July 24, 2023

8 Digital Marketing Courses That Keep Selling Out

Growth marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing courses to help you level up your marketing game. Collaborate with other marketers learning alongside you and apply your learning back to your company.

The internet is littered with digital marketing courses that claim quick wins and “secrets to success.” In reality, digital marketing is just hard work. But these 8 digital marketing and growth marketing courses embrace the hard work and bring together marketers who are up for a challenge. 
Here are digital marketing and growth marketing online courses students on Maven are joining today:

Startup Brand Strategy with Arielle Jackson

⭐️ 9.3 (69 ratings)
Startup Brand Strategy is a 2-week long, growth marketing course designed to teach the fundamentals of building a strong brand for an early-stage company. The course provides key insights about the purpose, position, and personality needed to create a distinctive brand. It is hosted by Arielle Jackson, a Marketing Expert in Residence at First Round Capital.
Throughout the course, students will learn how to:
  1. Master skills and frameworks for building a lasting brand.
  2. Define their target audience using the concentric circle model.
  3. Determine their brand's category.
  4. Define the foil (what they're up against) in their customers' minds.
  5. Craft their company's purpose and use it to guide their decisions.
The course includes live and interactive workshops, discussions, Q&A sessions, and feedback from instructors and peers. It requires a commitment of 6-10 hours per week. Testimonials from industry leaders such as Josh Kopelman, Partner at First Round Capital, and Camille Ricketts, Head of Marketing at Notion, highlight the value provided by this course.
“I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with agencies across many months to get not as far as this course has gotten my company in the last two weeks.” - Jay T (verified student)

Marketing in 2023 Crash Course with Amanda Goetz

⭐️ 9.1 (30 ratings)
Brand Marketing in 2023 Crash Course is a 2-day, digital marketing course created to equip founders and marketers from early-stage companies with the necessary digital marketing skills for successful brand marketing. Guided by Amanda Goetz, marketing executive and founder, the course has been condensed from a 6-day lecture series into an intensive 3-hour session.
Participants will learn growth marketing and digital marketing trends, to master the frameworks required to scale a brand from 0-1 to $100m, including the creation of an impactful brand strategy that aligns sentiment, voice, tone, features, and impact. The course provides a deep dive into omnichannel marketing approaches, with a focus on selecting appropriate marketing channels based on brand goals and needs.
A key aspect of the online digital marketing course is the emphasis on measurable success through setting up OKRs. Participants will also gain an insider view into how Goetz harnessed the power of community to build House of Wise.
In the course syllabus, topics range from defining your audience and brand pyramid, creating a marketing plan and channel strategy, setting OKRs, to creating a successful campaign. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to work on real-life projects and receive feedback from Goetz and other industry experts.
As per student testimonials, the course provides a stress-free approach to brand building, offering clarity, practical examples, and usable frameworks.
“Amanda is a great teacher because she has done it and IS DOING IT. Marketing changes constantly; so it's useful and fun to get to hear someone who is on the field clearly narrate their fresh (and very smart!) thinking.” - Kevin P. (verified student)

Content Marketing 201 with Amanda Natividad

⭐️ 9.2 (39 ratings)
Content Marketing 201 is a comprehensive, 2-week, digital marketing course dedicated to equipping marketers with the skills needed to design a powerful content strategy that drives all inbound marketing efforts and expedites business results.
Spearheaded by Amanda Natividad, VP of Marketing at SparkToro, students are coached on how to become the 'CEOs' of their brand's content. The course focuses on diverse areas, including building a cost-effective content engine, defining success beyond mere page views and search rank, generating innovative ideas consistently, managing teams, repurposing existing content effectively, and leveraging AI without compromising brand integrity or originality. You'll find the lessons go well beyond search engine optimization and keyword research.
From the testimonials of previous students, it's clear that the course provides in depth knowledge, a fresh perspective on inbound marketing, content creation, growth marketing, encourages creative thinking, and offers practical tools to improve digital marketing efforts.
“Amanda taught months' worth of lessons in 2 succinct weeks. This is by far one of the most valuable experiences that I've had in the years of continuing professional education. I would take this course three times over and pay twice as much, at minimum.” - Steven M (verified student)

Email Marketing with Joe Portsmouth

⭐️ 9.7 (6 ratings)
Email Marketing 101 is a 4-day, digital marketing course developed to teach students how to leverage automated email marketing to convert leads and win lifelong customers.
Led by Joe Portsmouth, a seasoned email marketing expert credited with generating over $50,000,000 in email marketing revenue throughout his career, students dive into the essential facets of email marketing. These include building a high-converting welcome series, crafting compelling email copy, getting personalized feedback on their emails, and harnessing the power of automated email revenue generation.
For growth leaders and marketing managers, key lessons from the course range from best practices for email copywriting, building effective welcome series, live coaching and Q&A, to automating emails for optimal results. It emphasizes on hands-on projects, offering live workshops and public learning through breakout rooms and an engaged community.
The digital marketing course has garnered glowing testimonials from former students and peers
“Joe provides clear frameworks for writing emails that convert more leads and instructions for automating the process. This course is a must for anyone running a business.” Rob (verified student)

Alt Marketing Certification with Fab Giovanetti

⭐️ 9.3 (24 ratings)
Alt Marketing Certification is an 8-week, digital marketing course designed to empower modern marketers to make a genuine impact. The course emphasizes the power of purpose, storytelling, and influence in building trust in a world increasingly rife with skepticism.
Guided by a team of instructors, mentors, and coaches with over 40 years of combined experience, students are equipped with a personalized marketing toolkit that stands the test of time. The course curriculum covers vital areas such as understanding audience motivations, optimizing digital marketing strategies using timeless psychology principles, building lasting relationships with superfans, and driving referral-worthy results with advanced marketing skills.
Distinctively, the course blends practical strategies with a fun and vibrant approach, promising not just informative sessions, but a celebration of learning, complete with hype songs and confetti. It includes live digital marketing training workshops, hot seat sessions, expert panels, and access to a vibrant community of fellow students for networking and support. In addition, the course offers 30+ ready-to-use digital marketing templates to aid in planning and organizing marketing campaigns.
“I've been in my comfort zone for quite some time. Coming into the course, I was nervous about meeting and working with a new group of people. What ended up standing out to me was that I felt comfortable almost immediately. It was just fantastic and gave me a lot of confidence moving forward to whatever that may be.” - Jess P (verified student)

Perfect Your Go-to-Market Strategy

⭐️ 9.1 (11 ratings)
Perfect Your Go-To-Market Strategy is a 4-week, digital marketing course designed to equip founders with the necessary skills to craft a persuasive vision, devise an effective strategy, and develop tactical measures for a unstoppable go-to market launch.
The course is conducted by Mona Bijoor, founder of JOOR & Sol TV, partner at Kings Circle Cap, and the Amazon bestselling author of Startups and Downs. Throughout the course, participants delve into topics such as creating a Vision, Strategy, Tactics (VST) summary for a 3-year business plan, identifying unique competitive advantages, linking VST to a Go-To-Market strategy, and establishing a decision-making framework that reduces emotional bias.
What sets this course apart is its practical approach, incorporating live workshops and hands-on assignments resulting in an individualized Go-To-Market plan. Additionally, learners will receive direct feedback from the instructor and have an opportunity to present their strategies to angel investors, lending an invaluable real-world aspect to the learning experience.
Mona has a no-nonsense approach and can pick through any business model or strategy with ease. She brings ideas, wisdom and encouragement to all her classes. Mona’s class has been a big hit with our cohorts and I highly recommend her class to any first-time or even seasoned entrepreneur. - Alex B.(verified student)

Improve your B2B SaaS Website Content & Conversion with Emily Kramer

⭐️ 9.0 (32 ratings)
Improve your B2B SaaS Website Content & Conversion is a 2-day, growth marketing course designed to offer founders and marketers at early and growth-stage B2B startups with practical techniques to optimize their websites.
The course is led by Emily Kramer, co-founder of MKT1 Capital and former Head of Marketing at Asana and Carta. With a wealth of experience in marketing and website optimization, Emily delivers a compact, action-packed course covering areas like increasing web traffic and conversion rates, creating clear narratives for target audiences, and building efficient website management systems.
Over the span of two interactive workshops, students will learn how to make their website the centerpiece of their marketing channels, boosting their startup's growth. They will also receive valuable insights from guest speakers, gain feedback from peers, and have access to useful resources and examples. The course uniquely integrates theory with practical elements, including peer reviews, breakout sessions, and hands-on exercises.
One student, Erin Letson, a Marketing Leader at Vowel, commended the course for its high-value content and breakout rooms, saying,
"It packed a lot of useful content into a few hours...I'm excited to use the templates and get started on improvements!"
Freddy Shelton, CMO at LeaderFactor, praised Emily's practical approach, stating,
"Emily is fantastic and keeps things practical and useful. You walk away with loads of action items and clear improvements...10/10 Recommend."

Purpose Led & Future Fit Brand Marketing with Türker Bilgin

⭐️ 9.8 (20 ratings)
Purpose Led & Future Fit Brand Marketing is a 2-week, digital marketing course created to provide students the skills and knowledge necessary to develop resilient brands and effective marketing strategies.
Led by Türker Bilgin, Global Brand Marketing Director at Unilever and London School of Economics graduate, learners will explore five key areas: insight, purpose, creativity, channel, and deployment. Students will learn techniques to uncover real consumer insights, develop purpose-driven brands, utilize creativity in marketing, build effective channel strategies, and establish data-driven digital marketing engines. The curriculum also includes interactive lectures, peer discussions, Q&A sessions, and hands-on experiences with ready-to-use templates and resources.
According to a recent student:
"The course was full of practical and actionable tips that I could immediately apply to my work." Another learner appreciated the innovative approach, stating, "It wasn't just about the usual marketing stuff, it brought in different perspectives from design, neuroscience and technology which was really cool."
The course stands out by providing not only theoretical knowledge but also practical, real-world applications, preparing students to navigate the rapidly evolving world of brand marketing. Moreover, Türker's active professional role and his passion for purpose-driven brands enhance the course's relevance and effectiveness.
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