Aug 18, 2023

Best Copywriting Courses You Don't Want to Miss

What are the best copywriting courses for beginners and experienced marketers? We explore the best programs Maven has to offer. Led by expert digital marketers and copywriters from a variety of industries.

Copywriting talent is one of the most lucrative tools in your marketing arsenal. Sleek and audience-appropriate copy will help you capture audiences’ attention, build brand awareness, and encourage stakeholders to engage with your offerings. Whether you’re encouraging people to sign up for a service or communicating crucial changes about your business, strong copywriting will maximize your chances of success. Simple, right? Not quite…
If you’ve ever tried writing a blog or a persuasive email, you’ll know that crafting compelling prose is much easier said than done. As well as writing pristine, error-free copy, you’ll need to incorporate the following:
  • Brand voice: You’ll need to produce a similar tone, language, and style across your communications to reflect your brand personality and connect with target audiences.
  • Attention-grabbing creativity: Effective copywriting requires creativity and a little risk-taking to help you capture audience interest and cut through the noise of the online world.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO copywriting will help you win the all-important top listing on search engines like Google. 
  • Platform-tailored content: Whether you’re writing for social media or email communication, you’ll need to tailor your content for the platform. 
  • Concise prose: Content marketing is about conveying your message in as few words as possible. You don’t want to waste people’s time!
  • A persuasive call to action: Every successful copywriter knows how to generate engagement through a simple yet inspiring call to action.
So, how can you learn the skills needed to excel in copywriting? In short, every aspiring marketing, sales, or communications specialist needs to learn the tricks of the trade through an in-depth, structured masterclass. While you may be an excellent short story writer or grammar geek, digital marketing requires a unique set of copywriting skills you won’t learn elsewhere. 
If you’re wondering where to access the best copywriting courses on the market, Maven has got you covered. Our course catalogue features a range of content writing courses for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs with years of experience. Whether you’re interested in a copywriting career or simply want to hone your techniques, our world-class instructors are here to help. Overcome your writer’s block today and sign up for one of the best copywriting courses available!

Unmissable Courses for Copywriting

We’ve picked out the following Maven courses for learners looking to take their creative writing and persuasion skills to the next level:

1. Power Writing by Shaan Puri on Maven
Do you dream about writing killer emails, landing pages, and blog posts that go viral for all the right reasons? Former Bebo CEO, Shaan Puri, is here to make that dream a reality. As well as teaching you how to write attention-grabbing headlines, Shaan will provide nuggets of wisdom from Jeff Bezos, drawing on his experiences at Amazon. Here are the need-to-know details:
Time to complete: 8 days (4 main sessions with accompanying lessons)
Cost: USD $950 (find out about reimbursement from your employer)
Prerequisites: You’ll need to commit to writing proactively during sessions and in your own time. However, you won’t need specific qualifications or skills to join the course. 
Career benefits: Whether you’re a freelance copywriter or an in-house digital marketing professional, this course will help you flourish into an amazing writer who produces tangible results for your organization. 
  • You’ll learn how to produce genuinely compelling headlines (one of the trickiest aspects of copywriting!)
  • You’ll learn alongside other committed professionals with similar goals and passions. 
  • Discover the secret to going viral and driving those all-important conversions. 
  • You’ll write copy from the first day. Active learning is much more effective than passively listening to lectures!
  • You can apply your knowledge to all sorts of purposes, from cold emails to social media posts. 
Potential cons:
  • You’ll be thrown into the deep end and encouraged to share your copywriting. If you’re uncomfortable sharing your thoughts with others, the course may be a little tricky!
  • You’ll need to be available at 9 am PT and is12pm ET to join the live sessions.
  • Shaan doesn’t recommend this course for those who can’t commit to joining the live sessions or watching them back in full. You’ll need to spend time learning and applying Shaan’s concepts to your work every day. 
Who should take the course: This course is suitable for anyone looking to build their LinkedIn profile, reinvigorate growth through stellar marketing strategies, or write viral copy – perfect for aspiring business owners or marketing professionals searching for development opportunities. 

2. Digital Copywriting Program by Sarah Salam and Hussein Alamshawi
Are you an Arabic speaker looking for a comprehensive course on the basics of copywriting? Sarah Salam and Hussein Alamshawi’s masterclass is here to kickstart your career in marketing and sales copy. Need-to-know details include:
Time to complete: 10 hours per week 
Cost: USD 300 (find out about reimbursement from your employer)
Prerequisites: You don’t need any copywriting experience, but you’ll need to be committed to completing an assignment in time for every session. The course is generally suited to Iraqis. 
Career benefits: You’ll learn a whole host of new skills to boost your career in copywriting and marketing, including scriptwriting for video and audio, leveraging artificial intelligence to boost your copywriting skills, writing for a range of social media platforms, developing effective headlines, approaching clients, and vital industry terminology. 
  • You’ll learn alongside a group of like-minded individuals. 
  • Trainers Sarah and Salam are experts in their field and are committed to helping Iraqis reach their career goals. 
  • You’ll learn about the latest copywriting trends to ensure your skills remain attractive.
  • You won’t learn a simple writing template – you’ll get to grips with a fast-changing field and learn how to adapt to an unstable landscape. 
Potential cons:
  • The initial modules may be too simple for those who already have copywriting experience. 
  • You may struggle to keep up with assignments if you don’t put aside at least two hours per week for independent study.
  • You can only access session recordings for 48 hours after the live session.
  • You must submit all assignments to qualify for a certificate and cannot obtain a full refund after the first session.
Who should take the course: We recommend this course for Iraqis interested in exploring the copywriting profession and utilizing their creativity passions in a corporate setting.

3. Write Copy That Sells by Krishna Kumar
This comprehensive course teaches students how to boost their income or grow their careers through effective copy. Course leader and published author Krishna Kumar will supervise the course, providing crucial advice about overcoming writer’s block and writing for different digital formats. Krishna will also provide students with tried-and-tested copywriting templates for those new to the copywriting business. 
Time to complete: 2 hours every day for 5 days (followed by community interactions)
Cost: USD 200 (find out about reimbursement from your employer)
Prerequisites: The course is suitable for beginners and those passioante about driving engagement. However, the course leader doesn’t recommend you enroll unless you can make the live session, which will take place between 8 pm and 10 pm Indian Standard Time (IST) across five days. 
Career benefits: You’ll gain valuable skills and build a portfolio of genuinely effective copy – great if you’re just starting as a copywriter. Best of all, you’ll learn the elusive art of conversion copywriting – a kind of writing tailored to driving engagement and securing long-term growth for your business!
  • Learn alongside a dedicated cohort of classmates.
  • Develop bespoke copywriting formulas designed to target your user base perfectly.
  • Improve your adaptability as a copywriter by learning to write for a range of platforms. 
  • The course is short and sweet, allowing you to apply your skills as soon as possible.
Potential cons:
  • Your classmates are encouraged to provide honest feedback, which may feel a little embarrassing if you’re insecure about your abilities!
  • The course may not suit those looking for a slower, self-paced course. 
Who should take the course:
This course will suit leaders hoping to bolster their copywriting know how, independent professionals and freelancers hoping to increase their earning potential, and those starting their careers in communications and marketing. 

4. Content Flagship by Copyblogger Media co-founder Sonia Simone on Maven
Are you a capable writer hoping to strengthen your messaging and blow clients away with attractive offerings? This course, led by content whizz and CopyBlogger Media co-founder Sonia Simone, could represent the perfect solution. Throughout the course, Sonia will deliver high-energy, interactive sessions designed to support your content development. This program isn’t about providing a list of dull and uninspiring copywriting rules – rather, it’s about pushing your existing writing skills to the next level. Here’s what to expect: 
Time to complete: 3-4 hours per week across 6 weeks (although you’ll have the chance to benefit from bonus content, six months of implementation sessions, private coaching calls, and more!). You can adjust your time commitments to align with your schedule. 
Cost: USD 2,495 (find out about reimbursement from your employer)
Prerequisites: This course is for entrepreneurs and professionals who already have a website they would like to improve with effective copy. It’s not designed for beginners, with participants expected to have some experience of copywriting and engaging with audiences. 
Career benefits: As well as learning hidden secrets of the content world, you’ll develop your thought leadership skills and build relationships with new audiences. If you want to nurture your online presence and build a genuinely memorable brand, this is the course for you!
  • You can proceed through the course at your own pace and watch sessions after they’re recorded.
  • You’ll enjoy private coaching sessions with Sonia, including tailored feedback about your website. 
  • Sonia will prepare an in-depth report about your website, featuring suggested tweaks and edits. 
Potential cons:
  • This course is more expensive than many others on Maven, reflecting its highly tailored approach.
  • The course may not be relevant for those early career copywriters and those without an existing online presence. 
Who should take the course: We recommend taking this course if you’re an entrepreneur looking to build better relationships with clients or a skilled freelance writer hoping to improve your business acumen and strategy.

Boost your copywriting skills and increase engagement

There’s never been a better time to enhance your writing skills and capture new audiences through the power of words. Whatever your current ability level, Maven offers some of the best copywriting courses for beginners, seasoned marketers, and writing professionals. We encourage you to browse our extensive catalogue to find your perfect copywriting masterclass. Our team of vetted experts teach everything from direct response copywriting to effective email marketing, so make the most of their wisdom and sign up today! 


Some of the most frequently asked questions about copywriting include:
Are skilled copywriters in high demand?
Yes! Business success is contingent upon effective copy creation in today’s digital world. From sales copy and web pages to social media posts and interactive quizzes, every organization needs a creative copywriter to ensure their output remains on-brand. If you’re concerned about the potential for AI to replace the professional copywriter role, don’t fret. While AI can produce accurate prose, it can’t rival the creativity and authentic voice of a real person. So, learn a valuable skill and enroll in one of Maven’s online copywriting courses!
Are copywriting courses worth it?
If you enjoy writing and want to further your career in marketing, communications, or content creation, a copywriting course could transform your life. Good copywriting is like gold dust, meaning an impressive portfolio could improve your employability and boost your earning potential. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, copywriting abilities could help build your brand in a highly cost-effective fashion. A copywriting course will provide the step-by-step guidance you need to thrive in the competitive world of digital marketing.
What is the best kind of copywriting course?
There are many types of copywriting courses available, each of which targets a particular niche. For example, you may wish to enroll in an accelerated program to quickly improve your copywriting skills – perfect if you’re a busy start-up owner. If English isn’t your first language, you may benefit from a course aimed at students from a particular region or country. Ultimately, we recommend you read Maven’s course descriptions carefully to find a fun program that suits your needs. 

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