Oct 24, 2023

Best Leadership Coaching Course to Take

Coaching courses are all the rage these days, and everyone claims to be an expert. How do you create your own coaching business and stand out from the crowd? Success isn’t just about learning how to influence and inspire others; it’s a journey of self-reflection and personal growth that ultimately helps you make more positive changes in the world.
The best coaching courses turn great leaders into extraordinary ones. They help you improve your coaching skills, learn how to listen better, learn more from others, and turn everyday moments into teaching opportunities for the people you interact with.
Maven’s leadership coaching courses are led by industry experts who have proven track records as successful leaders. In these courses, you can learn how to build more meaningful relationships, solve problems, and create a thriving coaching business that transforms your and your clients’ lives.

Best Coaching Courses to Boost Your Coaching Abilities

If you want to become a coach or you’re looking to take your coaching to the next level, online courses are a great way to grow. The great thing about these courses is that they aren’t solely about creating a profitable business; the lessons all center around helping you glean insights from your own wisdom to make more strategic business decisions in the real world.
These courses do far more than teach you how to coach. They show you how to become a mentor, guide, and confidant to your clients; they teach you how to inspire others by drawing from your own life experiences. They also help you build confidence as a coach, so you can expand your horizons and create new opportunities for yourself.
When it comes to choosing the right coaching course, you should look for one that has a clear syllabus, transparent price, and is taught by someone with demonstrable success in coaching and leadership. All of the suggestions on this list are pulled from Maven’s extensive library of expert-led, tailored courses for professionals and entrepreneurs. 
1. Leader as Coach by Andrea Mignolo on Maven
Executive coach Andrea Mignolo, MBA, PCC, wants to help professionals transform their careers. Once you reach a certain level in business, you might feel like you’ve hit your limit. But through Andrea’s course, you can discover how to build strong relationships, cultivate trust, and foster growth throughout your organization. 
In her six-week course, Andrea walks managers, executives, and leaders through actionable strategies that will make them more effective coaches. She’ll even teach you when to coach and when not to, so you can feel confident and always choose the right communication style for any situation.
The course is built on a series of workshops that give you direct experience coaching and being coached. This experiential learning process can be nerve-wracking at first, but it’s one of the most powerful ways to learn and grow as a leader. The work shops are an excellent course for professional development that help you improve your in-person relationships.
Throughout the course, you’ll also tap into the neuroscience of coaching, which will help you discover how to navigate difficult situations with confidence. By honing your observational skills, you’ll become a more effective listener who can determine the right course of action in any situation.
Cost: $850 USD
Time to Complete: 6 weeks
2. The Business of Coaching by Melissa Rosenthal
Professional coaches are also business owners, but they sometimes struggle to manage their companies as entrepreneurs. Their passion ultimately causes them to think too personally; they overlook key business details that could make the difference between generating revenue automatically and struggling for every sale. 
In her two-week interactive course, she’ll help you learn how to define your clientele, sell your services without feeling pushy, and become more profitable. The course is aimed at both business owners and coaches who have completed their certification and want to start their own business. It can also help coaches who work in an organization and want to branch hout, but they aren’t sure they can make it successfully on their own. 
The course focuses heavily on helping students feel confident selling their services by helping them develop a clear value proposition and product-price offering. If you’ve ever felt like business development is your weakest standpoint as a coach entrepreneur, this is for you. 
Cost: $500 AUD
Time to Complete: 2 weeks
3. How To Turn Your Expertise Into High Value High Impact Coaching Programs
Coaches need packages to sell their services, but finding out how to pack the most value into your offer can be a major challenge. How do you connect your key strengths and program benefits to your dream clients’ pain points? This course, led by coaches Deb King and Gabby Button, will help you learn how to create high-value packages that capture your audience’s attention.
It starts by learning what a coaching package is. It’s not bundling a group of sessions together and selling them at a fixed price. Instead, it’s a guided journey that supports your clients as they move closer toward their goals. It has milestones, objectives, and metrics that translate to valuable results.
Coaching packages help you earn more money per conversion and deliver more value by guiding clients throughout a particular journey. Using their own SkyRocket Coaching Package Blueprint, Deb and Gabby teach their students how to understand their value better and market them appropriately. 
Over the course of this six-week program, you can learn the secrets of successful coaching, discover how to market your strengths and expertise, and learn techniques professional coaches use to kickstart their businesses. This is a great beginners course for anyone that wants to launch their own coaching business. Just note that it doesn’t offer certification as a coach (PCC); you can only get that through the International Coach Federation (ICF). 
Cost: $3,000 USD
Time to Complete: 6 weeks
4. Building a Thriving Coaching Businesses by Dave Kashen
If you want to work for yourself as a coach, then you have to think like a business owner. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but it also isn’t as mysterious to master as many people might have you believe. Successful businesses are built on frameworks, and that is what startup CEO coach Dave Kashen wants to teach you in his course.
Dave built his own business and now works around 20 hours a week, generating over $2 million in revenue annually.  He aims to help coaches build confidence and learn practical skills that will help them attain financial freedom and inner peace. 
His in-depth coaching course lasts 13 weeks. For over three months, you’ll learn the fundamentals of great coaching as well as how to build a business rooted in passion. Along the way, you’ll become a part of a welcoming community of coaches and aspiring coaches who want to make a difference in the world through their own businesses. In addition to bi-weeky, one-hour training sessions, you can also access a WhatsApp group for unlimited support.
You’ll also be partnered with a fellow coach who will be your buddy throughout the program. They’ll offer feedback, support, and help hold you accountable throughout the course. 
Cost: $2,750 USD
Time to Complete: 13 weeks
5. YouMap® for Coaches by Allegra Stein
In this course, you’ll earn certification to use YouMap® Profile, a goal-setting tool that can help you guide your clients toward their goals. Along with certification, you’ll also get lifetime access to YouMap.
YouMap® is one of the leading qualifications for coaches. It can be used to help clients achieve personal or professional goals by helping them identify their core values and align them with their objectives. 
You get to create your own profile for the course and receive the complete collection of client handouts, such as workbooks and debrief presentations. You’ll also get online support from your instructor and fellow learners, as well as a printed facilitator guide and Clifton Strengths cards sent to you by mail. The cards help you improve conversations with clients by showing them their own strengths and helping them identify common themes in their lives.
Your instructor, Allegra Stein, is a certified YouMap® coach who helps her students grow by discovering their own coaching superpowers. 
Time to Complete:

Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Coaching Course

When choosing a coaching course, you need to make sure that you’re investing in one that’s closely aligned with your values, goals, and interests as a coach. Additional factors to look for include:
  • Cost — Make sure the price is transparent and connected to evident value. You should feel like the coaching curriculum has clearly defined benefits that justify its price. You also want to compare the cost to similar courses and ensure you’re not being overcharged. 
  • Time to Complete — Think about how much time you have to invest, as well as how much value a course can provide you in a given period of time. 
  • Prerequisite — Ensure that you meet any of the qualifications for coaches to take a course before buying.
  • Career Benefits — Before paying for a coaching course, you should be able to clearly connect what it offers to your personal and professional life. Ask yourself, “How will this course help me?” and “What will it teach me to do that I don’t know now?” 
  • Who Should Take the Course — Some coaching courses are made for beginners while others are aimed toward coaches that have already run their own businesses. Make sure that the coaching curriculum is designed for your current needs, so you don’t pay for any content that isn’t directly beneficial to you. 
Ultimately, it’s best to do research, compare your options, and only invest in coaching courses that speak to your individual needs and interests. The program is just about personal development as professional growth.

Becoming an Inspiring Coach With Maven

Maven offers a wide range of coach training courses to help you become the best version of yourself. Every course is created by experienced coaches whose expertise is matched only by their passion. Join a community of fellow coaches and coaches-to-be that want to leave their positive impact on the world.
Along the way, you’ll get feedback, support, and guidance to help you reach your coaching goals.

Frequently asked questions

What is the highest coaching certification?
The Master Certified Coach (MCC) is the highest possible certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). To qualify for this credential, you must complete 200 hours of coaching education and have at least 2,500 hours of direct coaching experience.
Which is the best coaching accreditation?
The ICF is the leading accreditor of coaches around the world. You can become a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by completing 125+ hours of coaching education and at least 500 hours of coaching clients. You’ll also need to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching and pass two evaluations.
What type of coaching pays the most?
Coaching rates vary by profession, experience level, and how you market yourself. The most popular niches are wellness and health coaching, life coaching, career coaching, and leadership. The best way to earn more money as a coach is to make sure that you’re coaching in a niche that deeply aligns with your core values and ambitions.

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