Apr 1, 2023

AI-powered search & recommendations

By Rishin Banker
Head of Product
Maven is releasing AI-powered search, recommendations, affiliate links, and more.

🤖AI-powered recommendations
We launched personalized recommendations to make it easier for students to find relevant courses. The algorithm takes into account the students’ profile (e.g. job title, company, enrollments, waitlists they’ve joined, and more). You'll now see personalized recommendations over email and on the homepage.
📈 Improved search on Maven
Previously, 20% of searches on Maven would hit a dead end (“zero results”). This month, we improved our search and reduced dead ends significantly. Even if we don’t offer a course with a search term in the title, Maven will recommend “related results” to help students discover related courses.
Here are some queries that went from dead ends to helpful results:
  • Entrepreneurship: 0 hits to 160 results
  • Hubspot: 0 hits to 118 results
  • Tableau: 0 hits to 49 results
  • Webflow: 0 hits to 7 results
  • Parenting: 0 hits to 4 results
Improving search is an ongoing effort. We'd love for you to try it out at maven.com.
🔎 Improving Google search results
Google search results will start to display key information like your course outcomes and upcoming cohort dates. It takes some time for Google to crawl all our course pages, so yours may not show right away. Here’s what a search result might look like:
​​🔗 Create affiliate links to track your course traffic
You can now create unique affiliate links to track your landing page traffic in our new Labs tab. Each link has a unique identifier that tracks clicks to your landing page. You can use this to test affiliate partners, whether it’s a creator, community, company, or newsletter.
✍️ Maven blog
We launched a new Maven blog to drive more visitors to your course. Our blog includes fresh and interesting content about popular course topics. We’re currently focused on growth, product, and leadership, and we will expand to other topics over time. 
💻Fixes and improvements
  • You can now change your Maven email. When you’re logged into Maven, go to “Edit profile” in the top right > “Change email.”
  • Opening your cohort just got easier. In your settings, click the big green button “Open cohort for enrollment” to let students to enroll or apply.
  • When inserting custom variables into your emails, we show a preview when you hover your mouse over the variable. This helps you see what the variable is before you send the email.
  • We improved search on our mobile homepage. Search is above-the-fold, and as you scroll, you'll see 6 course cards at a time (compared to only 4 in the prior version). This new design helps prospective students explore courses more easily.
🔮 In case you missed it
We launched lead magnets last month. Lead magnets are resources that you offer for free in exchange for an email address. There’s a good chance you already have content you could use. Many instructors repurpose a lesson from their curriculum, a worksheet, or a video. In fact, Maven instructors have already gathered over 4,000 leads in the past month through lead magnets.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Click “New lead magnet” from the Lead magnet tab
  2. Add a brief description and a link to your resource
  3. Share the lead magnet page with your audience
  4. View your leads in your waitlist
For inspiration, check out Taylor Davidson, Soufyan Hamid, and Wes Kao's lead magnets, and even more examples in this article.

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