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Management Mastery - Communicate with Influence


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2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Learn the 7 critical skills to make you a confident and compelling leader in 2 weeks. 

Hosted by

Jess Goldberg

Teaching communication skills at Columbia University. VP of Content at Bloom.

Course overview

The Ultimate Leadership Edge

❌ Common misconception: Great leaders are born

 ✅ Truth: Being a great leader is a series of skills you can learn and improve with practice. The first and most critical skill is clear communication. 

💡Without clear communication, you risk being misunderstood, losing the trust of your team, and failing to inspire critical team members. Just one employee with an unaddressed issue can block up your entire team.

📖 In this course, you'll learn how to communicate with confidence and clarity, even in the most challenging situations. Whether you're delivering a presentation, leading a team meeting, or simply having a one-on-one feedback conversation, you'll be equipped with the tools to become the inspiring force driving your team's success and accelerate your career.

🏌🏻‍♀️To improve your communication skills, you need to practice. That is why every lesson is live and packed with opportunities to practice and refine your communication skills. Here you'll start to develop a unique management communication style the is right for you.

Who is this course for


First-time managers (Congrats!)

Develop the critical skills that differentiate a follower from a leader


Startup founders & business owners

Build a culture that will empower your employees to create their best work


Experienced leaders with a new team

Quickly establish trust, improve productivity and amplify your influence

You'll learn how to ...

Give feedback that actually results in change

Discover the most costly communication mistake most managers make in giving feedback and the six-step formula to spark change.

Develop spellbinding presentations & pep talks

Understand the psychology underneath great storytelling. Learn the technique politicians like Barak Obama use to make your message stick with limited time.

Run effective 1:1s & efficient meetings

The 4 key questions that will transform your relationship with your direct reports. Plus, the simple communication checklist that will help you optimize every meeting.

Improve employee engagement and productivity

Why trying only control your employees is a waste of time and what you need to say instead that actually increases accountability and improves trust

Breakdown unproductive conflicts and avoid misunderstandings

The secret the best conflict negotiators know to surface issues before they become problems

Inspire employees with a clear & compelling mission

The simple tip for converting any task or project into a hero’s mission that employees want to take on

Manage up with grace & power

The 3-part formula to take your boss from questioning your ideas to following them

Level up your confidence and charisma

Many people think charisma is only for extroverts, but I’ll give you two simple tools to increase your likability instantly. In the course you’ll get scripts and formulas to help you get started. And don’t worry, we’ll practice so you can sound natural when you use them.


(5 ratings)

📈 Students report a 60% increase in their confidence in their communication skills after taking this course. 

        Jessica's class is a practical and enlightening exploration of effective communication. I really liked the duality of her style—rooted in theory while practicing immediate applicability.
Ross Dakin

Ross Dakin

Co-Founder at Criticality Sciences, Ex Microsoft & Bank of America
        Jess is the most effective communicator I have ever met! I love all the practical exercises. They really helped me hone my skills. It’s well worth being part of the class. 
Sonia Winesett

Sonia Winesett

Supervising Producer at Warner Bros.
        This course teaches excellent communication techniques and frameworks for being an effective leader. I feel more confident now in my communication skills!
Jenny Ewen

Jenny Ewen

Director of Operations, Allied Medical Training
        After taking her course, I settled into a self-confidence that I forgot I had. What a gem of an educator and a gem of a class! Run, don’t walk to secure your spot in her next course offering!
Marcelis Campo

Marcelis Campo

Content creator
        I not only learned a lot from the course, but enjoyed it! Jessica unpacked common situations and provided actionable frameworks — with very clear instructions and examples. I highly recommend her course to anyone who is looking to boost their managerial communication skills.
Meira Bennett

Meira Bennett

Brand Marketing Manager
        This class was incredibly helpful! With only 2 weeks of classes, I already have seen incredible improvement in my confidence when communicating. Thank you Jess!
Kayla Bolyai 

Kayla Bolyai 

Marketing Director at Altamarea Group

Meet your instructor

Jess Goldberg

Jess Goldberg

VP of Content at Bloom, Lecturer at Columbia University

Jess Goldberg is a communication coach and connection connoisseur. She is a Lecturer at Columbia University, where she is teaching a course for graduate students called "The Compelling Communicator." Jess is a 2x Emmy award-winning producer who has led teams creating educational and news content across a wide range of media, including digital apps (Bloom & Ten Percent Happier), cable news (Al Jazeera), broadcast (ABC News), and social media (Mic). She has led teams with over 18 direct reports at fast-paced startups. She is currently the VP of Content at Bloom, a self-therapy app. Her work has been recognized by numerous awards ranging from a Fulbright Fellowship to a place on the Millennial 100 list.

In covering global conflicts and mental health, Jess realized that many of the world's problems could be solved with clear and compassionate communication. She is passionate about teaching communication skills and also teaches workshops in various settings, including for companies, startups like Foster, non-profit organizations like the Schusterman Foundation, and online communities like Creative Mornings. Her workshop, "The Art of Effective Communication," gathered over 600 participants.

Follow her on Linkedin for communication tips.

Course schedule

Uplevel your skills in 2 weeks
  • Tuesday & Thursdays

    9am-10am PT / 12pm - 1pm ET

    Four 1-hour-long workshops

    April 4: Manager Mindset

    April 6: Fruitful Feedback & 1:1s

    April 11: Spellbinding Strategy

    April 13: Confident Collaboration

  • No required homework

    Compact learning format for busy professionals

  • Can't make a session?

    Every session is recorded, so you can watch it on your own if you can't make the live session.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course is built with live workshops, which make it easier to focus and stay engaged while practicing new skills

Interactive and practice-based

You’ll get the chance to try on your new communication skills, get live feedback, and work through blocks

Accountability with a cohort of peers

Join a community and network with like-minded leaders who want to learn and grow.

Course Syllabus


Manager Mindset

Before you speak it starts with how you think. We are going to train your brain to think like a great leader.


Fruitful Feedback & 1:1s

Learn how to give feedback that sparks change. We'll learn how to get buy-in and how to give super specific, realistic, and kind feedback. Yes, I'll show you how honesty can be kind and powerful.


Spellbinding Strategy

Clarify your strategy and make it so compelling your employees are thanking you for the opportunity to work on it


Confident Collaboration

Set the tone and structure of meetings to optimize productivity and collaboration. Learn what to say to help you navigate tricky challenges and how to stay confident and calm throughout.


*Sessions are subject to change slightly

Please note that I adjust each course depending on the cohort's desires. If there is something you really want to learn please note it in your course survey when you register.

Get Reimbursed by your Employer

Get Reimbursed by your Employer

Use your company's Learning & Development budget

You could get tuition reimbursement from your employer since this course teaches you crucial skills.

Use the template to make an easy request

We have a draft email with the benefits of the course to make it easy to ask your company for funding.

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