Sep 28, 2023

Top Leadership and Management Training Courses in 2023

Discover the best leadership and management training courses of 2023. Enhance your skills and stay ahead with top courses in leadership and management, designed to empower you with the knowledge and strategies you need. Explore a comprehensive selection of courses to strengthen your leadership abilities and drive success.

In a world where the dynamics of leadership and management are continually evolving, identifying the right training course is vital for professionals seeking to enhance their skills. The ability to lead and manage a team effectively is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today's competitive environment.
From visionary leadership to pragmatic management strategies, training programs listed in this article are designed to cater to different levels of expertise. These meticulously crafted courses represent the pinnacle of quality and are tailored to cultivate the leaders and managers of tomorrow. You'll find courses on everything from coaching skills to emotional intelligence, employee development to talent management.
Senior leaders regularly send their teams to Maven's leadership courses due to the accountability and quick upskilling associated with live, cohort-based courses.

Make Better Decisions

⭐️9.6 (55 ratings)
Make Better Decisions is a comprehensive three-week, leadership training program designed to equip participants with a structured approach to decision-making in various aspects of life, including business.
Taught by Annie Duke, a renowned author, speaker, and former professional poker player, the course delves into the mechanics of decision-making, challenging cognitive biases, and fostering effective leadership and teamwork. Students learn to view decisions as bets on future outcomes, where success is evaluated based on long-term return on investment. They are introduced to a 6-step process to help refine their decision-making skills.
The course also tackles obstacles to making good decisions, highlighting the impact of cognitive bias and demonstrating how to adopt an objective, "outside view." Team-based decision-making is explored, with emphasis on recognizing disagreement and normalizing dissent. A key component of the course is learning to balance accuracy with speed when making decisions.
A student testimonial highlights the course's practical applicability and interactive nature, stating,
This course provides decision-making tools and frameworks that can be applied immediately, both professionally and personally... The course also attracted a very diverse group of individuals from different countries and industries.

MGMT Accelerator

⭐️8.9 (94 ratings)
MGMT Accelerator, led by Dave Kline, is a leadership training program designed to provide leadership skills and proven management strategies to guide high-impact teams effectively.
Over four weeks, participants develop their Management OS's CODE (Coach, Operate, Delegate, and Engage), and refine their leadership decision-making system. The leadership development course helps managers to build a top-down approach to setting team goals, delegate efficiently, monitor progress, and anticipate team issues. Participants also learn to manage their superiors, build trust in remote teams, and give productive feedback.
The course promises an engaged community of over 300 peers, offering mutual support and shared experiences. As per a student testimonial by Kevin Lee, Co-Founder at immi, the course has completely evolved his management approach, leading to transformative growth in his organization and team members. He has successfully implemented many of the taught frameworks in his company.
The course aims to make managerial challenges manageable, refining leadership skills for high-performance team building.

How to Facilitate a Truly Productive Meeting

⭐️9.6 (9 ratings)
Great leaders can the best out of their teams. How to Facilitate a Truly Productive Meeting is a four-week, leadership training program designed to equip individuals with practical skills to host effective and productive meetings. Hosted by Dom Michalec, a professional facilitator and product coach, the course aims to tackle a common issue in the workplace: poorly managed meetings.
The course is structured around hands-on lessons, real-life examples, and immediate application of concepts to your work setting. By the end, senior leaders should be able to prepare individuals for focused meetings, guide teams towards clear outcomes, ensure post-meeting alignment, and initiate changes in meeting culture using their new skills.
Matt B., a product director, praises the course's interactivity and immediate applicability, noting that it gave him useful frameworks and a better mindset for achieving better meeting outcomes.
Gabrielle H., a co-founder and product process coach, attests to the value of learning from Dom, sharing that she left the course feeling validated and equipped to tackle common meeting challenges.
Mark B., a management consultant, calls the course an "outstanding experience." Shea S., a director of product management, appreciates the practical nature of the course, stating that it has already yielded incredible results in her work. The course aims to turn meeting facilitation from a challenging task into a career-enabling skill.

Communicating with Power

⭐️9.5 (6 ratings)
Communicating with Power is a two-week, leadership training program designed to help women assert their authority and present their most persuasive selves. Guided by the experienced facilitator and world-champion debater, Kate Mason, Ph.D., participants engage in practical strategies for effective and powerful communication and leadership skills.
The program focuses on understanding and leveraging one's authentic self, presenting evidence and context in a compelling way, and preparing for various interactions. It also explores persuasive strategies, creation of clear and logical arguments, and ways to establish credibility. This course is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their professional presence and maximize their impact in the workplace.
As one student testimonial states:
Kate armed me with practical tips and tricks on how to turn up the dial on my professional presence, and how to support my colleagues in doing the same.

Building Good Teams

⭐️9.2 (25 ratings)
Building Good Teams is a two-week, leadership training program designed to empower leaders with the science and art of effective teamwork. Hosted by Bob Gower, a renowned expert in team collaboration, this course aims to transform you from a micro-manager into a confident leader.
The curriculum focuses on developing a leader's role, nurturing a culture of trust and inclusivity, maximizing team efficiency, and managing conflict constructively. It also offers insights on dealing with difficult team members and implementing transformative change initiatives. Through this course, participants learn how to become great leaders and create robust and efficient organizational structures that foster great teaming.
A student, Brian Shea, commented,
Bob is a fantastic facilitator, and sessions are interactive and collaborative. I could use the material right away. It was valuable to learn with other students from a range of industries.
The course is structured around live workshops, hands-on projects, and peer learning, which create an engaging, collaborative learning environment.

Deliver Fearless Feedback

⭐️9.6 (27 ratings)
Successful leadership relies on open and direct communication. Deliver Fearless Feedback is a three-week, leadership development program hosted by Katie Ceccarini, a certified executive coach and former Yelp executive. In this course, participants learn to transform feedback conversations from dreaded encounters to empowering dialogues.
The course enables students to workshop and practice real-life feedback scenarios, helping them to make their feedback more direct and actionable. They learn the Headline, Observation, Ask model to streamline feedback, and a proven model to navigate defensiveness.
Students are also guided to reframe their perspective on delivering tough feedback and build confidence in their ability to lead meaningful conversations. By the end of the course, students distinguish themselves as developers of people, equipping them to drive a culture they're proud of.
Carly Beltramo, a Senior Social Media Manager, says, "In each session, we had plenty of time to discuss real-life scenarios and get feedback from Katie and the rest of the group on how best to approach it. Katie also left us with plenty of resources to reference after the class ended."

Hiring Mastery

⭐️9.2 (13 ratings)
Hiring Mastery is a two-week, leadership training course designed for founders, investors, and leaders who aim to align their hiring strategies with their business goals. Hosted by Jordan Burton and Matt Walsh, the program covers a range of essential topics, from translating business needs into hiring targets to making data-driven decisions. It also helps you to construct an efficient screening process that filters out unfit candidates and teaches high-impact interviewing techniques for new leaders.
The course emphasizes the importance of a consistent, unbiased interviewing process and offers methods to avoid groupthink in team decisions. It also guides participants on how to build a persuasive message to attract the best candidates.
According to Kevin C., CEO of Ossium Health, the course provides "super concrete, actionable material" and has significantly improved his team's hiring process. John K., CEO of Apartment List, also noted the positive impact of the course, stating it has greatly streamlined their recruiting practice.

People-First Product Leadership

⭐️9.0 (20 ratings)
People-First Product Leadership, hosted by Diana Stepner, is designed to equip product leaders with the tools and skills needed to build empowered product teams. The course emphasizes the importance of prioritizing people in the product development process.
Through various practical exercises and role-playing, participants will discover their leadership voices and personal management styles. The training program also addresses common behavioral pitfalls that disrupt product teams and provides strategies to avoid them.
Additionally, the course offers techniques for fostering engaged product teams in a hybrid or remote work environment. A key aspect of the course is learning how to create an environment that stimulates the innate curiosity of team members, promoting continuous learning and growth.
Monica Munteanu, a Lead Product Manager:
The course has so much insight into Product leadership, and it's so interactive, ready to leave you with great action items you can apply in your day-to-day life.
The course takes place over three sessions in one week, with each session lasting two hours. With a focus on actionable ideas, valuable skills and tangible resources, this leadership training program aims to inspire and build confident product leaders.

Management Mastery - Communicate with Influence

⭐️9.8 (13 ratings)
Management Mastery - Communicate with Influence is a two-week, leadership training program designed to empower you with seven critical skills to become a confident and compelling leader. The course, hosted by communication expert Jess Goldberg, provides opportunities to learn and practice techniques for presenting ideas with unshakable confidence, inspiring employees, and captivating superiors.
Whether you're leading a meeting, delivering a presentation, training, or having a difficult one-on-one feedback conversation, the course offers frameworks to guide you. The curriculum includes modules on giving effective feedback, developing compelling presentations, running efficient meetings, improving employee engagement, and managing conflicts. Students also learn to inspire employees with a clear mission, manage up effectively, and boost their personal charisma.
Course alumnus Ross Dakin lauds the class as a "practical and enlightening exploration of effective communication," noting the immediate applicability of the theory-rooted content.

Leading At Scale

⭐️9.4 (18 ratings)
Leading at Scale is an 8-week, leadership training course designed to transform participants from individual contributors to strategic leaders. Hosted by Chase Damiano, an experienced coach to hundreds of founders, CEOs, and emerging leaders, the course offers a playbook to improve communication, better engage your team, and save significant time each week.
The curriculum covers a range of frameworks, such as the Conscious Communication Framework and Infinite Delegation Framework, aiming to help students trust their team more, delegate effectively, and manage results. Participants will learn to focus their time on high-leverage, growth activities, ensuring their organizations deliver consistent results. With the objective of improving team energy alignment, the course enables leaders to build an operating playbook for clear communication of goals and priorities. It also assists them in coaching their team towards achieving results.
As part of the leadership training program, every student gets 30 minutes of additional 1-1 coaching with Chase for personalized support. According to a testimonial from a student, "Chase is a rockstar and if you're even thinking about needing a course like this - run... do not walk to the start of the program. You won't regret it!"

The journey to becoming an influential leader and an adept manager is paved with continuous learning and growth. The leadership training programs presented here are more than mere educational experiences; they are the key to unlocking your potential and elevating your professional trajectory.
These top-tier courses blend traditional wisdom with modern techniques, forging a path for inspired leadership and effective management. Choose the course that resonates with your aspirations, and take a decisive step towards realizing your career ambitions.
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