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How to nail your next job application

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Davina Stanley

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What you'll learn

How to work out what makes you special

Learn a simple, powerful technique for finding out what is distinctive about you ... and how to use it in your pitch.

How to leverage your network to 'beat the bot'

McKinsey said this week that 70% of people finding new roles do so through their network. Learn to maximise this.

How to maintain a positive posture in a lean job market

It is easy to become disillusioned and to spray applications around in a panic. Learn how to avoid that.

Why this topic matters

The job market is challenging. It is common for 1,000+ people to apply for your ideal role a day or so after it posts on LinkedIn. Bots read applications literally, missing cues that humans catch. In this environment, it is easy to feel disillusioned and fatigued by the whole process. This makes pitching with clarity and confidence even more important than usual.

You'll learn from

Davina Stanley

Founder | ex-McKinsey | Coaches at F100, tech PMs

Davina helps executives get to the right point quickly.

She trained at McKinsey and has helped thousands of executives across many sectors to lift the quality of thinking in their communication.

This, in turn, demonstrably contributes to their success.

Previously at

McKinsey & Company
Marsh McLennan
Nissan USA

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