Aug 16, 2023

Top 5 Online Courses to Master Social Media Marketing

Discover online courses led by world-class social media marketing experts. Get the social media strategy playbook, novel tactics, and marketing KPIs to help you level up your digital marketing effort.

Social media marketing is a publicity strategy that uses the power of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to engage audiences and sell brands and products. Unfortunately, most people think they can become successful social media marketers–they do not understand how treacherous it is to try to find their way around the social media space.
Luckily, online social media marketing courses can help you learn how to succeed as a social media marketer. You’ll stay updated about current trends in social media, build a solid brand presence, reach targeted audiences, optimize your marketing campaigns, and drive results for small and big business brands.
With the cutthroat competition on the social media landscape, these courses are a must for effective lifecycle marketing. Maven provides the perfect opportunity for anyone from across the world to learn from the best instructors and connect with industry experts. To learn more about the available courses, keep reading.

Can’t-Miss Courses for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The courses on Maven vary based on duration and content. These courses are created and presented by diverse industry experts who have handled social media marketing variously. Here are detailed descriptions of some of the short social media courses you can undertake.
1. Social Media Marketing Strategies by Anke Audenaert on Maven
⭐️ 8.3
Social Media Strategies is a four-week course by Anke Audenaert that teaches you what it takes to succeed in your campaigns. You’ll learn all the building blocks of an effective social media campaign, including target audience definition and channel selection.
Whether you are an aspiring or experienced social media marketer, this course will lay a solid foundation for your campaigns. Aspiring marketers can learn critical elements such as the appropriate tone of voice in social media content. As an experienced marketer, this course will make your use of social media more effective. If you’re a business owner, this course will show you how to put your brand on the map and reach out to potential customers.
Anke Audenaert presents this course in an engaging and exciting way. Instead of throwing out social media marketing jargon, she utilizes real-life examples to put her points across. You’ll engage in multiple activities to help you create your social media profiles, manage a content calendar, and create customer-focused content.
But the course doesn’t present social media marketing as an easy part-time pursuit. Instead, it has relatively challenging assignments that enable you to effectively understand the tough concepts. You’ll not only be able to build an audience by engaging your followers but also create effective advertising campaigns to build a formidable customer base.
By learning how to analyze and interpret metrics and reports, it will be easier for you to optimize your digital media marketing strategy. Through incessant practice, you’ll deeply understand the unique characteristics of different social media platforms and use them to target the right audience.

2. The Social Video Playbook – TikTok Marketing Course for Business by Jason Keath and Nicole D’Alonzo on Maven
The Social Media Playbook is a two-week specialized TikTok marketing course by Jason Keath and Nicole D’Alonzo. It targets newbies and experienced social media practitioners looking to learn how to create engaging short videos for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels. The speakers work collaboratively to walk you through the course content and show you how to put it into practice using real-life examples.
At a glance, the course syllabus outlines everything you should know to appeal to audiences on TikTok and other platforms where short videos are popular. Through the digital media marketing course, you’ll learn how to take advantage of social media trends, create engaging short-form videos, and design repeatable video creation processes.
If you’re working on a limited budget and cannot afford some of the hardware needed to create great videos, this course will show you the more affordable alternatives. During the practical sessions, you’ll create highly engaging videos to revamp your content marketing strategy.
Enrol into this course if you’re a social media professional managing content on behalf of a company or work for an agency that runs social media marketing campaigns for multiple clients. Small business owners with a burning desire to grow their audience should also sign up and take advantage of the power of social media to help grow audiences and repeat customers.
It’s one of the short social media courses that come in multiple series. In two weeks, you’ll learn the mistakes to avoid when creating and posting content on TikTok. You’ll learn what it takes to break even and improve ROIs on your social media campaigns. Plus, the course presenters factor in your goals to propose long-lasting content ideas.

3. Content Marketing 201 by Amanda Natividad on Maven
A great social strategy is fueled by unstoppable content. Content Marketing 201 is a two-week master class social media marketing course by Amanda Natividad. It emphasizes building an effective marketing strategy and a formidable content engine more affordably. With that, you’ll be able to replicate content ideas for different social media campaigns.
It features a rich course syllabus that includes elements such as developing data-driven content plans and collaboration within marketing teams and with agencies. So if your content team has been playing second fiddle to the larger marketing team, enrolling in this course is a must.
But the course goes beyond teaching strategies for effective collaboration with in-house peers and marketing agencies. It also shows you how to formulate a social marketing strategy without relying on paid ads. Generating organic traffic should become easier and second nature to you and your team.
Amanda masterfully uses the lessons to give you fresh perspectives on creating useful, impactful content that scores higher than the usual metrics. During the live sessions, you’ll be inundated by Amanda’s energy as you learn concepts that would take forever with a different instructor.
So, do you already have a blog for your company but have no idea how to use the content to push your brand? Amanda’s is a complete digital media marketing course that can expose you to the bigger picture regarding pushing your brand to multiple audiences. It is perhaps one of the few wholesome online social media marketing courses.

4. Social Media Skills to Master by Zachary Walker on Maven
Social Media Skills to Master is a five-week course by Zachary Walker, an award-winning social media professional and speaker at Social Media Week. In this course, Zachary introduces you to the strategies used by major brands to create social media campaigns that stand out. If you’re a start-up entrepreneur, this course should give you front-row exposure to workable marketing strategies.
The course targets social media marketing professionals whose work involves formulating effective strategies and guiding client brands. It’s a masterclass social media course for helping digital marketers improve their brands’ social media performance by creating standout in-feed visibility. Small business owners can also use it to build loyal fan bases and grow enthusiastic audiences.
Part of the course syllabus introduces you to all popular social media platforms and their place in improving your brand's visibility. If you intend to use influencer marketing, you need this course to get started. Plus, it will help you amplify your current influencer marketing efforts.
Zachary’s knowledge of personal branding and how to combine it with marketing to build a more desirable corporate image should come in handy. In five weeks, you’ll learn how to establish a believable and consistent brand story to authentically connect with your audiences. Ultimately, you’ll learn how content authenticity and engagement help you stand out from the clutter.

5. Building Your Brand through Video Content by Anthony Park on Maven
Building Your Brand through Video Content is a five-day course by Anthony Park that teaches you how to use effective strategies to create standout short-form content for TikTok and Instagram Reels. You’ll not only learn what it takes to build your personal brand but also how to position yourself and monetize on the two popular social media platforms.
Few social media courses come with comprehensive syllabi, and this is one of them. Its content includes establishing brand identity, building a loyal and engaged community, and positioning for monetization. Anthony emphasizes the importance of long-term thinking rather than viewing content creation as a one-time venture. He’ll help you learn to remain consistent in your efforts to gain brand loyalty from diverse audiences.
Enrol in the course if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to grow a personal brand, monetize your audience, and explore brand partnerships. The course equips you with the skills to create new, inexpensive, long-term, and reactive alternatives to advertising. But it won’t help you if all you want is the short-term gratification that comes with attaining contentment and vitality. As part of your journey to creating a unique personal brand, you’ll learn ways to differentiate content to make it stand out without reinventing the wheel.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Social Media Marketing Course

Online social media marketing courses can help you create great content to improve your brand's visibility. You’ll learn marketing strategy formulation and precise audience targeting. These courses also teach you how to work with the popular social media platforms. However, some courses may focus on one or two platforms. Here are key considerations when choosing a social media marketing course:
1. Time to Complete
It takes a few days to several months to complete a digital marketing course. When selecting a course, pay attention to your availability to take and complete it. If you have limited time, take a course that lasts a week or two. Otherwise, a five- or six-month course would do. Also, consider whether or not the course is flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule.
2. Cost
A masterclass social media course will cost you money. So, consider the affordability of a course before applying for it. Does it fit into your budget? Short courses are, on average, cheaper than those that take substantially longer. So, you should consider that before selecting a particular course.
3. Prerequisites
What should you know or have before enrolling in a social media marketing course? To effectively take most of these courses, you’ll need basic computer skills that enable you to access them online. However, due to the complexity of the materials, other courses may require a basic understanding of marketing and creativity. You also need basic equipment and hardware.
4. Career Benefits
As you choose a masterclass social media marketing course, consider how it will benefit you in your career. At the very least, it should equip you with the skills to formulate and implement a social media strategy, develop an engaged audience, and recognize and take advantage of current trends in social media.
Additionally, these courses can help you network with peers in other parts of the world. Using the certification, you can negotiate for a salary increment or apply for a better job. Therefore, knowing your desired career benefits can help you appropriately choose a course.
5. Who Should Take the Course?
Not all short social media courses are suitable for you since each course targets different groups of people. While some courses are great for social media marketing practitioners, others target start-up entrepreneurs. Each course landing page on Maven shows the target groups. Also, checking the course syllabus can help you decide whether or not to enrol into it.

Take Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns To the Next Level

Maven has a variety of online social media marketing courses, enabling you to choose one that best works for you. From short five-day courses to long six-month courses, you should easily find something that fits into your schedule. The platform has eclectic course content that should work for you, depending on your needs. For example, if all you want is to learn how to use TikTok or Instagram Reels, the platform has something appropriate. There are also courses to help you learn about digital marketing in general.


How do I get social media marketing skills?
You can get social media marketing skills by enrolling in a short course on Maven or following influential experts. The experts may provide tips, experiences, and insights, but their content isn’t properly packaged. So, short social media courses are the best.
How do I become an online social media marketer?
Become an online social media marketer by enrolling in one of the courses on j. Using your newly acquired skills, you can create social media accounts on various platforms and start posting content. Maintaining consistency should help you gain a large following.
How much do small businesses pay for social media marketing?
On average, small businesses pay between $200 and $300 daily, $6,000 and $10,500 monthly, and $72,000 and $126,000 annually. Of course, these costs could be higher or lower, depending on individual cases.
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