Nov 8, 2023

Vik Chawla: Top Considerations on Crypto

Dive into the world of cryptocurrency with Vik Chawla, a renowned figure from Fifth Wall Ventures. Explore his invaluable tips and understand the synergy between real estate and crypto.

Vik Chawla, a name that has gained significant traction within the crypto, venture capital, and real estate spheres, stands as a testament to what it means to be a multi-faceted professional in today's digital age.
Based out of California, Vik's association with the renowned Fifth Wall Ventures has further cemented his position as a leading figure in venture capital and proptech sectors. With articles about him featured on platforms like Forbes and Bloomberg, he's gained recognition for merging traditional financial services spaces, such as the real estate industry, with the rapidly advancing world of blockchain and crypto. 
Drawing from his rich experiences at institutions like the Blackstone Group and his educational background from the University of Pennsylvania, Chawla provides nuanced insights into the digital asset realm. Today we will explore his thoughts on cryptocurrency, sourcing from his informative sessions on platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Maven. 

Exploring 6 Important Factors About Cryptocurrency

Crypto has been creating waves in financial services spaces, especially with the rise of NFTs and blockchain applications in sectors like proptech. However, the key to thriving in this rapidly evolving realm lies in staying informed and wielding knowledge with precision. Vik Chawla, with his venture capital firm's acumen and personal experiences, sheds light on pivotal considerations for anyone aspiring to enter the world of cryptocurrency.
1. Invest in Narratives, Not Hype Coins
It's crucial to decipher the difference between long-lasting narratives and fleeting trends. Chawla often underscores the importance of investing in crypto narratives that showcase real value. During his time at Fifth Wall, Vik noticed the tendency among new investors to gravitate towards 'hype coins.' While they might offer short-term gains, solid narratives are often more sustainable in the long run.
2. Follow Blockchain Engineers, Not Influencers
In a world dominated by influencers and media personalities, Vik suggests a refreshing perspective: turn to blockchain engineers. These professionals, rooted in the very technology that powers crypto, offer insights that are not just based on trends but on the foundational principles of the technology. As Vik mentions on his LinkedIn and in various Forbes features, "In the crypto universe, knowledge is truly power."
3. Invest During Large Crashes
Vik Chawla has often emphasized the merit of investing during major market downturns. Drawing insights from his time in venture capital and at Fifth Wall Ventures, he observed that large crashes, though intimidating, can present some of the best buying opportunities. With the volatile nature of crypto, it's the investors who maintain composure during these tumultuous periods, harnessing the knowledge of blockchain engineers and hedge fund strategies, who often reap the most benefits.
4. Network With WEB3 People
The future of the internet and digital technologies lies in WEB3, and nobody understands this better than the seasoned professionals of Fifth Wall. Vik believes that networking with WEB3 professionals can offer unparalleled insights into the crypto realm. In his interactions with startups and during events at the University of Pennsylvania, he's expressed the importance of surrounding oneself with people who are at the forefront of these technologies.
5. Be Humble and Emotional About Your Investments
One of Vik's standout beliefs is the balance between emotional attachment and humility in crypto investments. While it's essential to be passionate and invested in one's portfolio, overconfidence can be an investor's downfall. By drawing parallels from his experiences in the real estate industry and his ventures in New York and Los Angeles, Vik accentuates the importance of humility in the crypto world.
6. Invest in 4-8 Coins Max
Diversification is essential, but over-diversification in crypto can lead to diluted focus and potential mismanagement. Chawla's strategy has always been to focus on a select number of coins, thoroughly understanding each. Whether it's through Fifth Wall's fundamental due diligence processes or personal research, he champions the mantra of quality over quantity.

Become a Savvy Crypto Expert

In an era where NFTs are revolutionizing art and digital ownership, and as the boundaries between proptech and crypto become increasingly blurred, Vik Chawla emerges as a beacon for those looking to navigate the crypto waters with finesse. His endeavors with Fifth Wall Ventures, one of the leaders in venture capital focusing on the global real estate industry, have provided him a unique lens to view the crypto landscape. 
Furthermore, having connections to startups, especially those interlacing the tenets of traditional sectors with blockchain, such as Shipwell and, he offers a comprehensive view of the future trajectory of digital assets. With the world moving rapidly towards a decentralized future, individuals must rely on expertise from professionals of Vik's echelon. 
For those eager to deep dive into the intricacies, Vik’s course, Pharos Accelerator - Become a Blockchain Engineer in the 1 Percent is available now on Maven, the go-to platform for enriching knowledge straight from the industry stalwarts.

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