A Beginner's Guide to Cold Outreach: Examples, Tips, and Templates

Learn how to master cold outreach by leveraging email and LinkedIn to generate leads, create partnerships, and expand your professional network.

Cold outreach is a powerful marketing tool that, when done effectively, can help you generate new leads, create partnerships, and expand your professional network. By reaching out to people who haven't yet interacted with your brand, you can tap into new audiences and open up a world of possibilities. This guide will provide you with actionable strategies for mastering cold outreach through email and LinkedIn.

Crafting the Perfect Cold Email

Cold emails are a tried-and-true method of cold outreach, but with the average person receiving 121 emails per day, it's essential to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips for crafting a winning cold email:
Personalize Your Emails
Personalization is critical for making your cold email feel relevant and genuine. To achieve this, incorporate the recipient's name, company, or industry into your email. According to Experian, personalized emails have a 29% higher unique open rate and 41% higher unique click-through rate. Use this to your advantage by tailoring your message to the recipient's needs or interests.
Keep It Short and Sweet
In a world where attention spans are shrinking, it's crucial to keep your cold emails brief and to the point. Aim for no more than 200 words and focus on the recipient's needs rather than your own. By conveying your message succinctly, you'll increase the likelihood that your email will be read and acted upon.
Use a Compelling Subject Line
Your subject line is the first impression you make on the recipient, so it's essential to capture their attention immediately. A/B test different subject lines to determine what works best for your target audience. A great subject line is personalized, curiosity-provoking, and specific.
Add Value and Offer Solutions
Your cold email should provide value to the recipient and demonstrate how your product or service can solve their problem. Be sure to focus on the benefits and outcomes, rather than simply listing features.
Include a Clear Call-to-Action
Guide your recipient towards the next step by including a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your email. This could be scheduling a call, visiting your website, or signing up for a free trial. Make it easy for the recipient to take action by providing a clickable link or button.

Cold Outreach on Linkedin

LinkedIn is an invaluable platform for cold outreach, as it allows you to connect with professionals in your industry and target audience. With over 774 million users, LinkedIn offers a wealth of potential connections. Here are some tips for mastering cold outreach on LinkedIn:
Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
Before you start reaching out to potential connections, ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized and up-to-date. This includes having a professional profile picture, a compelling headline, and a well-written summary that highlights your expertise and value proposition.
Find the Right People
Use LinkedIn's search functionality and filters to identify potential connections who align with your target audience. Look for people who share similar interests, work in the same industry, or have mutual connections. This will increase the likelihood that they'll be receptive to your outreach.
Personalize Your Connection Requests
When sending a connection request, always include a personalized note that explains why you want to connect. This could be a shared interest, a relevant piece of content, or a genuine compliment. Personalizing your connection requests increases the chances of your request being accepted and sets the stage for a meaningful conversation.
Engage with Your Connections' Content
Once you've connected with someone, don't let the relationship stagnate. Engage with their content by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. This not only strengthens your relationship with the connection but also increases your visibility to their network.
Share Valuable Content
Consistently sharing valuable content on LinkedIn is an excellent way to establish yourself as an industry expert and attract new connections. Share articles, infographics, videos, or your own insights that are relevant to your target audience. By providing valuable content, you'll naturally attract people who are interested in what you have to offer.
Start Conversations with LinkedIn Messaging
Once you've established a connection and engaged with their content, reach out to your connections through LinkedIn messaging. Begin by offering value, such as sharing a relevant article or congratulating them on a recent achievement. This will create a more natural opening for discussing potential collaboration or exploring how your product or service could benefit them.

Tracking and Measuring Your Cold Outreach Efforts

To continually improve your cold outreach strategy, it's essential to track and measure your efforts. By analyzing your success rate, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your approach. Here are some key metrics to track:
  • Open Rate: The percentage of recipients who open your email or LinkedIn message.
  • Response Rate: The percentage of recipients who reply to your outreach.
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of recipients who take the desired action, such as signing up for a demo or scheduling a call.
By monitoring these metrics, you can make data-driven decisions to refine your cold outreach strategy and achieve better results.

Cold Outreach Example

Let's look at an example of a successful cold outreach campaign. In 2018, sales engagement platform, Mailshake, wanted to generate more leads and build relationships with marketers. They used a combination of personalized cold emails and LinkedIn outreach to achieve their goals.
Mailshake's cold emails focused on providing value by offering a free e-book on cold email strategies. By personalizing the email, keeping it concise, and including a clear CTA, they achieved a 57% open rate and a 21% response rate.
In addition to cold emailing, Mailshake used LinkedIn to connect with potential leads. They optimized their profiles, shared valuable content, and engaged with their connections' posts. This strategy led to a 50% increase in their LinkedIn network and generated numerous new leads.
By combining cold email and LinkedIn strategies, Mailshake successfully grew their customer base and established themselves as a thought leader in their industry.

Cold Outreach Templates

Subject Line: Struck by Your Insights on [Topic/Blog Post/Article]
Hello [Recipient's First Name],
I'm [Your Name], currently working as a [Your Position] at [Your Company]. I recently came across your piece on [Topic/Blog Post/Article] and was impressed by your thoughtful analysis and perspective.
I've been exploring similar ideas in my work and I would love the opportunity to discuss them further with you, and perhaps gain some additional insights from your experience. I believe we could learn a lot from each other.
Would you be open to connecting over a brief call or even exchanging a few emails to discuss this?
Looking forward to hearing from you,
[Your Name]

Subject Line: Inspired by Your Work in [Their Field/Area of Expertise]
Hi [Recipient's First Name],
My name is [Your Name] and I am working as a [Your Position] at [Your Company]. I've been closely following your work in [Their Field/Area of Expertise], and your accomplishments have truly been a source of inspiration.
I am working on a similar path and I believe a conversation with you would be extremely beneficial. I would love to run an idea by you and get your thoughts if you'd be open to it.
Could we perhaps schedule a brief call or exchange a few emails at a time that works for you?
Best regards,
[Your Name]

Subject Line: Mutual Interests in [Shared Interest/Topic]
Dear [Recipient's First Name],
Greetings! I'm [Your Name], a [Your Position] at [Your Company]. I came across your recent post about [Shared Interest/Topic] and it resonated strongly with my own interest and work in this area.
I believe we have some shared perspectives and I would love the chance to connect and discuss these further. Perhaps we could share insights and learn from each other's experiences?
Let me know if you'd be interested in setting up a brief call or email exchange.
Looking forward to potentially connecting,
[Your Name]

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