Dec 20, 2023

New "What's Included" section and satisfaction guarantee

By Rishin Banker
Head of Product
We launched new landing page updates to highlight course quality and earn the trust of students including a "What's Included" section, satisfaction guarantee, and brand logos

👀 New landing page section: What’s Included
Over the last few months, we rolled out the Connected Syllabus and Connected Reviews to landing pages and have been thrilled by the results. Courses with these new sections have seen a 30% increase in conversion rate! Building on this success, we’ve launched more landing page updates to highlight course quality and earn the trust of students.
Prospective students want to know what a Maven course will include and what makes it different from other online courses. So, we’ve added a new “What’s Included” section which automatically pulls information from your course syllabus in a structured format. To view this new section, visit your landing page editor.
✅ Maven Satisfaction Guarantee
As part of the new “What’s Included” section, we’re excited to officially roll out the Maven Satisfaction Guarantee! We stand behind the quality of Maven courses and want to make that commitment clear to prospective students. Many top-converting courses have implemented a similar policy and have seen increased conversion without a rise in refunds. We’re excited to now offer the policy on all courses.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Students are eligible for a refund until the cohort start date unless they've already viewed a significant amount of course material.
  2. Students can receive a refund up to 14 days after the cohort ends, provided they have fully participated in your course. You define full participation for your course, but this typically means attending sessions, completing projects, and engaging with the content.
  3. Students can request refunds by contacting Maven Support or the instructor. Our team will communicate with you to confirm refund requests as needed.
⚡ Brand logos on landing page
Logos can quickly build credibility and interest in your course. For instance, we’ve seen many instructors include logos in their course image. Now, you can easily add logos to your landing page! Visit your landing page editor to view this new section, add logos, and publish.
📝 Mid-course survey
Student feedback is a gift that helps you improve your course, even when you're in the middle of a cohort. Our new customizable mid-course survey makes it easier to collect this type of feedback. The survey is automatically emailed to students halfway through the cohort and can be accessed from the Student Home.
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