June 1, 2023

Lead magnets on landing pages and improved email editor

By Rishin Banker
Head of Product
Maven is releasing lead magnets on your landing page to provide course previews or resources, an improved email editor to support in-line images, and an updated checkout flow to boost email capture.

🧲 Highlight a lead magnet on your landing page
Two months ago, we launched lead magnets: simple pages where you offer free guides, templates, and videos to grow your email list. Over 200 instructors have published a lead magnet and collectively gathered thousands of new leads.
We observed that the most effective lead magnets are “free previews” for your course, such as a syllabus excerpt or a workshop recording. To help students discover these previews, you can now add lead magnets to your course landing page!
How to get started:
  1. Visit the new lead magnet section to your landing page
  2. Select an existing lead magnet or create a new one
  3. Publish your landing page
✏️ Improved email editor now supports images
Maven’s email editor makes it easy to build marketing campaigns from tried-and-true templates  and to send one-off emails to your students. With the revamped editor, you can now upload images, format lists, and easily create hyperlink (by copy/pasting onto a word). 
How to try it out:
  1. Click “Broadcasts” > “New broadcast”
  2. Paste or upload an image
💳 Two-step checkout
Many students express interest in a course but hesitate to check out. To help you capture those interested students, we’ve separated email collection and payment details on two pages. We’re seeing promising early results with 1.5X email capture rate vs. before.
💬 Community notifications
We’ve improved the design of community notifications to better prompt students to jump back into the community. No action needed—all your students are already receiving these new notifications.
🔮 In case you missed it… 
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