Aug 10, 2023

Best ChatGPT Training Courses to Get Your Started with AI

Wondering how to harness generative AI to benefit your organization? Check out these top ChatGPT training courses and learn how to leverage AI in your everyday work.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few months, you’ll know that OpenAI’s powerful chatbot – ChatGPT – has taken the world by storm. Released in November 2022, ChatGPT attracted over 1 million users in its first five days and has since risen to over 100 million users. So, what makes this relatively new platform so popular?
The success of ChatGPT lies in its ability to generate original, human-like prose based on simple inputs. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM) that uses deep learning to gather information about linguistic patterns and produce contextually relevant outputs. When confronted with a user-generated prompt, the model can engage in natural conversations, answer questions, write creative prose, translate languages, provide instructions, and much more.
Unsurprisingly, many people have jumped at the opportunity to use this cutting-edge technology in their day-to-day working lives.

ChatGPT Use-cases

Content generation
If you need accurate, high-quality content in a matter of seconds, ChatGPT is here to help. As well as helping you write more accurate emails, its generative AI capabilities provide users with unique product descriptions, blog posts, ad copy, webpage content, creative writing, and more. While ChatGPT won’t replace a traditional copywriter, it can help speed up the content writing process and help businesses produce better, more efficient marketing strategies.
Customer support
With the right integrations, you can use ChatGPT to provide accurate, real-time responses to common customer queries. If you own a small business with limited support capacity, a chatbot like ChatGPT can save you unprecedented time and money (while providing super-efficient customer services!).
ChatGPT can enrich a student’s learning experience by helping explain concepts, generate practical learning materials and topic summarization, and much more. It can even assist college students in writing better essays and improve their study techniques. 
Writing code
Programmers are starting to streamline their workflows by generating snippets of code to include in their software and web pages.
Improving communications
Do you agonize over the wording of emails, reports, or PowerPoint presentations? ChatGPT can help fine-tune your prose by cleaning up spelling and grammar, generating synonyms, and rephrasing clunky sentences. It can even produce entire emails based on simple prompts. If your struggle to write smooth and compelling English, ChatGPT offers an excellent solution. 
Language translation
While we're unlikely to replace real-world translators any time soon, AI models are the next best thing for accurate translation between languages. 
Technical troubleshooting
If you’re experiencing a technical issue, ChatGPT can quickly offer step-by-step instructions to help resolve your issue. 
ChatGPT is great for practical applications and has the potential to supercharge your productivity. Whether you’re a researcher, educator, content creator, marketer, web developer, or entrepreneur, ChatGPT has the potential to supercharge your productivity and help you realize your professional ambitions. 
So, if you’ve yet to try ChatGPT, you’re probably itching to get started and feed the algorithm with your first questions and prompts. However, making the most of ChatGPT is a skill in and of itself.
To achieve the best responses for your purpose, you need to generate effective prompts. What’s more, as new and improved versions of the platform (such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4) are released, businesses will need some prior knowledge of prompt engineering to ensure they remain competitive in a changing digital landscape. 
With this in mind, we’ve collated a list of Maven courses to help learners of all technical abilities make the most of AI tools such as ChatGPT. We’re proud to provide some of the best expert-led ChatGPT training courses on the market. This means all our instructors are industry experts vetted for their excellent credentials and pedagogical expertise - and they’re ready and waiting for you to enroll today.

Five Best Generative AI Courses 

Wondering where to find the best ChatGPT training courses? We’ve got you covered! Some of our best generative AI courses include, but are by no means limited to:
1. Conversational AI Masterclass
⭐️9.7 (23 ratings)
Are you keen to provide your audiences with smooth and enjoyable conversational experiences that don’t require input from a human? Conversational AI Masterclass by Rupa Chaturvedi and Polly Allen will equip you with the knowledge to create cutting-edge chatbot prototypes that align with your organizational needs. 
Whether you’re a UX designer, a product manager, or a startup founder with no prior experience in programming, this course will support you in building a conversational AI prototype.
As well as learning the key principles of conversational and AI design, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of investing in third-party tools such as Open AI API. You’ll also discover how to build a business case for your project – perfect if you’re planning to present your prototype to stakeholders. 
Led by industry pros, this course includes a downloadable resource guide, live virtual workshops, and hands-on learning opportunities. Plus, it will give you the confidence you need to embrace the conversational AI revolution.
2. Generative AI Masterclass
⭐️9.8 (25 ratings)
Are you looking to integrate AI into your workflows and learn how to build powerful AI prototypes? Generative AI Masterclass by Jeremy Kirshbaum and Lev Gorelov will empower you to navigate our fast-changing technical world and use ChatGPT smartly and competitively. As you may know, ChatGPT can offer fundamental assistance in AI application projects, teaching you to build winning products and develop your portfolio. 
In this course, you’ll learn how to use ChatGPT to your advantage, separating valuable information from overblown hype. Our instructors will provide 1:1 coaching sessions, live class demonstrations, flexible office hours, and personalized support to ensure you attain your AI ambitions. We particularly encourage business leaders, product managers, and digital creatives to sign up and explore our fantastic resources.
Learn more about Generative AI Masterclass.
3. Build a Better Story
⭐️9.8 (28 ratings)
Do you often struggle to come up with powerful storylines for your brand campaigns and blog content? Perhaps you regularly suffer from writer’s block and an inability to tell meaningful stories?
Jim Hull is here to reinvigorate your love of storytelling with his course, Build a Better Story. Jim is a seasoned story consultant who has worked with the likes of Netflix, Dreamworks, and Disney, so you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands throughout the course.
If you’re a content writer, novelist, screenwriter, or another kind of creative, sign up for this course today and learn how ChatGPT can help unleash your best authorial voice. 
Learn more about Build a Better Story.
4. ChatGPT for Finance
⭐️ 9.1 (54 ratings)
ChatGPT isn’t just for creatives – it’s also an excellent tool for finance professionals looking to boost productivity and climb the career ladder. ChatGPT for Finance is designed to help those in the finance sector make the most of ChatGPT technology through writing effective prompts.
In fact, you’ll learn how to turn ChatGPT into a free personal assistant capable of completing your least favorite administrative tasks, such as data analysis or competitor research. You’ll also learn how to write more professional emails to internal and external stakeholders using ChatGPT, ensuring your communications are compelling and polite while improving your chances of promotion. 
The course only takes two hours to complete, and you can access recorded sessions if you’re unable to attend live classes. Even better, you’ll stay connected with Maven’s finance community once the course is over, meaning you can continue sharing best practices surrounding ChatGPT. 
Learn more about ChatGPT for Finance.
5. Coworking with AI
⭐️ 9.1 (8 ratings)
AI isn’t simply a business tool. Programs like ChatGPT have the potential to become a fantastic coworker (who never sleeps!). Coworking with AI by Ben Parr and Michael Schlicht is designed to introduce the many ways you can work in harmony with AI, helping you understand the basics of prompt engineering and how to identify the best AI tool for your purposes. 
If you’re a manager or senior professional keen to stay abreast of cutting-edge tech development, this course will revolutionize your workflows and ensure you make the most of your team’s unique skills and abilities. You’ll enjoy a hands-on learning experience allowing you to experiment with AI’s various capabilities and limitations – an approach that will help you hit the ground running when implementing AI in your organization. 
Learn more about Coworking with AI.

Tips for Choosing the Best ChatGPT Ccourse

While generating content using ChatGPT may seem relatively easy, writing effective prompts is a fine art. As well as writing coherent instructions, you’ll need to ensure the prose you generate resonates with your intended audience. You may also need to include a range of caveats and limitations to ensure ChatGPT adheres to brand guidelines. Fortunately, there are tons of ChatGPT courses on offer, each of which is tailored to address different audience needs and help you harness the program to your advantage. 
So, how can you find the best ChatGPT course to suit your needs? We recommend considering the following factors:
  • Time to complete: While some courses take a couple of hours to complete, others require commitment over several weeks or months. Ultimately, if you need to get to grips with ChatGPT quickly, it’s best to opt for a crash course that covers the basics of prompt engineering. If you’re hoping for a more in-depth learning experience, you’ll need to clear a little space in your diary. 
  • Cost: ChatGPT courses can vary in cost, depending on their length, instructor, intended audience, and delivery format. 
  • Prerequisites: Does the course ask for any prerequisites? For example, more advanced courses may demand a certain level of knowledge from enrollees. 
  • Career benefits: Will your chosen course benefit your resume and advance your career? The good news is that many Maven ChatGPT courses are tailored toward audiences in specific sectors.
  • Who the course is recommended for: Remember to assess the types of people for whom a course is recommended. While most instructors will welcome everyone with open arms, you’ll benefit the most from courses tailored to your needs. 
  • Course format: Does the course include live group video calls, recorded lectures, written materials, or 1:1s? Most courses include a variety of formats, although you’ll need to assess how much contact time you’ll receive. If you’re an especially busy or independent learner, you may wish to enroll in a hands-off course that allows you to learn in your own time. If you’re a technology rookie who appreciates 1:1 instruction, you should opt for a course with plenty of contact time. 
  • Community support: If you value learning from peers and others in your field, look for courses that offer community support and allow you to network. 

Broaden Your Understanding of Generative AI

As ChatGPT continues to attract swathes of smart business professionals, there’s no doubt that generative AI (and, indeed, other forms of AI) will transform how we work in the coming years and decades. If you’re looking to stay on top of the latest developments and use AI to your best advantage, Maven’s team of skilled instructors is here to help. Our 500+ courses are all designed and delivered by experts, ensuring you receive the career development opportunities you deserve.


What is the best way to learn about generative AI?
We offer many courses about generative AI for people with differing levels of knowledge. Browse the Maven catalog today to find a course that works for you. We also recommend experimenting with ChatGPT and other AI programs to help you understand the amazing potential of machine learning.
How do I become a ChatGPT specialist?
To specialize in ChatGPT, you’ll need significant education and hands-on experience in natural language processing and machine learning. We recommend you start by taking a few online courses in ChatGPT and using the platform as much as possible in your daily work life. Then, you can start developing your own portfolio of ChatGPT-assisted projects. Over time, you’ll develop an understanding of deep learning principles and neural network architectures that will help you stay on top of the latest development in AI technology. 
What is ChatGPT trained on? 
ChatGPT is trained on a huge amount of text data sourced from the internet. Sources include websites, forums, articles, books, and other publicly available documents. Collectively, these sources amount to many billions of words that allow the machine learning platform to understand language patterns to a stunning level of nuance. 

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