How to get your course discovered on

By Chelsea Wilson
Instructor Support
Learn how to get your course on and in front of the thousands of students who browse our catalog of courses each day.

What happens after I publish my landing page?

After you publish your landing page, you can now share the course URL with prospective students. You can copy the course URL in your Settings.

How do I get my course listed on

Getting listed on is an exciting milestone to reach. It often brings more traffic to your course landing page. Once you complete these steps, you'll be listed on
  1. Complete your launch checklist. For more information, check out this help article.
  2. Publish your course landing page. You can now share your course URL with prospective students. You do not have to wait to get listed on to start driving people to your course.
  3. Upload your social share and course images in your Settings and landing page builders. The social share image is the preview image when you share on social media. The course image is will be displayed on
  4. Edit and turn on all the Maven automated emails. You can do this in the Emails tab of your course.
  5. Turn ON your cohort in Settings. Your cohort needs to be open for enrollment.
  6. Get 50 people on your waitlist or 5 paid enrollments.
  7. Launch your course interest survey to build your waitlist. Check out more about the course interest survey here.
When you've completed these steps, hooray! You'll automatically be listed on
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