeting and working with a new group of people. What ended up standing out to me was that I felt comfortable almost immediately. It was just fantastic and gave me a lot of confidence moving forward to whatever that may be.
Jess Pashos

Jess Pashos

Alt Marketing certification alumni
        It was human. It was a real camaraderie with people that I'd never met before. I think that was amazing. The teachers were amazing. I loved working in groups, connecting with people, and then doing a presentation. I was pitching to people who gave genuine feedback.
Kevin Withane

Kevin Withane

founder at Diversity X, Certification alumni
        The certification provided me with a deeper understanding of marketing methods, with niche tactics to help my business stand out, lots of tools and things like automation to help someone like me with very little previous marketing knowledge or experience.
Dawn Morton-Young

Dawn Morton-Young

Diverse leaders coach, certification alumni
        I work for a finance company. I liked the SEO part of the course as I could apply it to my company. My boss was impressed. In the course, you find out new things, you implement them straight away. I've learned how to present my ideas better has come across well to the company, my boss and colleagues. They see a fundamental change in my confidence.
Ash Martins

Ash Martins

brand lead for Muse Finance, certification alumni
        Taking part in the course was absolutely brilliant, I feel like I've learned so much, from taking part in group work, all the exercises that we had to take. There's so much more marketing than ever thought possible. I've also realised that there is so much on offer in the world in terms of marketing, and it doesn't need to be a chore!
Marie Dryden

Marie Dryden

Foundation Manager D&AD, certification alumni
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You are here because you are looking for your secret sauce —the confidence to tackle new channels, take on leadership roles, or grow your marketing business

Course schedule

4-6 h of work per week including classes
  • 12 modules across 3 blocks

    Purpose, Impact and Growth

    Over the 8 weeks together, you’ll be going through 12 modules across 3 blocks (Purpose, Impact and Growth). Each module includes live sessions + on-demand additional content and support.

  • Live sessions: Tuesdays & Thursdays

    6pm UTC (between 90 and 120 mins)

    Join us for expert-led workshops, group work sessions, expert panels and hot seats and each week. Need more support or feedback on your work? We have a private community and you'll be assigned to your accountability group to support you for the whole duration of the course.

  • Weekly project work

    2 hours per week

    By the end of the program, you will have a positive impact strategist portfolio, complete with a strategy you’ve planned, and case studies to share the data - coming out of this experience with proof your confidence and expertise in marketing with purpose. 

  • Office hours after each workshop

    Optional: 30min

    After each of our workshop session, you'll be able to opt-in for a bonus office hours session. You will discuss strategy, overcome challenges, go deep into developing your strategic skills, discuss your work and get targeted support in your journey.

  • Final presentation and graduation

    Expert panel presentation

    The final examination will consist of you presenting your marketing plan to a small group and get targeted feedback from marketing experts to consolidate everything you have learned throughout the course.

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Alt Marketing Certification

Designed to support your career growth

Designed to support your career growth

Build powerful relationships with your audience

Turn your marketing strategy into an engine for business growth and build a community of superfans.

Show up as an industry leader - NOT as a commodity

Access the ultimate toolkit to drive results and make a tangible difference with your marketing.

Take a peak inside

Curious to see the inside of Alt Marketing School? Join a free class and get a feel for what it’s like.

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Become a better marketer, always putting purpose and impact first

Actionable advice marketers wish they learned that at uni

Certification curriculum


Orientantion: digital marketing fundamentals

Bonus on-demand module worth over £415

Explore the fundamentals of digital marketing - with a positive impact twist. Learn how to build purpose-driven relationships and embody a unique brand archetype across all of your marketing efforts.


Craft a unique marketing message that will win any room

Create a value-driven message rooted in positive impact marketing principles, empowers your audience and drive positive change


Refine your leadership skills and show up with confidence

Embrace digital leadership by recognising the limiting beliefs you need to get over with and life skills you need to build


Build insight-driven personas to attract your community

 Identify what drives your audience with behavioural economics to fully understand how you can connect with them in less time


Embody your unique social media archetype

Show up authentically on social media with impactful content that will leave a lasting impression by understanding user intent


Become a master of content systems and save time

Hack your workflow by working smarter, not harder. Make the most of content marketing with a proven repurposing system


Redefine the way you approach sales to harness growth

Apply sales principles to help you shape a winning marketing strategy


Create lasting relationships with your audience to foster loyalty

Implement relationship-driven marketing funnels to create long-lasting bonds with your superfans


Create marketing operating systems

Create your personalised operating systems and become a scientist by learning how to run insightful marketing experiments


Refine your copywriting skills

Craft powerful stories that will engage your audience and connect with them on a deeper level


Master SEO for consistent traffic and boost discoverability

Audit your current SEO practices and set new powerful habits that are rooted in user behaviours


Use community design and turn your audience into advocates

Embrace advocates and ambassadors in unique ways through community design


Graduation night: present your marketing plan

Pitch your winning ideas to learn how to present to fellow students and a panel of experts

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Alt Marketing Certification

Meet your instructors

Fab Giovanetti

Fab Giovanetti

Head teacher

Fab is an award-winning entrepreneur, supporting people making a positive impact through their marketing and is the founder of Alt Marketing School. Featured in The Next Web, Business Insider her passion lays in positive impact marketing and messaging.

She leads our students through the 8 weeks of the certification teaching a variety of classes and hosting panels, office hours and co-working.

Jess Bruno | Ren Balogun

Jess Bruno | Ren Balogun

Jess is a social media content strategist who supports service-based providers. She teaches about creating engaging, purpose-led content that leads to significant conversion results.

Ren is a strategy consultant who specialises in purpose-led communications. She attended Cambridge Judge Business School’s Social Venture’s Incubator and supports our students tapping into their leadership skills and set powerful goals.

Veronica Wood Querales | Khaleelah Jones

Veronica Wood Querales | Khaleelah Jones

Veronica is a CIM-qualified marketer and an ILM-certified mentor with over a decade of experience working with start-ups and growing businesses. She guides our students through relationship-driven funnels.

Khaleelah is passionate about everything SEO. Awarded 2021 Digital Woman of the Year, 2021 WomenInTech 100 winner, and winner of the 2018 Next Women Pitch Competition, Khaleelah has a PhD in emerging media and an MBA.

Chelsea Cox | Hannah Flores

Chelsea Cox | Hannah Flores

Chelsea is a business consultant and strategist, avid networker & connector and champion of collaboration over competition. She helps students in finding business clarity, confidence and growth through clear & concise strategies & development.

Hannah has over 14 years of digital experience - both agency side and in-house. Hannah has worked for some big brands including Time out,, BA, P&G, and Microsoft and is passionate about organic content marketing and repurposing practices.

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Alt Marketing Certification

Join the most welcoming community on the internet

Hear our graduate Emma's experience


(17 ratings)

You'll leave us feeling like this...

        This course has made me finally get EXCITED about the potential of marketing rather than stressing about it all!

        Super excited for graduation but also sad as this course has been wonderful. So enriching and such a lovely cohort.

        I have implemented everything I've learnt and MORE this has been amazing and I will miss our sessions so much!

        Thank you all for such an informative and fun course. It's been a pleasure and my Tuesdays and Thursdays won't be the same!

        I've really enjoyed this course! I've learnt so much more than I expected and can't thank Fab & all the wonderful teachers enough for that! Enjoyed getting to know the other students and have had a wicked time.

        I am grateful to all of our teachers for their time they dedicated to put the course together in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Thank you!

Learn from experts with real-world experience in a friendly, live environment

Learn from experts with real-world experience in a friendly, live environment

Get your certificate of completion

Read out FAQs for full requirements in order to receive our certificate of completion. Download and showcase your new qualification on LinkedIn, your portfolio, CV and wherever you want to practice some healthy bragging.

Making marketing better together

Join the most welcoming community on the internet, and connect with experts and fellow marketers who share your vision of making marketing better.

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Alt Marketing Certification

How to get funding by your employer

How to get funding by your employer

Request company funding

Most companies appreciate it if employees want to improve their industry skills and are happy to pay for courses such as this one.

Advance your career, improve credibility and drive results

Many company's have a Personal Development budget allocated for each employee, this would be a great opportunity for you to use yours to improve your marketing skills.

Download our ready-made template

To help you with requesting reimbursement, we listed the course benefits to you and your company so it's easy to ask for funding to your manager. Click here to create a copy of the proposal template.

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Join an inclusive network of marketers from all walks of life ready to step into their rightful positions as leaders and champions of purpose

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