Apr 27, 2023

Amanda Natividad: How she became a content marketing powerhouse

By Wes Kao
Co-founder of Maven
Amanda Natividad is one of today's most influential content marketers. Discover how she advanced her career by sharing her knowledge and teaching online.

Amanda Natividad has 130,000 followers on Twitter & is one of the most influential content marketers today. Here’s how she did it:
She created high-performing content throughout her career as a marketing lead for Naturebox, Liftopia, Growth Machine, and Fitbit. But she wanted to start writing for herself.
Amanda took courses about online writing to give her the push to get started. She told personal stories about becoming a mom. She shared her favorite recipes (she’s a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef). Once she found her voice, she distilled her counterintuitive marketing ideas like Permissionless Co-marketing and Zero-Click Content.
How her life has changed:
  • Featured on over 70 podcasts
  • Guest lectured at Columbia and Cornell
  • Spoke at conferences like AdWorld and MozCon
  • Got a new job as the VP of Marketing for SparkToro
  • Grew her newsletter from 70 to 10,000+ subscribers
Amanda’s inbox is full of DMs from founders and marketers asking for 1:1 coaching. But as a full-time VP of Marketing, she doesn’t have the bandwidth to take on clients.
That’s why she built her course, Content Marketing 201. Working in cohorts of 30-40 students, she guides her students on how to create their own content marketing strategies. Today, she’s one of the top instructors on Maven with a 4.6/5 rating and 1,000 students on her waitlist.
Lessons from Amanda’s journey:
1. Build your confidence by talking about your own experiences. When writing online, a great way to start is to talk about the frameworks you use, mistakes you’ve made, or patterns you’ve noticed. Amanda's advice:
If you’re speaking about your own nitty gritty results or failures, people can’t say that you’re wrong.
2. Focus on impact, not growing followers. When you view sharing your ideas as a way to give back, you’ll be more genuine and add more value.
I get to be the mentor I wish I had 10 years ago.
3. Sharing your ideas in public can accelerate your career. When Amanda began sharing her ideas online, her career took off. She leveraged her influence into a new job, numerous speaking opportunities, and a profitable course. Now, she never has to do a traditional job hunt again.
Teaching my course has reshaped my approach to work where it feels much more like play. It's been really rewarding.

PS If you work full-time, teaching a course is an additional income stream and helps you accelerator your career. Amanda graduated from the Maven Course Accelerator, a free 3-week program on how to build a successful course.
When you start earning on Maven, you keep 90% of your course revenue minus Stripe fees. On average, instructors earn $20,000 in their first cohort. Plus, you own your IP and content. Our goal is to help you launch and grow a course you’re proud of.
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