June 1, 2023

Top 10 Marketing Courses You Should Take In 2023

This article reviews top-rated marketing courses in 2023, each offering unique insights into brand strategy, narrative building, data-driven marketing, and SEO. Hosted by seasoned professionals, these courses provide valuable tools and practical frameworks to elevate your marketing skills and business strategy.

Brand Marketing in 2023 Crash Course

⭐️ 9.1 (30 ratings)
"Brand Marketing in 2023 Crash Course" is an immersive, two-day program hosted by Amanda Goetz, a seasoned marketing professional with a wealth of experience from her roles as CMO and Founder of multiple successful companies.

The course is intended for founders and marketers at early-stage companies looking to elevate their branding game.

Originally a 6-day lecture series, this course has been distilled into a 3-hour intensive bootcamp designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of brand strategy.
What to Expect?
Students will gain hands-on experience to ensure alignment on sentiment, voice & tone, features, and impact for their brands. Amanda's unique teaching approach allows participants to learn how to establish an omnichannel marketing strategy, akin to creating an 'octopus' rather than a 'swordfish'.

The course further assists students in channel selection based on brand goals and budget constraints. Students will also learn how to set up OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to measure success and manage resources.
What Do People Think of This Course?
Testimonials from alumni, such as Kathleen Brown, CEO at Buddhi, express that Amanda's frameworks were invaluable and applicable to their businesses.

Tissam Essafi, Founder of WKND Cosmetics, lauds the course for providing clarity and removing the stress of brand building.

Elevate Your Startup Narrative for Growth

⭐️ 9.2 (10 ratings)
"Elevate Your Startup Narrative for Growth" is a two-week boot camp designed to empower tech and climate leaders to enhance their messaging and harness thought leadership and customer advocacy for growth.

The course is led by Veronique Lafargue, an experienced startup advisor, founder, and former Google executive.
What to Expect?
Participants will explore and apply frameworks developed by Lafargue, used in startups and big tech companies. The course aims to create a custom playbook for each business, aiding in communication with investors, customers, and potential employees.

Attendees will dissect successful companies' narratives and apply their best practices to their messaging. They will also learn to convert their unique perspectives into thought leadership, leveraging founders, experts, influencers, and customers.

The course includes a four-tier customer advocacy framework, which can be executed with limited resources and scaled as the company grows. A bonus session offers a fresh perspective on the narrative and its presentation on the website.
What Do People Think of This Course?
According to Derek G., a founder and CEO of a Climate Tech Startup, the class provides practical knowledge for startups to improve their messaging, website, thought leadership, and customer interactions.

Purpose Led & Future Fit Brand Marketing

⭐️ 9.8 (20 ratings)
"Purpose Led & Future Fit Brand Marketing" is a comprehensive course offering insights into creating lasting brands and effective marketing strategies.

Guided by Türker Bilgin, a globally recognized brand marketing director, students learn to develop purposeful brands that foster growth while contributing positively to society.
What to Expect?
The curriculum is divided into five essential areas: Insight, Purpose, Creativity, Channel, and Deployment.

Learners gain understanding of consumer insights, crafting purposeful brands, leveraging creativity, building a channel strategy, and creating a data-driven marketing engine.

The course includes teaching, peer feedback, Q&A sessions, and numerous resources and templates. No prior experience is required, making it accessible to all.

As part of the course, students will also get to build their own Brand Jobs To Be Done (JTBD), Brand Key, and Brand Purpose Strategy, while also learning to design their own data-driven marketing campaigns.
What Do People Think of This Course?
One student, Erdem Inan, praised the course for its practicality, stating, "The course was full of practical and actionable tips that I could immediately apply to my work."

Another, Alexandra Denisova, mentioned how the course increased her confidence in answering brand team and agency briefs. This course is ideal for those seeking a deep understanding of brand marketing from a global expert.

Alt Marketing Certification

⭐️ 9.3 (24 ratings)
Alt Marketing Certification is an 8-week cohort-based course designed to help modern marketers make a real impact.

Led by industry experts and featured in Forbes and Business Insider, this course explores sustainable marketing principles, social impact campaigns, and strategic planning.
What to Expect?
Graduates become certified positive impact strategists with advanced marketing skills and the ability to drive measurable results.

The course covers digital marketing fundamentals, leadership and storytelling, strategic marketing skills, and advanced tools like SEO.

Students receive guidance from diverse instructors, mentors, and coaches. The course schedule includes live sessions, workshops, and weekly project work.

Upon completion, students present their marketing plans to a panel of experts.
What Do People Think of This Course?
Testimonials from alumni highlight the supportive learning environment, camaraderie among peers, and practical knowledge gained.

Join Alt Marketing Certification to level up your marketing skills and make a difference in the industry.

Building B2B Marketing

⭐️ 9.8 (34 ratings)
"Building B2B Marketing" is a five-week, cohort-based course for early and growth stage B2B marketing leaders.

The course is hosted by Emily Kramer, co-founder of MKT1 Capital and former head of marketing at Asana and Carta.

The program aims to develop well-rounded marketing leaders who can effectively create strategic plans, lead teams, and drive results.
What to Expect?
The course incorporates teaching, peer feedback, Q&A sessions, templates, and resources.

Students will gain confidence in managing and planning across all marketing domains, including product marketing, content and community, and growth marketing.

The course provides students updated OKRs beyond KPI goals and a clear map of their funnel and growth levers. Students will also learn new frameworks for planning, prioritizing, and executing tasks.
What Do People Think of This Course?
One student, Adrienne White, praised the course saying, "Emily's templates are AMAZING, but hearing her voice them over is essential if you want to put them into practice and avoid common mistakes."

This course is ideal for those seeking to improve their marketing leadership skills and build a network of peers in the industry.

Tiny Marketing Actions

⭐️ 9.8 (14 ratings)
"Tiny Marketing Actions" is a 6-week cohort-based course hosted by author and business coach, Pamela Slim. The course is designed to help entrepreneurs break their marketing paralysis and establish life-long habits for business marketing.
What to Expect?
This course presents marketing as a series of small, consistent actions executed over time, aiding in brand building, business growth, and financial gain.

Participants learn to understand their own marketing habits, execute Tiny Marketing Actions daily, and incorporate these actions into their strategic marketing plans.

The course provides access to over 100 client-tested "recipes" for marketing actions and helps students identify where their business fits in the broader ecosystem surrounding their ideal clients.

The course is also tailored to teach students how to create opportunities, even in challenging emotional states. By the end of the course, students will have a strategic marketing plan and be able to operationalize Tiny Marketing Actions into their daily, weekly, and monthly business routines.

Through this course, students also connect with a vibrant and inspiring community of other small business owners.
What Do People Think of This Course?
The collaborative nature of the cohort model enables students to test ideas, gather feedback, and execute successful campaigns within a supportive network. As one student, Jessica Williams, states, "What I loved were the variety of things you could do for your business that counted as marketing!"
Another student, Belinda Noakes, shares, "Finally I found a framework that can support me to do marketing the way I've always wanted to."

Perfect Your Go-To-Market Strategy

⭐️ 9.4 (8 ratings)
"Perfect Your Go-To-Market Strategy" is a four-week cohort-based course that guides you to create a compelling vision and an actionable business plan to enhance your chances of securing funding.

Led by Mona Bijoor, a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, the course will help you develop a compelling vision, strategy, and tactics (VST), and determine your competitive moat to stand out from your competition.
What to Expect?
You'll learn how to link your VST to your Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, creating a detailed plan that you can execute at scale. Emphasis is placed on making emotion-free decisions, and a unique framework is provided to measure performance within your overall strategy.

The course includes interactive workshops, peer feedback, and 1:1 sessions to review your pitch deck with the instructor. Students will gain practical tips for fundraising, building a competitive advantage, and crafting effective marketing strategies.
What Do People Think of This Course?
Alex Batdorf, CEO of Get Sh!t Done, applauds Mona's no-nonsense approach, saying, "She brings ideas, wisdom and encouragement to all her classes.

Mona’s class has been a big hit with our cohorts and I highly recommend her class to any first-time or even seasoned entrepreneur."

Content Marketing 201

⭐️ 9.2 (39 ratings)
"Content Marketing 201" is a two-week, cohort-based course hosted by Amanda Natividad, the VP of Marketing at SparkToro.

The course is designed to help you establish a content strategy that fuels your marketing efforts and generates accelerated business results.
What to Expect?
You will learn how to build your own content engine, develop a content plan, measure the value of your content, and generate ideas beyond traditional keyword research.

The course also emphasizes leveraging content across your team, managing leadership expectations, repurposing content effectively, and using AI tools without compromising brand integrity.

You will not focus on SEO fundamentals, setting up a blog, or launching new content channels. Instead, the course equips you with best practices and frameworks for success in these areas.
What Do People Think of This Course?
A student testimonial from Steven Mack, founder of Simple Solutions Fitness, says, "Amanda taught months' worth of lessons in 2 brief weeks. This is one of the most valuable experiences I've had in the years of continuing professional education."

The Lonely Marketer's Guide to Startup Growth

⭐️ 9.0 (14 ratings)
"The Lonely Marketer's Guide to Startup Growth" is a comprehensive course designed for startup marketers and founders aiming to make a significant impact.

Hosted by experienced growth marketer Lisa Kennelly, the course equips participants to strategically and efficiently grow their business. It transitions students away from a "spray and pray" approach, instead guiding them towards a focused, systematic growth strategy.
What to Expect?
Participants will learn to develop achievable marketing plans aligned with business goals, confidently manage stakeholder conversations, identify critical growth channels, ruthlessly prioritize their time and energy, and maintain perspective amidst the challenges.

A unique aspect of the course is its emphasis on the mental health of marketers, encouraging them to stay sane amidst the pressures of the job.

The course also offers a supportive community for marketers, reducing the sense of isolation that can occur in startup environments.
What Do People Think of This Course?
As per a student testimonial, Lisa's course effectively cuts through the noise of startup work, enabling a clear vision on where and what to focus on.

This course is a valuable toolbox for those struggling with their marketing strategy, providing practical tools and frameworks that are applicable beyond the course duration.

Backlink Building at Scale

⭐️ 8.5 (4 ratings)
"Backlink Building at Scale" is a hands-on course hosted by Chris Tweten, the CMO at Spacebar Collective, aimed at enhancing SEO efforts through strategic backlink building.
What to Expect?
The course offers students the opportunity to learn about identifying and prioritizing backlink opportunities, crafting enticing offers that webmasters can't refuse, and launching successful email outreach campaigns.

Participants will gain insights into effective link prospecting, how to avoid link farms, and strategies for building link prospect lists.

The course also emphasizes the importance of crafting attractive offers and the art of writing compelling cold emails. Chris's practical approach, involving live workshops and hands-on projects, ensures that the learning is active rather than passive.
What Do People Think of This Course?
A student testimonial reveals that Chris's strategies have brought impressive results, delivering excellent placements on well-known brands and effectively doubling the rate of link creation.


These online marketing courses offer a unique chance for marketers and entrepreneurs to enhance their skills and strategies. Each is led by seasoned professionals who share their knowledge and experiences.

The wide course range caters to startup founders, B2B marketers, entrepreneurs, and more. High ratings and positive testimonials underline the effectiveness of these courses in transforming both individuals and businesses.

Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your marketing strategy, Maven's online courses are a valuable resource. They provide practical knowledge and insights, making them a worthwhile investment for success in the competitive marketing world.
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