Oct 23, 2023

Top Web Development Courses For Every Level

Web development has become a highly sort after skill. Many employees looking to grow their careers and professional skills can enroll in top web development courses and study under supportive instructors.

The current hiring trend that has seen many businesses and organizations go for tech savvy employees has led to the rise of many technical courses. Well, of course, we also attribute this to the advancement of technology.
One of the courses attracting many people, especially the younger generation, is web development. Many are taking this course to enhance their careers and improve their professional skills. For example, you can improve at building modern and interactive web applications, making you stand out in the crowded job market. 
After completing a web design course, you also ensure your job security. Employers prefer retaining top talents with additional beneficial skills. You can also improve your competitiveness in the corporate market because many organizations are looking for your skills and expertise.
However, people interested in taking such courses find it challenging to find places to learn web development as they're committed to work or other engagements. Thanks to Maven, you can now register for your preferred web design course and have an easy time studying. 
This guide explains more about the web development courses you can register for under Maven for career growth. 

Benefits of Taking a Web Developer Course

The main reason you should consider registering for web development courses is that they come with many benefits. Some of the benefits of taking such courses include:
Enhanced Job Security
One of the benefits of enrolling in a web developer course is that it enhances job security. Remember, web developers are in high demand in various sectors since most businesses need operational websites they want to manage. So after completing the web development courses, you become a treasure to the organization. This provides you with peace of mind, plus it attracts more pay as it's a lucrative job.
Flexible Work Options
Another reason to convince you of the web development courses is their flexibility. You can work as a freelance web developer from any location. Additionally, it's possible to work for different companies remotely at different times, depending on the schedule agreement. 
As you know, flexible work options are advantageous as they provide a work-life balance. It can also help you do more for personal growth while working for several companies, as you choose the time for flexible work options. Remember, having such technical skills also demonstrates expertise, which most employers look for in employees. 
Potential to Establish a Freelance Web Development Business
The web development courses can also allow you to be your own boss after establishing a freelance web dev business. You can become an employer or partner with different companies through the business. Additionally, if you become a great freelancer, you get to negotiate your terms and conditions for offering your services, preventing exploitation by others.
Offers Opportunities for Continuous Creativity and Learning
Nothing is as satisfying as working in a field that offers immense learning and creativity opportunities. This is exactly what you’ll get after finishing the free IT courses for beginners. The programs give you a chance to be creative, discover your web dev skills, and share them over the internet. Remember, the only limit for web developers is their imagination, as you can use a previous idea to develop a new one.

Discover the Finest Web Development Courses to Take

Given that enrolling in a web design course has a lot of benefits, you don't need to hesitate but instead start attending classes. Some of the web development courses to opt for include the following:
Mastering Software Engineering by Georges El Khoury on Maven
This is one of the web development courses that allows you to gain experience building and maintaining software from real-world experiences. The 3 days software Engineering course by Georges EI Khoury teaches about software building. You will also learn about software maintenance tricks like outage management, observability and monitoring, release management, and migrations. 
The professional instructor also teaches students about the team and culture, which entails project management and how to conduct technical interviews. Plus, you will learn how to onboard team members and the software engineering career ladders. 
In your quest to learn a web design course, you’ll also get to apply new skills at work, which most employers encourage. Plus, with the best software engineering practices, you can get valuable insights necessary to excel in the field.
Web Development Phase 1 - HTML CSS and Javascript by Colin Smith, Neil Bizzel, Vincent Greene, and Alfie Fort on Maven
Another web design course to consider is Web Development Phase 1. It's an ideal career choice for those interested in becoming junior web developers. The course takes place in three phases under the guidance of 4 experienced professionals. The best thing about choosing this course is its flexible schedule planned for 8 weeks. 
The two sessions per week of the phase 1 live session course tackle front-end development, which includes DOM and making websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Phase 2 teaches about Redux, Express, and Node.js, which are part of the React and back-end development lessons. However, in the last phase, Alfie Fort, Vincent Greene, Neil Bizzel, and Colin Smith summarize the teachings of phases 1 and 2 based on agile principles. 
Since this is a tried and tested curriculum delivered remotely through a software boot camp, expect to emerge as a well-rounded software developer. The supportive instructors ensure you get skills that can help you meet industry standards. 
Introduction to Coding for Absolute Beginners by Jamshid Hashimi on Maven
Introduction to Coding for Absolute Beginners is also among the web development courses that can enable you to have a stable career. The training sessions by Jamshid Hashimi, who has been teaching for over a decade, will give you a strong web development foundation. 
It's a better alternative to free IT courses for beginners as it elaborates more on coding. The instructor teaches about programming languages like Javascript and Python. The 4-week cohort-based training will also allow you to learn more about website development using HTML and CSS. Plus, students learn about AI and its real-world applications, like chatbots. 
The best thing about this course is that it includes hands-on projects and Q&A sessions, which help the students internalize the skills. Through practical skills and guidance, you’ll be able to see immense growth personally and professionally. 
The Dev Boot Up by Ryan the Brodsky on Maven
Sometimes understanding the tricks of how to learn web design for free can be tricky and confusing. But things will be different after registering for Dev Boot Up by instructor Ryan Brodsky, a software engineering instructor and education content manager. The instructor helps students transition into the tech world and develop a problem-solving mindset that software engineers should have. 
The course will help you improve your coding skills and create interactive web pages using HTML, CSS, or Javascript. It enables you to accept that you must make mistakes to have clear coding goals, as this is part of the learning process. The best thing about choosing this course is the supportive learning environment which makes it easy to embrace mistakes.
The Dev Boot Up training takes 4 weeks; after the course, students get the confidence to learn independently. This is because Ryan, the top 1% instructor, prefers making himself unnecessary at the early learning stages to help the students to be dependent throughout the course. Such learning confidence is important in advancing your web development career, which can be involving as the courses progress.
Become a Web 3.0 developer in 3 weeks by Preethi Kasireddy on Maven
If you're looking for web development courses to complete within 3 weeks, enroll in this one by Preethi Kasireddy. Preethi Kasireddy founded DappCamp, previously known as a16z, and has worked for Coinbase and Goldman Sacs. In this course, students learn about Ethereum’s architecture and how it works. 
It also allows the students to explore the Ethereum ecosystem and its applications and gain strong insights into Solidity programming. After undertaking this web design course, you’ll also understand smart contract security and collaboration in building a Web 3.0 app. 
You’ll also explore advanced developer tooling and scaling solutions on Ethereum, making you a highly qualified professional web developer. It's a good course for senior and junior software engineers and computer science students. 

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Tips for Selecting a Web Development Course

Web development courses are increasingly popular because of the enhanced job security they provide. You’ll not have to worry about the massive layoffs in different companies, as this is a high-demand job that pays well. 
Apart from that, a web design course makes you stand out in the crowded job market. So if you are practicing a different career and looking for an additional course to make you a hotcake in the job market, consider any web development courses. 
Undertaking the course also shows your commitment to professional development, which can improve your CV. As you know, your CV can sell you to different employers, and since you can work remotely in this career, it can attract more pay.
However, to enjoy such benefits, you must be smart enough and know how to choose the right web development courses. 
Some of the tips to enable you to do this with ease include:
Check On the Time It Takes to Complete the Web Development Course
Even though you can take several web development courses to enhance your skills and professionalism, time can be a limiting factor. Remember, you must spare enough time to attend all the training sessions to understand everything. But given that these are short courses, you may want to juggle them between other engagements. 
So it's good to know the course's duration to time yourself well. The completion time for most web development courses varies depending on the complexity of the course content. To avoid challenges when studying, look at the time the web design course will take to complete. Then look for one that meets your needs, and fix it in your daily or weekly schedule. 
If you're heavily engaged at work or school, opt for the data science courses that will take little time. But if you have more time and energy to learn, go for the web development courses that take weeks to complete.
Prioritize Cost 
Before enrolling in any web development course, ensure you know the amount you’ll pay as fees. Knowing the cost of your preferred web design course can help you plan your finances, as these courses tend to be expensive. 
Since the cost may vary from course to course, it's good to settle for one program that's within your budget. It's advisable to first enroll in basic courses like programming languages for product managers that are necessary for a business to run. Then start earning money from the skills you learn to enable you to get more money to add more courses. 
If money is not a problem, you can enroll in different courses to enrich yourself with adequate knowledge. However, if you're on a tight budget, consider knowing how to learn web design for free.
Consider the Prerequisite
Like any other training, web development courses also have enrollment requirements that every student must meet before admission. So before considering a course, look at the requirements you need to study the web design course. 
For example, to become a web 3.0 developer as a senior software engineer, you must have at least 3 years of work experience. But for a computer science student, you're required to have 0 years of experience and be looking for an internship opportunity at a crypto company. You must also have a GitHub review. 
You can know this by contacting the school officials through the legit website. Some websites also contain the enrollment requirements, so you only need to go through the embeddings to learn carefully. Alternatively, you can meet the requirements of former students you're close to.
Career Benefits
Besides improving your CV, enrolling in any web design course has added advantages. Most web developers enjoy working remotely, which is something most employees look forward to to maintain a work-life balance. Moreover, it enhances job security, as the additional skills can make your employer keep you for a long time. 
You can also become your own boss after completing web development courses that make you independent. However, the benefits will depend on the skills you want to acquire, your professional interests, and the organization you work for.
Who Should Take the Course?
This can be a tough question to answer. However, web development courses can be taken by anyone interested in learning or improving their web development skills. But only some of the courses are ideal for everyone, as some are technical, which requires those with a technical background to take them. So before picking any course, check if it requires you to have some experience. But there are beginner web development courses you can start with while establishing your footing in this career. 
It's advisable to choose a web development course depending on your personal goals and professional interests. With this, you won't struggle to find the right career to settle for. Instead, enjoying your work and being more creative will become easier.

Become a Web Development Expert

Becoming a web developer expert is easier after knowing where to learn web development courses. That's why you won't go wrong by choosing Maven for different courses on web development. Maven has experienced instructors willing to walk students through the journey to be their best selves. 
The good thing about this career choice is that it gives web development professionals a chance to be more creative and become their own boss. It also allows for work-life balance as the flexible work options enable you to work as a freelancer from any location. 
Remember, with qualified instructors and the right web design course, it's easier to grow your career and earn good money. You'll also work for different companies remotely or establish your own web development business. To enjoy all these, sign up with Maven and enroll in web development courses of your choice. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I learn web development in 3 months?
Yes. You can learn web development in 3 months or even less. All you need to do is choose the best web development programs that suit your needs. Some can take less than a week, and some last for weeks. For example, the introduction to coding with Maven takes 4 weeks.
What course should I take for web development?
You can take any web design course, depending on your career goals and interests. Your technical understanding of the courses can also guide you in choosing the right one to enroll in.  
What language is used in web development?
Web development programming languages are Javascript, HTM, or Python. Our instructors also teach about SQL and Java.

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