Aug 24, 2023

Best Machine Learning Courses to Become a ML Expert

The best machine learning courses can enhance your career prospects so you can stay competitive in the job market. Find out which ML courses are the best.

Taking machine learning (ML) courses can equip you with valuable skills that are sought after in the job marketplace across different fields. The knowledge you gain from the best machine learning courses available today lets you leverage advanced algorithms and techniques that, in turn, enable you and your teams to analyze, interpret, and make use of vast amounts of complex data. 
Machine learning simplifies the process of uncovering and predicting patterns from raw data, which would be difficult to impossible without the help of computers. As a subfield of AI, which is ever-growing in interest and popularity across many industries, machine learning knowledge is becoming sought after by companies and recruiters alike. 
Machine learning courses for beginners and advanced students alike can help individuals quickly master ML concepts and get ahead of other candidates in the job market. 
Professionals who enroll in these courses can enhance their career prospects, staying competitive in an evolving marketplace. These individuals can then apply their skills to contribute to cutting-edge advancements in technology and data-drive applications, even leading to solutions that address some of the world’s most pressing needs.
Maven offers access to some of the best machine learning courses available online, taught by leading experts in the field. These courses make it possible for learners worldwide to learn the latest, best approaches to ML, demystifying concepts to help you become an ML expert quickly.   

Accelerate Your Career Growth with the Best Machine Learning Courses

If you’re wondering how to learn machine learning in a way that fits your schedule, brings you the latest techniques being used in a wide range of industries today, and helps you understand key concepts quickly, the following list is a great place to begin. 

1. Deep Learning, by Madhav Jha
This ML course teaches you the fundamentals of machine learning so you can gain an intuitive understanding of deep learning. The practical knowledge you acquire will help you navigate a range of tasks, including:
  • How to deploy ML applications in the real world
  • Overcoming common ML challenges
  • Using the latest ML techniques, including transformers and variational auto encoders
  • Understanding how to apply powerful deep-learning models
You don’t need any prior ML experience to take this course. Taught by a PhD in theoretical computer science who works as an AI scientist for Amazon and Dropbox, this is one of the best deep learning courses you can take to come up to speed on the latest concepts quickly. 

2. AI and ML for Designers – The Essential Guide, by Lola Salehu
Ready to learn AI and ML fundamentals for product innovation? This course is for you. If you want to know how to learn machine learning and begin applying your knowledge immediately in a practical way in a real-world setting, this ML course taught by a skilled AI/ML product design lead at Flick will get you started. 
A great machine learning course for beginners and seasoned designers alike, this course includes:
  • Learning AI and ML fundamentals for product innovation
  • Exploration of real-world applications
  • How to enhance design thinking with machine learning
  • Prototyping personalized experiences
  • How to achieve effective collaborations with data scientists and engineers
  • Understanding ML in a business context
  • Rethinking product design for successful ML-driven products
Through this course, designers of all levels will learn how to design for artificial intelligence, leveraging its power to bring better products to the marketplace. You’ll also learn how to build effective teams that are willing to use the latest AI and ML tools to improve the design process and develop more innovative products.  

3. Trustworthy AI Products, by Karin Schöfegger
In any existing and emerging fields, particularly those that potentially affect large numbers of people in significant ways, it’s important to never lose sight of ethical practices and system security. This is one of the best machine learning courses that delves into ethics and trust. 
Take this course to gain comprehensive knowledge in:
  • Building reliable, responsible AI products
  • Taking ethical considerations into account in product strategy and design
  • Essential machine learning concepts
  • Creating robust ML business cases
  • Navigating product development with an AI focus
Taught by a highly experienced product coach with a scientific background who has worked for Google, IBM, and other industry giants, this machine learning course for beginners and advanced ML specialists focuses on best practices. It’s a valuable course to take to understand potential negative ramifications and stay clear of them. From gaining user trust to maintaining compliance, this course covers everything you or your business ventures need to know to maintain a solid reputation.  

4. Deep Learning AI for Product Managers, by Jonathan Farrow
This is among the top deep learning courses for product managers at all levels. Led by the founder of an AI startup with experience working at PlayStation, Rolls Royce, and other leading companies, this course teaches you:
  • The technology behind AI
  • Foundational AI concepts
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for image processing
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) and transformers for text and video data
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for generative AI
A great course for product managers and anyone ready to learn about the next generation of machine learning technology, this offering can accelerate your career growth or lead your teams into AI innovation. The instructor makes advanced technical concepts easy to understand.

5. AI Demystified – From Concepts to Strategy, by Rajeev Nanda
A fantastic machine learning course for beginners, this one focuses on AI fundamentals, simplifying concepts so that business leaders with or without a technical background can begin to master them. Here’s some of what’s included in this course:
  • The core concepts of AI
  • How to develop AI models
  • Exploring AI applications in business
  • Maintaining ethical practices when using AI
  • Governance as a vital component of a successful AI strategy
Taught by a technologist and thought leader who has built and led successful cross-geo organizations, and who is a published author of leadership books in the tech sector, this course brings to light the AI revolution that designers, managers, and leaders at all levels need to understand. It takes away the hype and fear while focusing on the practical benefits of AI in a wide range of applications. 

Additional Courses
This partial list is a great place to begin, but there are many other courses you can take that will bring you up to speed quickly on machine learning concepts. 
As you grow in your expertise of machine learning, you’ll want to continue taking courses to keep up with the latest advancements in this branch of AI. With an increasing number of AI platforms available to the public, it makes sense to keep adding to your AI and machine learning skillset to stay competitive in your job search. 

How Do I Choose the Right Machine Learning Course for Me?

In today’s marketplace, both within technology and well beyond the computer science and tech realms, the best machine learning courses teach you skills that you need to bring to the marketplace in an era when AI is becoming more ubiquitous in virtually every arena. Everyone from a banking and finance specialist to a hospitality industry leader can benefit from knowing basic ML-related skills and concepts, while designers and developers can open greater career possibilities for themselves by mastering machine learning techniques. 
When choosing the best machine learning course that meets your needs, keep the following essential assessment factors in mind:
  • Time to Complete: Whether you’re a busy professional with a full-time career, a student working towards credentials, or someone who’s looking to advance quickly in the workforce, how long a machine learning course will take to complete is a foremost consideration. If you have twelve weeks available for a comprehensive bootcamp, you may decide to go for it. If your time is limited, know that there are many courses you can complete in a matter of days that will start to develop your skills in AI and ML. 
  • Cost: What’s your budget? If money is tight, opt for free resources and low-cost courses. If cost doesn’t matter and you want to learn everything you can about machine learning in the shortest time possible, you may be willing to pay a little extra to gain that knowledge. 
  • Prerequisites: Always check to see if a machine learning course you’re interested in taking is for beginners or for individuals with more advanced AI, data analysis, or technical skills. Do you meet the prerequisites for the courses you want to take? 
  • Career Benefits: While it’s always fun to learn simply for the sake of learning something new, for a lot of people, the reason to take machine learning and deep learning courses is to enjoy career benefits. Ask yourself, what will this course bring me? How will it help me in my career? Answers to these questions will help you narrow down the best machine learning courses for you. 
  • Intended Audience: When evaluating machine learning and deep learning courses, ask yourself, “Who should take this course? Who is the intended audience?” Is it for beginners or advanced machine learning experts? Is it for people with a background in business leadership, product development, computer design, data analysis, marketing, or another area? Before signing up for a course, determine who it’s intended for and whether you are part of the intended audience. If you’re not, you may benefit more from taking a different course that would suit you better.
What are your individual goals? Which machine learning courses align best with your professional interests? As you explore how to learn machine learning in a way that brings you the best returns, always consider your own, personal “why.” Knowing why you want to learn ML and AI will help you choose the best machine learning course for you. 

Develop the Expertise Employers Seek in a Machine Learning Specialist

What are employers looking for in a machine learning specialist? Most employers seek job candidates who demonstrate:
  • A sound understanding of AI and ML basics
  • A strong understanding of real-world benefits to adopting machine learning strategies
  • The ability to make ML processes work to improve productivity, time to market, effectiveness, product design, or other measures that are important to the business
  • A level of expertise they can share with teammates to bring everyone up to speed
One way to convey to potential employers that you’re knowledgeable in practical machine learning concepts is to list the ML and AI courses you’ve taken. Employers who see these courses on your resume, online profile, or cover letter will feel more confident that you have the expertise they seek. 
When it comes to timely ML concepts that can help you get ahead in your career, Maven is the best option for you to select and enroll in a machine learning course. Maven brings you:
  • Practical courses taught by experts 
  • A wide range of course lengths to fit your schedule
  • Pricing to meet your budget
  • Skills you can apply wherever your career takes you
Ready to learn the ML and AI skills that will take your career to the next level? Sign up with Maven and enroll in a machine learning course today.


1. Do Machine Learning Jobs Pay Well?
Yes. According to Indeed, machine learning engineer salaries in the U.S. average nearly $160,000 a year. But there are many other jobs where having machine learning knowledge can increase your pay, lead to promotions, or open up additional career opportunities. 
2. Can I Learn Machine Learning In A Month Or Less?
Yes, some of the best machine learning courses can be completed in less than a month. You can learn fundamentals and real-world applications in one month or less. 
3. Is an Online Machine Learning Course Worth It?
Yes. If you’re interested in advancing your career and standing out among a sea of qualified candidates, an online machine learning course can give you the upper hand you’re looking for. 
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