Communicate with Power - How To Show Up with Authentic Presence and Impact


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Cohort-based Course

A world-class program designed for women to deliver your message with authority and present your most persuasive self.

Course overview

Learn powerful tools to turn up your volume at work.

I believe invisible communication binaries exist in the corporate workplace, and set women up for frustration and sometimes failure from the outset.When we become hyper-vigilant about *how* we say things (and less about *what* we say), we don't show our true selves or our actual capabilities. This is a lose-lose for our organizations, our families, our communities, and, of course, ourselves.

We might acquiesce to unreasonable demands at work or at home for fear of being perceived as unlikeable; and maybe even in the same interaction, hesitate to give a direct order, because power feels so foreign to us.

In my workshops, I share strategies, research and stories that illuminate how women can use power authentically to get what they want and deserve. The course features discussions and practical exercises so you learn how to integrate tactics and tools into your own communication style.

With over twenty years of coaching women from high school students through to CEOs and executives at companies like Netflix, Uber, Google, Microsoft and many more, I teach creative, powerful and important ways to show up and operate.

In my programs, I've taught thousands of women around the world to step into their authority, and to communicate powerfully in a way which feels good to them. Now online and live, come join a cohort of incredible women from today's most interesting companies to learn together.

Who is this course for?


Exceptional women who are looking for the inside scoop on how to improve their impact at work. 


Emerging women leaders who are looking for career development and to rise in their organization.


Brilliant team members who have been told to "develop executive presence" and are frustrated by that annoyingly vague advice. 😉 

Engage your audience and communicate the most authentic, powerful version of yourself.

Step into authority (even if it feels foreign).

Charting a path to your most authentic self is the core of this course. We'll work on specific tactics to help boost your presence, like building clear arguments to convince stakeholders, and learning strategies to persuade and cement your credibility.

Become more visible at work

Learn how to stand out from your peers with specific techniques to advocate better for yourself and your team, scope out clear wins and right-size your evidence to be its most compelling.

Get practical, hands-on advice 

My workshops are developed from my own experiences as an operator in big tech and start-ups for over a decade. I use research and stories to bring theory to life, so you get practical, grounded and actionable advice.

World-ranked debate expertise

I bring a wealth of logic, structured argumentation, refutation and presentation skills honed on some of the most adversarial stages in the world: I've won a world championship and have ranked 9th best speaker in the world, 4th best in Asia, and overall best speaker in Australia.

Join a special movement

Exceptional women leaders from technical and non-technical backgrounds do this course: we have alumni from non-profits, VCs, and companies like Benchling, Bloomberg, Blue Origin, Coursera, Kaiser Permanente, Kellogg, Medtronic, Procreate, World Surf League, Zapier and many more.

What people are saying

        Kate is an exceptionally talented practitioner who consistently takes storytelling to the next level with impactful strategies that really make a difference. I’m already planning our next workshop together, don’t miss her upcoming program for real world insights into truly world-class communications.
Amy Kunrojpanya

Amy Kunrojpanya

VP Communications, Netflix
        Kate's coaching is at once simple and direct, and also profound - she zeroes in on exactly the techniques that will provide the biggest gains in how we present our ideas, and presents them in a sticky and memorable format. It's been striking to see how many of her recommendations are still being used by the team, months after our session together.
Annie Lewin

Annie Lewin

Head of Advocacy,
        Of all the coaches and experts we have hired, Kate was head and shoulders above as a world-class leader in her field. She is warm, thoughtful and easy to connect with, her curriculum was thorough and evidence-based and what we loved most of all were the practical tactics and concrete strategies that could be immediately deployed.
Rebecca Mann

Rebecca Mann

Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
        I didn't want this course to end-genuinely one of the most valuable investments I've made in my personal career development. Kate is a yoda when it comes to teaching a set of invaluable skills: she pinpoints the habits that undermine communications and teaches with warmth, humility, and amazing personal stories to bring them to life.
Sara Blask

Sara Blask

Senior Director, Blue Origin
        I've always been acutely aware of the need to ensure my voice is heard in meeting rooms, but I struggled to go about it in a way that felt authentic to my personality. Kate armed me with so many practical tips and tricks on how to turn up the dial on my professional presence, and how to support my colleagues in doing the same.
Alexa Dennett

Alexa Dennett

Head of Communications and Marketing, Heirloom
        I am impressed by the impact of just four, one-hour sessions- for a busy professional, this program was insightful, efficient and most of all - inspiring. I leave the course aware of my habits and patterns and with pragmatic tools to help improve my leadership communication in a sustainable way. I highly recommend this course. Thank you, Kate!
Ann Buckman

Ann Buckman

Senior Director of Marketing, Medtronic

Meet your instructor

Kate Mason, Ph.D.

Kate Mason, Ph.D.

Founder, Hedgehog + Fox

I'm Kate Mason, founder of communications strategy firm Hedgehog + Fox, where I coach founders and execs to present authoritative, compelling positions from which to get what they want.

I'm also the author of the forthcoming book from Penguin Random House, "Powerfully Likeable", coming May 2025. 

I spent my early career years at Google, YouTube, Khan Academy and Medium and saw firsthand the challenges women can have at work. I also spent many years winning national and world rankings in debate, a professionally adversarial and very male environment. Now I help thousands of women elevate the way they operate and communicate, boosting their signal at work. In order to find an authoritative voice to call one's own, I guide people through lessons to help shape our presence, logic, and persuasion to succeed.

With over twenty years experience in coaching women, my work maps creative and important ways of presenting yourself and your work, whether it's your first job, you're trying for that next promotion, or you're already in the C-suite. 

I live for creating warm, engaged spaces where women leaders can connect, grow and learn together, and supercharge their value and impact at work.

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Communicate with Power - How To Show Up with Authentic Presence and Impact


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Course syllabus


📢 What turns your volume up (and what turns it down?)

  • Learn five habits which might be holding you back from communicating effectively.
  • Identify your own triggers when it comes to feeling confident in a room and understand what you can do to mitigate them. 
  • Conceptualize your own version of power and map out your goals for the course.


🔥 Strategies for being persuasive: Stepping into authority

  • Explore five strategies to persuade your stakeholders to help you get what you want.
  • Review real examples of behaviors that increase persuasion, power and authority.
  • Practice using persuasive language for different work scenarios.


💬  Holding your conviction: Communicating in adversarial situations

  • Learn five techniques which directly help you hold your ground in adversarial situations.  
  • Identify the levers of control you have (but might not feel) in difficult conversations and how to navigate them more easily. 
  • Workshop some challenging scenarios with the group to see the techniques in action.


💅  Communicating with comfort: How calm reinforces power and authority

  • Determine the various different modes of persuasion through emotion, centering on calm.
  • Analyze how calm is a powerful mode through using four main tactics.
  • Establish our own sense of authentic communication within a calm leadership framework.

Course schedule

2 hours per week
  • Monday: September 25, 2023

    60mins, 5pm PST/ 8pm EST /12pm AEDT +1

    Interactive workshop #1: Interactive lecture and small group break-outs to workshop, practice and share ideas as we learn them.

  • Wednesday: September 27, 2023

    60mins, 5pm PST/ 8pm EST / 12pm AEDT +1

    Interactive workshop #2: Interactive lecture and small group break-outs to workshop, practice and share ideas as we learn them.

  • Monday: October 2, 2023

    60mins, 5pm PST/ 8pm EST/12pm AEDT +1

    Interactive workshop #3: Interactive lecture and small group break-outs to workshop, practice and share ideas as we learn them.

  • Wednesday: October 4, 2023

    60mins, 5pm PST/ 8pm EST/12pm AEDT +1

    Interactive workshop #4: Interactive lecture and small group break-outs to workshop, practice and share ideas as we learn them.

Free resource

Free communication lesson

Communicating is a complex exercise: we do it everyday and have to make thousands of micro-decisions when we do.

This is a short video lesson to introduce you to the type of ideas we cover in Communicating with Power. Here I focus on counter-intuitive reasons you might want to smile (and not because someone is telling you to!).

Get the free lesson 👇

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Learn what you were never taught

So-called soft skills are actually really hard. Take time to get up to speed on strategies and tactics you use every day so you fully understand their foundations.

Learning together > alone

Explore perspectives and experiences different to your own. And meet some of the best women around at the same time.

Practice in real-time

Workshops are interactive and vibrant: and we also take time to apply skills back at work and re-group to measure how you improve and grow during the course itself.

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Communicate with Power - How To Show Up with Authentic Presence and Impact


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