Oct 12, 2023

Connected syllabus and reviews on landing page

By Rishin Banker
Head of Product
Maven is releasing connected reviews & syllabus on your landing page to provide richer information to prospective students. Also you can now create promo codes within Maven.

We've heard from students that they want more detailed information to decide if a course is worth it. At the same time, instructors are growing their content repositories and have created 12k events, 16k syllabus modules, and 4k student reviews on Maven. 
Many instructors already copy this info to their landing page, but it takes effort to maintain. We’ve now made it easier to offer a more informative landing page to students automatically.
⭐️ Connected reviews & syllabus on landing page
Connected reviews: If a course has 3+ reviews, you’ll see an auto-populated Reviews section which pulls from your post-course survey responses, ordered by recency. We recommend checking your Testimonials section for duplicate content. As part of this change, we’ll also shift to a 5-star rating display (vs. 10-star) across the site. See this help doc for more info.
Connected syllabus: In the new version of your landing page, the Syllabus section will show events, module titles, descriptions, and lesson/project titles—all synced with your actual course syllabus. This saves you from updating your syllabus in two different places. We recommend checking your Schedule section for duplicate content. See this help doc to learn more.
💳 Create promo codes within Maven 
We’ve made it easier to create and manage promo codes directly in Maven. Plus, you can now show a discounted price on your landing page to students, which can help improve conversion.
  • Create, view, pause, and delete promo codes directly in Labs. Note that this is a two-way sync, so promo codes in Labs will update in Stripe, and vice versa.
  • Show a discounted price by appending ?promoCode=CODE to the URL. For example: https://maven.com/kohavi/abtesting?promoCode=HiPPO500. The discount will reflect across your course and checkout page.
  • Hide the promo code field on the checkout page. This avoids "discount envy" and prevents users from searching for a code.
Next step: Share discounts by appending your URL with ?promoCode=CODE or by copying the "Share link" within Labs. Remember to update your automated emails if you offer promo codes. To hide the promo code field on the checkout page, reach out to support@maven.com with your landing page URL.
📚 Richer, more organized project submissions
Projects are an important way for students to apply their learnings and interact with the cohort. We're excited to release two major improvements to projects:
  • Upload images: For courses with visual submissions, students can now add images to their project.
  • Project channels: Each project prompt now has a dedicated channel, creating a more prominent, focused place for students to engage and give feedback.
🔮 In case you missed it… 
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