Nov 8, 2023

Connected syllabus and free previews

By Rishin Banker
Head of Product
Connected Syllabus is now leading to higher landing page conversion rates. Plus, free previews, copying syllabus content, and more.

Connected Syllabus
Last month, we launched the “New Version” of the landing page, which syncs events, module titles, descriptions, and lesson/project titles from your actual course syllabus. This gives students a realistic picture of your course and saves you from maintaining two different assets.
We’ve been thrilled by the response and results. 150+ instructors have published the New Version of the landing page, and we’re seeing 30% higher conversion rates compared to the Old Version!
Based on these positive results, we encourage you to convert your landing page to the New Version by November 20th. See timeline below:
  • Starting Nov 8, your landing page editor will default to a draft of the New Version, but you’ll still have the option to publish the Old Version.
  • By Nov 20, the landing page editor will only support the New Version, so any future landing page changes will include your Connected Syllabus.
🔎 Free previews on landing page
We often hear from students that they want a course preview to see the quality/depth of the content before deciding to enroll. With the Connected Syllabus on your landing page, you can now offer a free preview of any module item, such as a lesson or project.
Next step: Visit your syllabus editor and click on the 3 dots in any module item to enable a free preview. Your landing page must be on the “New Version” for the free preview to be visible.
🏗️ Import content between cohorts
More instructors are now building robust syllabi with rich async content. Instead of building from scratch each time, now you can easily copy your syllabus and events from one cohort to another. Note that imported events are in a pending state, so you can edit and publish before the calendar is visible to students.
Next step: Visit your syllabus editor and click the “Import content” button to copy your syllabus to a new cohort. This will overwrite content you've already added to the new cohort.
📝 Improvements to reviews and the post-course survey
After launching connected reviews on the landing page, we’ve made some design changes to our post-course survey to make it easier for students to provide public testimonials, and updated the default sorting of your reviews section.
  1. Review sorting: The default sort on your landing page will promote more favorable reviews first instead of the most recent.
  2. Survey design: When students fill out the end-of-course survey, they see a preview of their response and their name/photo, so it’s clear that their review will be publicly visible.
  3. Survey questions: We updated the default questions to encourage students to suggest improvements privately.
📅 Add events to your calendar
Due to Google’s updated spam prevention settings, a small percentage of enrolled students have not been receiving our automated calendar invites. We know this can be a frustrating experience for both students and instructors.
If students are missing events, they can now subscribe to your course calendar using the “Add to Calendar” button from the Maven Student Home.
🔮 In case you missed it… 
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