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How to Cultivate Empathy at Scale

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Meghan Wenzel

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What you'll learn

Build a culture of user empathy and problem solving

Set up monthly sessions to dig into real world poor experiences with your product to build deep connections with users

Ground day-to-day decisions in user needs and opportunities

Ensure stakeholders understand your users and keep their needs top of mind when making daily decisions

Foster cross functional collaboration and connection

Bring together people from across the org to review, discuss, and ideate on how to solve poor and painful user problems

Why this topic matters

Staying connected to your users and their real experiences with your product is crucial for your company's initial and ongoing success, particularly as you scale. Fostering and maintaining an empathic, collaborative, and problem solving centric culture will give you a competitive edge in today's cutthroat environment.

You'll learn from

Meghan Wenzel

Staff UX Researcher at Lyft

Meghan is currently a Staff UX Researcher at Lyft working on their B2B rideshare products and newly launched Media division.

She's increased the value, scope, and impact of research across Fortune 500 and mid-stage startups. She established a cross-functional contextual inquiry research program at ADP to deeply understand users' needs and contexts to directly shape product strategy and break down internal silos.

She also established and grew the research practices at three mid-stage startups. Through trial by fire, she learned how to gain leadership and stakeholder buy-in, how to introduce and grow research and it's influence within a company, and how to prioritize effectively to demonstrate clear impact.

She's helped organizations understand the value of research and develop a strategic mindset, and she can help you plan more ambitious research and get richer insights.

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