June 30, 2023

7 Best AI Writing Tools and Software Explained

Uncover the potential of artificial intelligence in content creation with this detailed guide on the best AI writing tools and software. Learn how these platforms can enhance creativity, improve efficiency, and tailor content to your audience.

ChatGPT has been all over the news lately, receiving varying degrees of praise and criticism. While we all can agree that it is still in its infancy, the potential of OpenAI's language model is undeniable. Today, countless tools are built with its API, allowing developers to build powerful AI solutions.
AI writing software has become increasingly popular over the years, making it easier and faster for content writers to write novels, games, papers, social media captions, and so much more. These software programs learn from vast text databases and generate unique and relevant text based on user input.
As a user, the hardest part of using AI writing software is choosing the right one. This blog post will serve as your guide to the best AI writing tools out there.

4 Advantages of AI in Writing

AI-assisted writing has transformed content generation by offering many benefits to users from various industries. Before diving into our top 7 list, let's explore four key advantages of using AI writing assistant:
Fast-written content
One major advantage of using an AI writing program is how quickly it generates original text with just a few clicks! Have you ever felt overwhelmed by deadlines or struggled to develop new marketing campaigns on short notice? An effective creative writing app can help ease this pressure and save precious time.
Natural language processing algorithms can provide fascinating results within minutes without causing brain fatigue or writer's block.
New content ideas
When it comes to keeping your audience engaged, an AI article writing tool is like having your very own brainstorming powerhouse available 24/7. Forget going through countless search engine results to find that perfect inspiration for your content. AI writing assistants can analyze trends, collect information about popular topics, and offer fresh ideas.
This means you're no longer tied down by common tropes or "been there done that" ideas. With continuous access to unique content suggestions, you'll keep readers coming back for more. Note that Google now prioritizes websites that bring the most value to its readers instead of the most keywords. As such, digging deeper and finding unique topics with AI assistance is a good way to ensure long-term success.
Write better content
"You cannot bore people into buying!"—David Ogilvy elegantly put what every business person needs to know into a simple sentence. High-quality content is essential in engaging your audience and ensuring they stay hooked throughout the text. If you simply don't have "Mad Men" level writing skills, you might have been at a disadvantage—until now.
AI-powered creative writing apps can help you achieve just that. These tools learn from vast datasets of human language and other successful texts generated by human writers. As they learn from these patterns, they make sure what they create is grammatically accurate and eloquent.
Imagine having a personal editor who tirelessly makes corrections in real time as you write. With fewer grammatical mistakes, editing time is cut down significantly. You'll gain confidence in your writing performance as the AI assistant can validate your work and point out where you can improve. 
Cost-effective solution for businesses
Quality matters more than ever. You might think employing high-quality writers would be costly, and you would be right. Whether you hire in-house or freelancers, writers charge by the word or hour, which can add up quickly.
Using an AI article-writing tool enables businesses to generate engaging and sophisticated pieces at a fraction of the cost of hiring professional writers. No more burning cash on outsourced freelancers—AI writing software can create well-written content on-demand and at a more affordable price.
Plus, with a little investment in AI writing apps, you can churn out substantial volumes of content for marketing, sales, product outreach, and other areas—all at once.

7 Best AI Writing Tools to Try

Getting started with AI writing is easier than ever, thanks to many available tools. Instead of going to the source and tinkering with the NLP algorithms yourself, you can sign up and use one of these AI writing tools immediately.
Naturally, they differ in terms of their features and pricing, so let's delve into what each tool has to offer.
1. Jasper
Jasper was one of the first movers of the space when it was formerly known as Jarvis (inspired by Ironman's AI assistant). It is an advanced AI writing tool designed to make content creation faster, easier, and more efficient. The platform is packed with a user-friendly interface featuring a cute little robot that makes your writing experience fun and engaging.
We consider Jasper a "powerhouse" or a "workhorse" in the AI writing software space, as it provides you with a wide range of features and automation tools to help you create content efficiently. For example, its recipes feature lets you create content quickly by simply filling in the blanks. And with over 50 content templates, you'll never run out of ideas.
This AI writing program is best suited for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Its extensive capabilities make it useful in multiple writing tasks like blog posts, ads, social media updates, product descriptions, and more.
Standout Features:
  • Long-form assistant for article generation
  • Saveable Tone variations based on user preference
  • Create campaigns to maintain writing consistency
  • Creator plan: $39/month (Unlimited words for one user)
  • Teams: $99/month (3 users and more brand voices)
  • Business: On-demand
2. Rytr
Rytr is an affordable yet highly functional AI-powered creative writing app designed to revolutionize content creation with easy-to-use features. The platform offers beginner-friendly tools suitable for generating persuasive copy that resonates with readers. It is very similar to Jasper, yet much more affordable. The output quality of Rytr is highly impressive, and you can get assistance crafting your content from the AI-driven interface.
Rytr is one of the best AI content writing tools, perfect for freelancers, bloggers, and small businesses who need assistance generating eye-catching slogans or crafting compelling articles — all without breaking the bank.
Standout Features:
  • Plagiarism and Grammar checker
  • Over 40 templates
  • Intuitive word editor
  • Free plan: $0/month (5K characters)
  • Saver plan: $9/month (50K characters)
  • Unlimited plan $29/month (Unlimited characters + dedicated support)
3. Scalenut
The previous tools both had available integrations to improve your SEO. In Jasper's case, you could add SurferSEO into the mix at an additional cost. But if you're looking for a dedicated SEO writing tool, Scalenut is the right choice.
The integrated SEO assistant uses AI-driven algorithms to help you optimize your content and rank on search engine results pages. It offers an array of features, including keyword research, content scoring, auto-generated meta tags, and more. You can also use the publishing timeline to plan ahead for future campaigns or organize your writing tasks.
Startups, SEO agencies, and marketers can significantly benefit from Scalenut mainly because of its capability to provide refined content that merges AI-powered creativity with the structure that an SEO professional would look for.
Standout Features:
  • AI that reads the latest information
  • Wide range of writing styles for versatile content production
  • Keyword planning
  • Essential: $20/month: 100,000 AI Words
  • Growth: $40/month: Unlimited AI Words
  • Pro: $75/month: 150 SEO optimized-articles, Keyword clusters, and audits
4. Sudowrite
What if you're a creative soul looking for help with your next best-selling novel? Sudowrite is an impressive AI writing assistant explicitly designed for fiction authors who need help overcoming writer's block or brainstorming new ideas. The platform offers diverse functionality like generating character profiles, story outlines, or suggestions to improve your existing work.
This unique tool is perfect for creative individuals such as authors and screenplay writers who want their stories to come alive without constant interruptions due to writer's block or limited inspiration.
Standout Features:
  • Story outlining capabilities
  • Sentence improvement suggestions using artificial intelligence
  • Generate twists and climax possibilities
  • Hobby & Student: $10/month (30,000 words)
  • Professional: $25/month (90,000 words)
  • Max: $100/month (300,000 words)
5. Writesonic
Next up, we have Writesonic, another early entrant into the field of automated content creation. This one is ideal for generating short-form content – including ad copies, email campaigns, headlines, or video scripts. Its rapid turnaround makes it the perfect on-the-go solution whenever you need quick yet persuasive results by offering streamlined templates adaptable to your brand and target audience.
Marketers, ecommerce businesses, and copywriters often working with short-form writing tasks can find Writesonic extremely valuable. Even. beyond the free trial, its pricing is reasonable enough for small teams and startups to access.
Standout Features:
  • Academy for learning how to use the platform
  • Rapid generation of persuasive ad copy or headlines
  • Built-in language translation feature for multilingual content
  • Free: $0/month (10,000 words)
  • Pro: From $12.67/month (100,000 words + GPT4)
6. Copy.ai
As the name implies, Copy.ai is a content generation platform targeting copywriters in particular. It uses artificial intelligence to help generate content or suggests improvements and edits to existing material. The long-form editor may not be as intuitive as some of the others, but this is definitely a platform for professional copywriters who value quality and precision.
From email campaigns to press releases, Copy.ai can help you craft copy that meets your standards with minimal effort and fast results.
Standout Features:
  • GPT-driven technology for efficient text generation
  • User-friendly interface guiding each step of the process
  • Range of templates catering to various content types
  • Free: $0/month (2,000 words)
  • Pro: $36/month (unlimited words)
  • Enterprise: On-demand (API access)
7. INK
Last but not least, INK is a content automation platform that leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help craft the best possible copy for products, websites, and other digital assets. It's an intuitive platform that can be used by anyone from seasoned copywriters to complete novices.
Optimized around a web-based interface — bloggers, freelance writers, and marketers alike can seamlessly edit their work while receiving real-time SEO recommendations to enhance their outreach online.
Standout Features:
  • Real-time SEO recommendations
  • Image support
  • In-built keyword optimization tools
  • Professional: $39/month (1 user)
  • Enterprise: $99/month (3 users)

Take Your AI Writing Expertise to the Next Level

In conclusion, AI writing tools have revolutionized the content creation process. However, it's important to remember that implementing technology is only one piece of the puzzle. As you continue exploring the world of AI writing and expanding your skillset, we strongly encourage you to enroll in one of Maven's AI courses.
These professional development courses complement your use of AI writing tools and help harness deeper insights. To help you get started, we've picked three outstanding Maven courses that focus on enhancing your writing expertise:
Build a Better Story by Jim Hull on Maven
Unleash the full potential of storytelling with this course designed by Jim Hull. Hull is a seasoned writer with years of experience in screenwriting and story structure analysis. Aspiring fiction writers can greatly benefit from this course as Hull guides you through narrative structure techniques and character development strategies that will elevate your storytelling abilities.
Power Writing by Shaan Puri on Maven
Power up your writing skills with this exceptional course by Shaan Puri. The highly successful entrepreneur and expert communicator does not disappoint. Designed for marketers, entrepreneurs, and content creators, this course teaches you how to write convincingly in a noisy digital world. You'll learn to craft compelling emails and landing pages and perhaps even go viral with your content.
The Academic Research Workflow by Ruben Dario Palacio, PhD. on Maven
Level up your academic research capabilities with this course developed by Dr. Ruben Dario Palacio. He is a seasoned academic professional behind international publications. Perfect for students, educators, researchers, or anyone involved in the pursuit of knowledge—this course introduces efficient workflow methodologies that elevate research productivity.
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