Aug 3, 2023

Learn how students first discovered your course with student attribution data

By Rishin Banker
Head of Product
Maven is releasing attribution data that shows how students first discovered your course, full syllabus navigation to give students a birds-eye view of your course, and category pages optimized for SEO traffic.

📊 Student attribution data
Today, we’re excited to announce a feature that helps you track and improve your marketing efforts: student attribution data.
In your earnings dashboard, you can now see how students first discovered your course, broken into categories. To determine a student’s attribution, we look at their journey leading up to discovering your course, such as website activity, UTMs, referrer data, and email clicks. Our goal is to help you track and improve your marketing efforts and show how the Maven marketplace is helping to grow your course.
Learn more about our attribution model and how Maven helps drive enrollments here
🗺️ Full syllabus navigation
We heard from students that they want to see a birds-eye view of their course to catch up or peek ahead. The week-view on Student Home helps focus students on what’s immediately ahead, and now we’ve added a full syllabus-view so students can scroll through all the content.
📖 Category pages
We launched course category pages that are optimized for SEO traffic, such as for product management, marketing, design, and more. These pages contain relevant content about a topic, 2x more courses on desktop, and SEO-optimized FAQs and free resources. We’ve seen 20% higher click rates from category pages, leading to more visitors for your course landing page!
🏫 School pages
More instructors are launching and cross-selling multiple courses. Now, Maven automatically creates a school page for you when you publish multiple courses under the same school. Check out this example from Marily Nika.
🔮 In case you missed it… 
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