The Best Writing Courses You Should Be Taking In 2023

This comprehensive selection of the best 2023 writing courses teaches how to write articles and create social media content. These online programs allow students to engage in active learning and receive feedback continuously.

Writing Accelerator

⭐️ 9.3 (26 ratings)
The "Writing Accelerator" course, hosted by Eva Keiffenheim, is a three-week program designed to help participants transition from novices to confident writers.
What to Expect?
The course's curriculum is grounded in science-based learning techniques and provides the exact tools and strategies Keiffenheim used to reach over 2 million readers within a year.

It covers topics such as creating a consistent publishing workflow, writing clear and compelling articles, maintaining a productive mindset, and deciding on the best platform for publishing online. Students will also learn how to build and grow an online audience.
What Do People Think of This Course?
A student testimonial from Kamna Kirti, a developer and writer, states: "We got to know tools that support our learning and challenge our thinking. I can now adjust and improve my own practice every time I face roadblocks. I can 100% recommend this course."

AI-Powered Storytelling

⭐️ 9.7 (26 ratings)
"AI-Powered Storytelling" is a four-week cohort-based course that equips students with the skills to craft compelling stories using artificial intelligence. It's guided by Jim Hull, an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in the animation industry and a story consultant for Canada's Oscar-contender 2023.
What to Expect?
The course provides an opportunity to learn a successful story framework. It covers an in-depth analysis of well-known stories and strategies used by successful writers.

Students will discover how to maintain tension throughout the story and use AI effectively for creative inspiration. They'll also gain insights into turning the writing process into a game-like experience for enhanced productivity. Real-time feedback from peers and Jim ensure a supportive learning environment.
What Do People Think of This Course?
A student testimonial from Daniel Williams, an award-winning audio drama writer-producer, reveals that the course empowered him to create stories, collaborate with others, and make a living from his passion.

Monetize Your Writing

⭐️ 9.0 (3 ratings)
"Monetize Your Writing" is a three-week, cohort-based course aimed at freelance writers seeking to improve their pitching skills, broaden their market reach, and effectively monetize their craft. It's hosted by Natasha Tynes, an award-winning author and global journalist.
What to Expect?
This course equips students to find writing gigs worldwide and craft compelling pitches that yield results. Attendees learn to connect with editors across different regions, thereby expanding their professional network and opportunities.

The course also helps writers set their rates, ensuring they are paid fairly for their work. Further, participants learn to organize their freelancing life with tools that streamline their relationship with editors.

As a result, students walk away with not only improved writing and pitching skills but also a clear strategy for managing their freelancing career.
What Do People Think of This Course?
According to one student, Isabella Meibauer, "This course has definitely impacted my career for the better and given me the skills I need to keep growing." The course features live sessions, hands-on projects, and opportunities to learn alongside like-minded peers.

The unique combination of practical guidance and peer learning makes this course an enriching experience for aspiring freelance writers.

Power Writing

⭐️ 8.9 (158 ratings)
"Power Writing" is a dynamic, cohort-based course hosted by Shaan Puri, former CEO of Bebo and host of the successful "My First Million" podcast.
What to Expect?
The course empowers students with techniques and templates to craft compelling emails, blog posts, and landing pages.

Participants can expect to hone their skills in writing cold emails that elicit responses, developing landing pages that drive conversions, and crafting headlines that attract readers.

Puri also shares insights from his time at Amazon, teaching students how to write with the precision and effectiveness of Jeff Bezos.

The course also delves into the art of pitching your brand smoothly and the secrets to creating viral content.
What Do People Think of This Course?
Travis Fischer, a Trello Engineer, praises the course, saying, "Magic happened as Shaan worked in real-time with students to take a real-world pitch and tune it up. The real-time transformations were breathtaking."

This course not only provides useful tools but also a supportive learning environment with a focus on active learning and feedback.

Impactful Social Writing

⭐️ 9.6 (38 ratings)
"Impactful Social Writing" is a two-week, cohort-based course hosted by industry experts Erica Schneider and Kasey Jones.
What to Expect?
The course is focused on empowering individuals to write engaging, authentic content for social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. It provides a practical approach to generating content that resonates with audiences, standing out from the crowd and establishing credibility in one's field.

Students will learn self-editing techniques to ensure their posts drive engagement and deliver desired results.

The course also helps in building personal brand authority, crucial for growing a business or developing a career. It covers techniques for creating hooks without resorting to clickbait, writing content that retains reader attention, and refining first drafts into polished pieces.

Live edits and Q&A sessions allow for real-time feedback and learning. Students also gain access to bonus content and a community of online creators.
What Do People Think of This Course?
Student testimonial: "Erica and Kasey are the best people to teach about Social Writing. I love how everything was tied together from the logical thought of how to connect with your personal brand to how you can come up with content ideas, and how to get started. I recommend everyone who is interested in taking the course to do so, it's worth every penny." - Monica Odhiambo, Virtual Assistant & Social Media Manager.

Persuasive Email Writing for Consultants - Coaches - Creators and Coursebuilders

⭐️ 9.8 (21 ratings)
"Persuasive Email Writing for Consultants - Coaches - Creators and Coursebuilders" is a 4-week, cohort-based course taught by best-selling author, Ian Brodie.
What to Expect?
The course focuses on empowering learners to write persuasive and engaging emails that build credibility, trust and nurture client relationships.

Participants will learn techniques to generate brilliant email ideas, craft compelling subject lines, and write persuasive emails efficiently.

The course also introduces the use of AI and ChatGPT to boost idea generation and speed up writing. Students will have the opportunity to receive personal feedback on their emails from the instructor and peers.

A standout feature of the course is its focus on implementing consistent habits to make email writing a natural and easy process.
What Do People Think of This Course?
As a student testimonial, Kate Baker, Managing Director of Virtualgo2 Ltd, noted: "This course is one of the best I have ever taken on any subject... The templates and frameworks Ian provided gave me the confidence to change my usual style for the better."

As a Final Note

Maven's online courses offer a unique platform for those who wish to enhance their writing skills and content creation abilities.

From novices to established writers, these courses cover a broad range of topics - storytelling with AI, monetizing writing, power writing, social media content creation, and persuasive email crafting.

Maven's focus on peer learning, real-time feedback, and practical applications makes the learning experience both engaging and fruitful.

No matter your writing goal, Maven's selection of courses can provide the tools, strategies, and supportive community to boost your growth and confidence. By integrating Maven's online classes into your learning journey, you can pave the way for a successful writing and content producing career.
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