Teeing up your Tech Job Search in 2024


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3 Days


Cohort-based Course

🔥Guest on Lenny's Newsletter🔥 Design a targeted job search with a Top 1% job search coach. Uplevel your resume and LinkedIn. Convert more.

Course overview

Get application ready and screener ready. With confidence and community.

Read my post on passing first-round interviews in Lenny's newsletter here: https://www.lennysnewsletter.com/p/how-to-pass-any-first-round-interview

This workshop is designed as the prequel to that article: helping you design a targeted job search, network artfully to build a job pipeline, and convert opportunities into interviews.

Workshop content

Designing your job search

Strategies for the post-ZIRP tech job market

How to design a 'niche of one'

How to shortlist companies (and tailor your efforts by tier)

How to write a stand-out resume (ATS and human-optimized)

How (and when) to have multiple resumes and/or role-tailored resumes

How to craft your LinkedIn profile to attract more interest

Conducting your search

How to run a 4-hour job search

How to build a pipeline from zero

How to job search in the open


How to activate your network (colleagues, friends and family, hiring managers you know)

How/why to get referred, even by randos

How to write a powerful professional blurb

How to write winning warm intro emails

How to cold connect with hiring managers or employees at target companies

How to leverage online communities to accelerate your job search


How to throw green flags (and avoid red flags) in screener interviews

How to answer common and tricky recruiter screening questions

How to use the recruiter screen to tee up a better offer

Plus: a resume glow-up mini-workshop

Plus: a LinkedIn polish mini-workshop

Plus: a professional blurb writing workshop

Plus: a cold connection request writing workshop

Plus: two in-depth Q&A sessions with Erika

Bonus: Speeding up your job search (levers and when to use them)

Bonus: Debugging your job search (with benchmarks)

(all sessions are live, taught by Erika)


Tools and tactics to drive your job search (niche of one mad lib, company tiering strategies, referral guide, the 4-hour job search daily agenda, LinkedIn content roadmap, and more), leaving you with concrete next steps for your job search.

Frameworks for presenting yourself with effortless confidence (multiple resumes, tailored resumes, intro blurbs, cold outreach messages, etc).

Case studies from Coach Erika's 200+ successful job seeker clients to understand real-world scenarios you may encounter in your search (and what to do).

Resume glow-up, LinkedIn polishing, and blurb writing workshops during the seminar. You'll walk out with an updated set of tools and a punch list of follow-on tasks to kickstart or reboot your job search.

Discord Community Invite to stay connected to your cohort through this job search and beyond. Co-source opportunities, review resumes, do mock interviews, and more.

Who is this course for


Senior IC, Manager, and Director+ level tech workers who are starting a job search in the next 1-2 months or with in-flight job searches.


Job seekers keen to move from quantity to quality: design a more targeted job search, network artfully, and convert more of their funnel.


This workshop is not for students, aspiring tech workers, or early career professionals.

What you’ll get out of this course

Refresh your digital presence

We'll discuss the strategies and approaches you can use to glow up your resume, LinkedIn, and professional blurb. I'll share specific tactics, and you will workshop during the seminar so you can walk away with refreshed, public-facing, professional artifacts.

How to handle the tech jobs downturn & search in an employer's market

We will dive into:

  • Job market data & the realities of a soft market
  • Designing a 'niche of one'
  • How to shortlist companies (and ladder interviews)
  • How to author and format a strong resume (ATS + human optimized)
  • Branding your LinkedIn presence
  • Multiple resumes & tailored resumes
Smart networking in the digital & distracted era

We'll cover:

  • how to leverage friends, hiring managers, online communities, and recruiters to get intel, first-look roles, and a human connection.
  • how to find & connect with hiring managers (with winning notes)
  • how + why to get stranger referrals
Converting interest into screeners & interviews

We'll review:

  • employer + interviewer goals
  • how to throw green flags (and avoid red flags) in screens
  • how to use a recruiter screen to tee up a stronger offer
Debugging your job search

Learn the benchmarks, signs, and signals that will tell you if you need to make adjustments in your job search now and long after the course.

Tailor-made and optimized for busy tech job seekers

This is an intensive course; we cut to the chase and help you get set up for a more successful, focused job search. Sessions are recorded to watch again in the future, and you will get access to many tools and templates you can use for weeks & months after we wrap

Case studies from Coach Erika's 200+ successful job seeker clients

We'll walk through real resumes, real blurbs, real email exchanges with recruiters, and more ― to assess real-world scenarios that you may encounter in your search (and what you can do).

You'll be in great company (even after the workshop ends)

Roles of fellow cohort mates will range from product & engineering to sales & marketing, operations, customer-facing, and more. Titles of students range from Senior/Group/Principal/Staff to Director/Sr. Director/VP/CxO. After the course, you'll get access to our Discord community

Walk away with a clear, tangible job search plan

You'll leave with an actual job search plan (a document) featuring concrete next steps to activate your targeted 'Niche of One' job search. Plus, you'll have an overhauled LinkedIn profile, resume, and Blurb for warm intros.

This course includes

5 interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

5 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

4 projects to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Maven Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.


(16 ratings)

What students are saying

Course syllabus

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  • Week 1

    Jun 20—Jun 23

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • Jun


      Optional: Pre-workshop Mixer

      Fri, Jun 21, 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM UTC

    • Jun


      Workshop Day 1: Designing a 'Niche of One' job search (+resume, +LinkedIn)

      Sat, Jun 22, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM UTC

    • Jun


      Optional: Day 1 Q&A

      Sat, Jun 22, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM UTC

    • Jun


      Workshop Day 2: The 4-hour Job Search, Networking, and Converting recruiter screens

      Sun, Jun 23, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM UTC

    • Jun


      Optional: Day 2 Q&A

      Sun, Jun 23, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM UTC


    • Workshop Day 1 - Saturday

    • Workshop Day 2 - Sunday

  • Post-Course


    • Join The Career Whispers community on Discord!

    • Additional resources for interview prep and more

  • Bonus


    • BONUS: Debugging your Job Search

What people are saying

        This workshop with Coach Erika was an absolute game-changer. Her personalized approach, insightful advice, and invaluable resources transformed me professionally. Erika’s expertise in navigating the job market helped me gain the confidence and motivation to better position my skillset. Highly recommend this if you're looking to uplevel your career.
Vik S.

Vik S.

Head of Sales
        Highly recommended if you're starting a job search. I learned a lot in only 10 hours. So many gems sprinkled throughout. I'll be watching the sessions again. Thanks Erika!
Brad C.

Brad C.

Sr. DevOps Engineer
        I walked into my interviews at Amazon and Google with a level of confidence I'd never had before. Everything Erika had prepared me for was on the menu, and along the way, I became a better PM and communicator. As a result of Erika's coaching, I increased my comp $152k per year. I recommend Coach Erika without hesitation.
Tristan P.

Tristan P.

Senior Product Manager, Amazon
        Erika not only gives you insight into the current job market dynamics but also helps you suss out your niche of one career story and work the roadmap to roll it out. The workshop was very focused and well-organized. Erika is that rare person who gets to the point, helps you focus on the right things, and is committed to your success. Thank you!
Shelly W.

Shelly W.

Chief Marketing Officer
        Coach Erika is incredibly knowledgeable. She broke down everything in a way that was easy to follow and digest. I left the workshop feeling so powerful and in control of my job search. The workshop community is also a wonderful group. I learnt so much from my interactions with everyone, I look forward to staying in touch with every one of them.
Marwa M.

Marwa M.

Senior Product Manager
        Erika is a WONDERFUL coach! She's just phenomenal! When I got laid off in December 2022, I knew that I needed help. I met with Erika 6 times over a month and a half and tremendously improved my job search. I ultimately landed a job that doubled my previous salary...yes DOUBLED! Beyond being an excellent coach, she's a knowledgeable product leader.
Steve K.

Steve K.

Product Manager
        Coach Erika is AWESOME!! She has this deep wisdom not only in the job search process but also on career guidance. I was able to create a more compelling carer story and was very confident in my interviews. I was able to negotiate for a higher comp package in a competitive market. She's worth every penny and then some.
Parminder S.

Parminder S.

Solution Architect
        Job searching and networking are their own distinct set of skills, apart from honing your craft. I discovered Erika through Lenny's Newsletter, read some of her posts in The Career Whispers, and signed up! I feel much more confident with next steps in my job search, and I'm grateful to Erika & my cohort peers. Thank you for a value-packed workshop!
Tiffany C.

Tiffany C.

Senior Technical Product Manager
        This is most structured, easy to process course I have ever taken. Thank you Erika, I feel confident and prepared with the tools to nail my job search!
Alexandra A.

Alexandra A.

Program Manager
        I accepted a new role that fits all my criteria—hybrid workplace, smart and invested manager, and interesting product. I have been looking for this role for 6 months and getting nowhere. I used Coach Erika's advice from The Career Whispers newsletter. I am convinced that without her wisdom and tools, I would not be where I am today. 
Ellen P.

Ellen P.

Product Manager
        This is hands down the most well thought out and information rich workshop I have ever taken. Coach Erika's passion and knowledge shines through the workshop content and the community. I left the workshop inspired with many ideas on how to make my job search more effective, many templates and tools to use, and a supportive and engaging peer cohort.
Marta L.

Marta L.

Technical Program Manager

Meet your instructor

Coach Erika

Coach Erika

I spent the last decade building and scaling unicorn startups (Samsara, Castlight, Verily) and building at scale at Google. I've helped raise over $3B in venture capital―taking 2 startups public, and growing product organizations from < 30 to 2000+ employees.

In the last 13 years, I've switched jobs within and across companies and roles ten times. I've held many roles, from engineer (hardware and software) to EM, TPM, PM, Chief of Staff, Engineering Operations, Founder, and Chief Product Officer.

Since 2020, I've coached 250+ job seekers to get organized, tell powerful stories, and land their dream jobs. My goal is to make the same tools and frameworks I teach in my 1:1 coaching available more broadly, building community along the way.

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Teeing up your Tech Job Search in 2024


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Course schedule

10 hours of live class + bonus materials
  • Thursday, June 20th

    5:00pm Pacific

    Optional pre-workshop mixer (Zoom)

  • Saturday June 22nd

    9:00am - 1:00pm Pacific

    4pm - 8 pm GMT

    12pm - 4pm Eastern

    11am - 3pm Central

    10am - 2pm Mountain

    There will be 60-75 minutes of live Q&A with Coach Erika after this slot.

    Recording will be available, in case you need to drop off earlier.

  • Sunday, June 23rd

    9:00am - 1:00pm Pacific

    4pm - 8 pm GMT

    12pm - 4pm Eastern

    11am - 3pm Central

    10am - 2pm Mountain

    This will be followed by 60-75 minutes of live Q&A, which will also be recorded.

    The Q&As on both days are very in-depth. Many students say that they feel like they are getting 1:1 coaching from Erika.

Learning is way better with live cohorts

Learning is way better with live cohorts

Active hands-on learning

Every aspect of this workshop is live. Coach Erika will spend 10+ hours with you over the weekend, sharing in-depth case studies, hands-on exercises, tools, and tactics to design a more targeted job search custom-made for who you are and what you want to do with your limited time and energy.

Interactive and project-based

Every moment during the workshop is thoughtfully crafted to help you make tremendous progress in your job search. You will literally leave with a job search document featuring concrete next steps to activate your niche of one job search. Plus, you'll leave with an overhauled LinkedIn profile, Resume, and Intro Blurb.

Learn with a cohort of peers

You will meet and interact with an exceptional cohort of peers in Discord, on Zoom chat, and in breakout groups. Plus, you'll leave with a pod of cohort mates to lean on through the rest of your job search and career journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I get 1:1 coaching with Coach Erika as part of the course?
Why isn't this course async / pre-recorded?
Is there any pre-work before the course starts?
How can I continue learning after the workshop is over? For example on topics like interview prep or offer negotiation?
Can I get access to Coach Erika in the future, through my job search and beyond?
Tell me more about The Career Whispers community
What's the refund policy?
Will I get a completion certificate?
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Teeing up your Tech Job Search in 2024


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