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Amplify Your Marketing with AI

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Germán León 

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What you'll learn

Value Proposition Canvas

Identify key elements of your irresistible offer using my proven framework.

Market Analysis using AI

Use OpenAI to gather and analyze data from sources like social media, customer feedback, and market trends.

AI Marketing Automations

Deploy no-code AI automations to boost your marketing message on social media

Why this topic matters

A weak value proposition can be disastrous for an early-stage company. As a startup founder, I realized our tech lacked a clear problem to solve. Using my framework for crafting compelling value propositions, I helped refocus my company and product. I want to share this framework and how I leveraged AI to amplify our marketing.

You'll learn from

Germán León 

AI/UX Designer; Founder of Gestoos (sold to Preact)

Germán León is an esteemed AI UX Maven and the innovative founder of Helvetica Digital. Recently sold his company to PreAct technology. Germán has a Master's Degree in Interaction Design from Umeå University in Sweden and a degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA in AI design.

Previously at

PreAct Technologies
MIT research group
Oblong Inc.

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