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Connecting B2B Products to Revenue

Hosted by

Ibrahim Bashir

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What you'll learn

Understanding B2B KPIs

Align on the fundamentals of a B2B SaaS business from an exec lens

Mapping North Star Metrics

Learn how product & go-to-market metrics connect to business KPIs

Laddering Up to Revenue

Map investments to revenue generation / preservation / sustainability

Why this topic matters

Understanding how R&D and GTM work actually impacts business outcomes is a critical dimension to being a PM/Growth leader. Once you've mastered connecting metrics to KPIs, you will be better positioned to make investment / divestment decisions. Lastly, being able to tell an impact story is the essence of crafting powerful product narratives, which is a must-have skill for any business leader.

You'll learn from

Ibrahim Bashir

VP of Product @ Amplitude

Ibrahim Bashir has been building and shipping software for over 20 years. He is currently an executive at Amplitude, where he serves as the VP of product. Before that, he scaled new products at Box, service infrastructure at Twitter, and the Kindle business at Amazon. And in past lives, he studied computer science, taught algorithms courses, wrote radiology software, built e-commerce platforms, and served as a technology consultant.



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