Create unique positioning for your product

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Master a process of defining your audience, evaluating your market and building competitive product.

Course overview

Are you building the right product?

Building the product faster, more efficiently, launching marketing campaigns and many A/B tests - that all is great.

But... does it make sense, if you missed the very first step - clearly defining WHY you are building this exact product and for WHO?

No surprise, that many founders, marketers and product managers with great ideas or an amazing technology product struggle to find the right customers or grow fast.

This often happens because the product's positioning is not up to par or is ineffective. Usually it is down to several reasons: either the market category was misdefined, the target consumer was too broad or not aligned, or the product features being offered simply do not meet their needs.

This course will give you clear and easy to use frameworks and custom step by step guides to:

> Determine your product features and

> value-added using the provided framework

> Delimit your market segment

> Conduct customer interviews

> Create a product story

> Receive feedback from a community of like-minded people

It is for you if...


You are an early stage founder or product owner looking to build the right product and find product-market fit


You want to learn fast and apply learnings to your work from day one instead of relying on endless research


Your product marketing and sales are all set-up, but you don't see the traction expected and eager to fix it.

What you’ll get out of this course

Clear and easy to use frameworks and techniques

to create a unique identity and value proposition of your product or service in the minds of your consumers

Tools to define market category and segment

We will focus practical work on analysing the market, segments, competitors and identifying how to differentiate your product

Research! There is no product built without this

Yes, you heard it right. Right after we cover some theory about types of research and questionnaire samples, you will go out there and talk with people who will be potential customers.

Communication hacks

How to talk about the product benefits and test messaging, using basic understanding of human psychology

How to leverage AI tools

We will get into the details how ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion or DALL-E, copywriting tools and smart photo and video editors can make your job with all of the above easier.

Fun and support

I believe learning should be fun and we will make sure to have a good laughter + enjoy watching some good videos and also sharing stories of good & bad examples from my practice.

You will also have my support to check your workbooks and answer questions throughout the course

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Nov 12 - Nov 26, 2023

    Mondays and Saturdays

    18:00-19:30 CET/ 10:00 - 15:00 CET

  • Weekly projects

    2 hours per week

    Expect to dedicate some time for homework

Meet your instructor

Tata May

Tata May

Hi! I am Tata, business growth expert and startup advisor based in London.

Throughout my career I have worked in companies of various size and type and was always striving to create value and have an impact: for each individual user, team member. business and society overall.

In my 14 years of practice I have learned that no matter whether you work in a large multinational corporation like Nike, an early stage sustainability startup like Pangaia (from 0 to 70mln ARR in 2 years) or scale-up unicorns like Picsart (150 mln active users, backed by Sequoia) - you will always face similar problems: how to create or adjust your product offering to have your consumers love it.

I have done dozens of lectures, taught hundreds of students in live lectures and workshops, and stopping this a year ago made me feel that I miss something very important in my life - fulfilment from sharing knowledge.

That is why I have decided to create a cohort based course which will combine all of the knowledge I have gained into easy to use and follow frameworks.

My goal is to help early stage founders, as well as product and marketing professionals to build the right products and set them up for growth.

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Create unique positioning for your product


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Course syllabus


The Basics

We will first discuss what is product positioning and how it helps you get your product market fit. And then cover all things frameworks, toolkits and how-to methods.

Homework: your product deep dive using framework provided, it's features and value adds.


Market and competitor analysis

In this module you will get a workbook to fill out and we will be going step by step through market overview, to competitor analysis, defining target segment and building questionnaire for your user research.

Homework: fill-out first section of your workbook based on the frameworks provided: market segment data, research, insights from customers


Consumer deep dive and research

There is nothing more important than obsessing over your customer group. Who they are? what do they do in spare time? what is important for them?

We will review types of user research and quest-re examples.

Homework: with quest-re ready, your next step is field work - you will go out there and talk with your current or potential customers.


Product positioning - building it!

This will be our time to put all things together - your market research, your consumer insights and then using some of the frameworks experiment with your product story. You will walk out from this session with few ideas of how to position your product or feature.


From positioning to story

When your product positioning is ready, you understand who your target audience is - next thing will be acquisition.

We will learn together how to take all of the materials you have and define all pieces of story you tell - the narrative.

We will also discuss how this could be used in identifying marketing channel mix and acquisition strategies.


Testing and editing loop!

Run tests with your product positioning options and your narrative.

Launch > learn > iterate > test again

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Create unique positioning for your product


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