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What you'll learn

Why you need 2 versions of your resume

There are two "users" of your resume. First, recruiters and hiring managers. Second, the software they use, aka the ATS.

How to format your resume for the software recruiters use

The ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can only understand your resume if it's formatted in a very specific way.

3 mistakes to avoid to help your resume stand out

If you want a human to see your resume, ensure the ATS can actually read your resume by not making these 3 mistakes.

Why this topic matters

In this session, you'll learn how to optimize your resume for the ATS (software used by recruiters). If you want to get more interviews, your resume needs to be seen by a human – and if it doesn't get past the ATS, it won't be seen by a human.

You'll learn from

Sarah Doody

Founder & CEO of Career Strategy Lab

Clients from 34 countries have enrolled in my career coaching programs. Using my 18+ years of UX Research & Designer to help you design your career.

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