How to build email campaigns that get students signing up

By Rachel Cai
Marketing Lead
How to leverage the pre-built email campaigns within Maven and tactics such as discount codes, testimonials, booking 1:1 calls, and reimbursement templates.

Once students have shown interest in your course, your goal is to convert them into enrolled students. Your Maven dashboard includes pre-written automated email campaigns to engage and convert students. The default copy is optimized for conversion and has been tested by hundreds of instructors. But, we highly recommend that you take 10 minutes to personalize these emails.
Below are 6 effective tactics to maximize the chances that students enroll.

1. Reach out to interested students within 24 hours using Maven automated emails

Applicants are most excited right after they apply, so the faster they are accepted, the more likely they are to enroll.
For cohorts without an application, prospective students who don't finish paying will be labeled "dropped off". You can find these students in the Dropped off section of your Students tab. We recommend following up with dropped off students within 24 hours as well.

2. Get interested students to book a call with you

1:1 calls are the #1 way to convert students. We’ve seen 80-90% close rate for students who take the call. Add your Calendly or phone number in the PS.
For example: P.S. If you’d like to chat 1:1 about the course, text me at {cell number} and we can find a time. If it’s easier for you, feel free to see if any of these dates work for you: {Calendly link}
We recommend adding this to your dropped off or acceptance campaign to encourage students to book time with you. Not everyone will take the call, but the ones who do will feel excited to enroll after you chat with them.

3. Add testimonials and student success stories to show social proof

Sharing testimonials and success stories is a great way to demonstrate the outcomes and transformation that you had on others. If you don’t have course-related testimonials, ask for references from former colleagues, mentors/mentees, or clients who can attest to your expertise.
  • Here is an email example from Demand Curve which features a strong testimonial from a student who drastically grew his social following:
  • In this email, Danielle Leslie shows screenshots of her happy customers. If you see students sharing their wins publicly, you should save them for future marketing content.
  • Here's another example from Taylor Davidson's dropped off campaign. Taylor not only shares testimonials and ratings, but also encourages the dropped off student to reply back to him. This is an effective way to engage with your interested students and answer their questions.

4. Share your course outcomes

Here’s a simple framework to talk about your key outcomes: “what you’ll get / what you’ll leave with”:
What you’ll get:
  • 3 live sessions with interactive exercises & discussions (total commitment = 6 hours)
  • 1 live Q&A where you’ll get feedback on your work
  • 10+ templates for in a convenient workbook
  • Access to an engaged community of peers who are looking to level up
  • Opportunity to receive peer feedback in breakout rooms
What you’ll leave with:
  • A drafted strategic plan that will result in X% improvements in [xyz]
  • 10+ templates and frameworks you can apply at work
  • Develop more confidence in [xyz]
  • Access to a LinkedIn group to keep in touch with your peers
Here's an example of a dropped off email from Brandon Zhang and Aadit Sheth's Makers Mark. Notice the "what you'll got/what you'll leave with" structure—it's simple and effective!

5. Remind students about employer reimbursement

Share this email template with interested students and encourage them to ask their manager to expense your course. You can add this to the FAQ section of your landing page and to your automated emails.
Most students don’t realize that their employer might cover the cost of a Maven course. Even companies without explicit reimbursement policies still allow managers to approve one-off expenses.
For example: Amanda Natividad shared a custom reimbursement email template that includes the key outcomes of her course. She is reminding prospective students to use their L&D budgets while selling the value of her course—a win-win.

6. Offer a discount code to drive urgency

Urgency is one of the largest drivers for converting students. An expiring discount code can help create that urgency, especially in the final 2 weeks leading up to your cohort. Discounts are optional, and it's just one of many strategies to help you enroll more students.
How to get started:
Here's an example of an expiring offer from Amanda Natividad:
The automated email campaigns available in your Maven dashboard will not only save you time, but also help you convert students. Jump into today to customize them with testimonials, course outcomes, and discount codes.
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