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How to Craft an Influencer Marketing Campaign Concept

Hosted by

Georgina Whalen

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What you'll learn

Run Cost-Effective Influencer Campaigns

Hone in on your most compelling campaign concepts to increase your ROI

Catapult Your Brand to Top of Feed & Mind

Reach new market segments and diversify your brand's appeal with the right campaign concept

Build Trust & Credibility

Reach the right consumers with the right message, right when they're primed to receive it

Why this topic matters

This Lightning Lesson will help you create more effective and impactful influencer marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience and drive measurable results.

You'll learn from

Georgina Whalen

Influencer Marketing Executive & Consultant: previously; Amazon Guest Lecturer: NYU Influencer Advisory Board Member: The Clorox Company

Georgina brings over fifteen years of experience in the influencer marketing industry as a creator, agency partner, tech strategist, startup consultant, media consultant, and most recently managed and scaled the influencer program at Amazon-owned One Medical.

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