Sep 5, 2023

Email Marketing Courses to Skyrocket Your Campaigns

Discover email marketing courses led my seasoned marketers. Cover everything from lead generation to nurturing campaigns, email design to best time to send an email.

Email changed marketing forever. Even though social media is where most people focus their efforts today, email still remains one of the most impactful ways to connect with your audience. After all, email gives you the perfect opportunity to personalize your message and connect with your target audience. 
You don’t need to constantly struggle to get people to open your emails. When you understand your audience from an email marketer’s perspective, you’ll know how to craft irresistible subject lines and write content that inspires them to take action.
Whether you’re trying to boost blog traffic or increase sales, these email marketing courses for beginners will help you transform your business and start converting leads like a pro.

Why email marketing courses?

Maven courses allow you to learn from experienced experts at an affordable price. You can choose a course that suits your skill level, so you don’t waste time paying to revisit topics you already know well.
Because they’re self-paced, email marketing courses help you improve your skills on your schedule. What’s more, you can practice what you’re learning the same day by integrating your lessons into your email strategy. 
Thanks to Maven’s platform, you can find out how to learn email marketing from the top creators around the globe. They’re sharing their own experiences and expertise to help you become a more successful email marketer. 

5 Desirable Skills for an Email Marketing Specialist 

  • Creativity to come up with compelling content and write in a unique voice your audience relates to. 
  • Strong analytical skills to perform market research, audience segmentation, and campaign optimization.
  • Strong copywriting and copyediting skills to produce different types of emails.
  • A strong desire to keep learning and improve your email marketing, keeping up with the latest trends and understanding your audience’s needs. 
Does this sound like you? Awesome! You’re already one step ahead. If not, don’t worry — Maven’s courses will teach you everything you need to confidently connect with your audience through click-worthy subject lines and engaging email content.

Explore Top-Rated Email Marketing Courses

There’s an email marketing masterclass out there for everyone, whether you’re an aspiring email marketer, experienced professional, entrepreneur, or creator. These courses will help you learn everything from crafting an email marketing strategy to campaign optimization.
Our round-up of the best email marketing courses on Maven will help you improve your outreach, increase engagement, and take your email copywriting to the next level. By investing time into some of these courses, you can learn from experienced creators who know firsthand what it takes to captivate an audience through email and turn their attention into profits. 

Email Marketing 101 by Joe Portsmouth
Joe Portsmouth has generated over $50 million from emails over the course of his career. In this beginner's guide to email marketing, he’ll teach you how to convert leads, lower customer acquisition cost, and increase customer lifetime value through dedicated email marketing campaigns.
By learning how to align your email strategy with specific business goals, Joe helps you identify the most important areas to focus on in your campaigns. You may want to take this course if you are a DTC business owner looking to drive sales, or you need an easy way to learn the most essential email marketing techniques in one place. 
It’s also a great course for anyone that wants to add email strategy to their digital marketing repertoire.
With Joe’s course, you can learn how to generate revenue 24/7 through emails using his proven templates and email frameworks. 
The course lasts four days, so it’s the perfect course to learn email marketing basics for someone trying to boost their business. Likewise, it can help current email marketers increase profitability, boost their click-through rates, and deliver greater ROI to their organizations. 
Cost: $949 USD
Time to Complete: 4 days
Prerequisite: None
Career Benefits: Learn how to write better emails, increase open rates, convert leads, and lower marketing costs. 
Who Should Take the Course: Marketers who aren’t confident in their email marketing skills; business owners; anyone who wants to start building a profitable email list.

Persuasive Email Writing for Consultants - Coaches - Creators and Coursebuilders by Ian Brodie
If you’ve been looking for a dedicated email copywriting course without all the analytics, you’ll love Ian Brodie’s lessons. His email writing course is entirely committed to helping you learn how to improve your emails through the art of persuasive writing.
It’s not about sales talk — it’s about learning to connect your audience’s current needs and future desires with your business’s solutions. Whether you want to get more students for your course or push traffic to landing pages, persuasive writing can help.
Over the course of five weeks, you’ll practice writing better emails with the help of creativity-sparking prompts and step-by-step guides. Along the way, you’ll be given proven templates that you can use again and again to deliver greater results through your campaigns.
This course is designed for business owners, coaches, marketers, consultants, and creators that have a mailing list but aren’t seeing the results they’d like. In addition to guided lessons, you’ll also get personalized feedback from Ian and your fellow learners to help you improve along the way.
Cost: $997 USD
Time to Complete: 5 weeks
Prerequisite: 1+ years of email marketing experience
Career Benefits: Improve persuasive copywriting skills; write more effective emails; learn how to use ChatGPT to enhance creativity and productivity.
Who Should Take the Course: Content creators, small business owners, consultants, coursebuilders, and coaches.

Learn to Love Email Marketing by Kristy Martino
When Kristy Martino began sending emails, Instagram didn’t exist yet. There was no such thing as Facebook. Social media as we know it was still nearly a decade from existing. With over 20 years of experience, she’s seen the highs and lows of email marketing. 
In her friendly, easygoing course, you’ll learn how to write emails people actually want to read. We’re talking about emails that get in the primary inbox, not flagged as spam or automatically deleted. With her approach, you’ll learn how to see emails as an opportunity to connect with your audience and leave an impression on your readers. 
The course is self-paced except for one group Zoom meeting. After that, you can dive into recorded sessions and learn at your own pace. You’ll also be able to communicate to the class through Maven’s platform, allowing you to ask questions and get feedback. 
Cost: $275 USD
Time to Complete: 5 days
Prerequisite: None
Career Benefits: Increase open rates, increase audience engagement, greater marketing confidence generating ideas and leading campaigns. 
Who Should Take the Course: Beginners who are feeling overwhelmed by email marketing, creatives, creators, coaches, coursebuilders, and small business owners that want to stop running into email roadblocks.

B2C Email Strategy Bootcamp - Stephanie Maassen-Deason
B2C requires a specialized skill set to master. You don’t want your emails to come off as too salesy, but you don't want to be so casual that you miss the advertising mark entirely. Running a successful B2C marketing campaign requires the perfect balance between connection and conversion. 
 Stephanie Maassen-Deasen has 15+ years of B2C ecommerce marketing experience. Her course helps professionals better understand what it takes for any business’s marketing to succeed through email. 
If you’re learning to write emails, this course will help you understand copywriting and get excited to hit send. If you’re a C-level executive or non-marketing manager, this course will demonstrate the value of email campaigns for your business.
Collaborate with peers in a private channel, share ideas, and network with other professionals from a variety of industries. Throughout the one-week course, you’ll be coached on the fundamentals of email marketing, its unique workflows, and discover how to create a strategy that gets approved fast and deploys without a hitch.
Cost: $750 USD
Time to Complete: 7 days
Prerequisite: Email marketers, social media marketers, C-level professionals, a business founder who needs to master emailing as a marketing tool.
Career Benefits: Learn how to develop email marketing plans and lead effective campaigns.
Who Should Take the Course: Managers who want a better understanding of email marketing; founders that need to learn how to market their business effectively through email; marketers who want a more refined understanding of email marketing, developing a solid strategy, and using metrics to justify their decisions.

Learn the Art of Effective Email Marketing 

With Maven, you get access to courses led by proven professionals. They have spent years honing their craft, learning what it takes to write successful emails, and generate revenue from a diverse range of audiences. 
Maven has a variety of courses suitable for both beginners and professionals. Whether you’re completely new to email marketing or looking to grow your career, Maven gives you the ability to personalize your learning experience and choose from courses that suit your needs. 
Sign up today to learn more about email marketing and start reaching your goals. 


1. Is email marketing still profitable? 
Email is still one of the most profitable marketing channels on the planet. The industry is expected to grow from a value of $7.9 billion in 2020 to $17.9 billion by 2027 (Statista). With the ability to personally connect with people through their inbox, offer value, and even exclusive perks, email marketing allows brands to increase their audience engagement and deliver greater value through their marketing. 
2. What’s the best email marketing course? 
You should choose a course that’s based on your current needs and career goals. Coaches, creators, and business owners will need to learn about how to develop a strategy, run campaigns, and write strong emails. Marketers will need to know even more about analytics and how to align their strategies with a business’s or client’s goals. Maven offers online courses led by experts in their field for all skill levels. 
3. How do you become an email marketer?
Start by looking for a free email marketing course to learn the fundamentals and see if the field really speaks to you. If it does, you can invest in professional courses that help you learn how to use the leading email marketing tools, email design, how to develop strategies, email analytics, and more. It’s also helpful to partner your growing knowledge with digital marketing skills like social media management, content creation, and SEO.
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