Mar 2, 2023

Lead magnets & event reminders

By Rishin Banker
Head of Product
In this month's product update, we are announcing lead magnets, automated event reminders, a new trending collection, and more.

🧲 Grow your waitlist with lead magnets
Lead magnets are resources that you offer for free in exchange for an email address. There’s a good chance you already have content you could use. Many instructors repurpose a lesson from their curriculum, a worksheet they’ve already created, or a video. It’s a great way to add value while building your waitlist.
For examples and instructions on how to use lead magnets, check out this article.
📅 Automated event reminders to improve attendance
Maven now sends automated event reminders to your students and course staff 20 minutes before each session. This helps your students join on time. No action needed on your end—we already enabled this on your account.
📈 Get featured in the new Trending collection
We launched a new collection to surface courses that are gaining traction on the Maven marketplace. Our algorithm updates the list daily based on the previous week’s sales. 
🧪 Enroll more students with Maven marketing tests
We just launched a series of marketing experiments to help you find more students. We’re currently running three tests with a small group of instructors:
  1. Alumni referrals: incentivize your alumni to share with a compelling offer
  2. Affiliate partners: create unique links for any creator, community, or company
  3. Student outcomes: collect learning outcomes before and after your course
📩 Email your alumni directly from Maven
You can now send a broadcast email to all course alumni (anyone who has graduated from a previous cohort). We suggest reaching out to your alumni for reviews, referrals, or new course offerings. Here’s how to email your alumni using the broadcast email feature.
🕜 Customize the exact time your cohort starts and ends
You can now set the exact time that your cohort starts and ends. This helps to clarify dates if you have students across a range of time zones. Plus, your post-course survey will be automatically sent to students at your cohort end time.
⚒️ Create a new course
You can now create new courses within your school in your settings. Here's how to get started.
👀 Coming soon
  • Cohort announcement campaign: We’re building a customizable email campaign template to your waitlist about your upcoming cohort.
  • Student onboarding: We’re testing an improved student onboarding experience to drive referrals and help students feel excited about your cohort.

Maven is an all-one-platform to create a live course. It's the easiest way for experts to make an impact teaching what they love.
Our terms are simple and instructor-friendly: you earn 90% of your course’s revenue minus Stripe transaction fees, and you own all of your IP/content.
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