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Why is your ChatGPT lazy and dumb? (and how to fix it)

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Yan Wang, PhD

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What you'll learn

Understand why ChatGPT could be lazy and dumb

Because of a common misconception on how ChatGPT works internally

Make all your prompts more effective

A practical trick that you can apply immediately, for most tasks, everyday

Learn about the research behind it comprehensively

Learn why the trick is so effective by understanding Large Language Model research

Why this topic matters

If your ChatGPT is lazy or dumb, it's probably because you use it wrong. Learn how to make all your prompts more effective without changing the prompt, by understanding the research behind context windows -- an important concept for all Large Language Models. We put special efforts to make the course to be intuitive and practical.

You'll learn from

Yan Wang, PhD

Staff Applied Scientist @ Samsara

Yan Wang has devoted his passion into building working solutions to complicated engineering problems since he got his PhD degree in Columbia University. With emphasis on tailored mechanism, continuous innovation, and specialized tools, Yan consistently delivered algorithms and systems to Photoshop, Bing, and Pinterest, which have benefited millions of people and got widely reported by global media. Yan also contributed to pushing the boundary of science by publishing 20+ papers on top conferences/journals and inventing 10+ US patents.

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