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Delivering Business Outcomes as a Product Manager

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Jon Harmer

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What you'll learn

Start thinking in terms of Outcomes, instead of Output.

Lead your teams by explaining the "Why" (Outcomes) of the work instead of just the "What" (Outputs)

Understand how your work leads to business outcomes

You will learn how to identify the most impactful opportunities using a framework called the Impact Map

Grow your user empathy and customer discovery skills

You will learn how to better understand users and be outside-in with your thinking

Why this topic matters

Up-level your PM career by shifting your thinking from outputs to outcomes and ship features that deliver results for your company. Product managers often get stuck focusing on "what are we building and when will it be ready" instead of "what will change as a result of building this?" This leaves out the critical element of making sure you are building the right (most impactful) things.

You'll learn from

Jon Harmer

Startup Founder, PM @Google, Mentor, 2x exit, Techstars alum, 25+ yrs experience

Jon has more than 25 years of experience, founding companies, launching new products to a base of over 2 billion MAU, scaling products, and leading/coaching product teams within companies such as Google, CNN, Home Depot, Ford, and Bank of America. Currently a Senior Product Manager at Google, Jon has previously held titles including founder, Vice President of Enterprise Product Management, CMO, Director of Product Management, Senior Product Manager, Vice President of Marketing, and Director of Product Marketing. Jon has a experience across the entire company lifecycle from founding to acquisition over his career. He has developed products across a number of verticals/industries, including SaaS, cloud platforms, telecom, marketing technology, financial services, online media, healthcare, retail, automotive, and public safety. He has coached and mentored hundreds of Product Managers and founders around the world through Google, Techstars, Georgia Tech, and now Maven.

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Ford Motor Company

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