Transition and grow as a Product Manager

Courses that focus on helping professionals transition and grow as Product Managers. Learn tactics for charting your own career path, navigating large tech companies, and climbing the PM ladder. Gain insights into different PM roles and responsibilities, and develop a long-term plan for your PM career. Enhance your PM skills, gain applicable skills for transitioning to a PMM role, and evaluate if a transition to PM is feasible. Discover strategies for becoming a seasoned leader and setting yourself up for future leadership roles. Explore the future of PM in relation to developments in AI. Find clarity on your strengths, weaknesses, and next steps in your career. Discover how to make intentional career moves, pick the right next company and leaders, and accelerate your path to executive level roles. Gain insights into yourself and your strengths/weaknesses as a PM. Develop specific frameworks to play to your strengths and values as a PM, and become a better mentor and coach. Explore options for taking your PM career to the next level, including GPM roles and exec-level PM roles. Learn about the responsibilities and expectations of PM roles at later stage companies. Determine the right move for your career, whether it's staying and growing within your current company or picking a new opportunity outside. Rapidly accelerate your PM and founder competency, and land a mission-aligned senior/group PM role or found a startup. Gain structured help in choosing your next PM job, and select the relevant next steps with methodology. Enhance your career in PMM and grow your PM career through the next few orbits. Differentiate yourself as a PM, consider a technical PM role, and find your next job opportunity. Explore transitioning from a PM manager to a senior IC role. Refresh and uplevel your frameworks as a PMM, and network with other PMMs to learn and grow. Transition to a tech-focused and customer-focused PM role in a new company. Learn best practices and improve your PM skills from experienced PMs. Gain insights into PM roles in other organizations. Prepare for PM interviews and build confidence and toolsets to secure a PM job in a growing and well-funded company.
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