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Transform Your Product Leadership in the Age of Transformers

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Amit Badlani

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What you'll learn

Understand the rise of transformers & how it impacts product

Grasp the evolution of transformer models (tech behind ChatGPT) and how it's significantly changing the product role.

Get my framework to build & scale reliable ML Products

My 3-step framework to apply PLG specifically for ML products, to drive adoption, user satisfaction, and growth.

Successfully navigate AI-driven Product Management

Dive into the practical aspects of leveraging foundational models within your product teams.

Why this topic matters

AI is everywhere and transformer technology is at the heart of it, changing how products are built and deployed today. Having the frameworks to drive product-led growth, understand critical success metrics, and navigate the limitations of current transformer technologies, offers a key competitive advantage for your ML products.

You'll learn from

Amit Badlani

Artificial Intelligence Product Leader and Startup Advisor

Amit is currently a Director of Product in AI / ML and a Startup Advisor at Stanford accelerator. Prior to his current role, Amit was a product leader at NVIDIA, spearheading the design of generative AI platforms that empower enterprises worldwide.

Throughout his career in product management, Amit has interviewed 1000s of candidates for product roles in the ML space and has mentored 100+ aspiring product managers and leaders.

Amit holds a dual Master's in Electrical Engineering and Management Science from Stanford University and his ML research has resulted in over 50 research publications and patents establishing him as a thought leader in the field. His work has also been featured at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mobile World Congress (MWC), GPU Technology Conference (GTC) and Red Dot Product Design Awards.

Amit was also awarded the prestigious EB-1(a) "Einstein" visa by the US Government for his extraordinary ability in AI product leadership.

Previously at

Stanford University

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