YouMap for Coaches


5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

A client-focused assessment that takes the guesswork out of coaching. April 24 - May 25 Classes Mon and Thur, 10a-12p EST (3 spots remain)

Hosted by

Allegra Stein

YouMap® Master Trainer, Mentor, Coach

Course overview

YouMap® is an award-winning profile including the results of 4 key assessments:

Strengths, Values, Skills and Personality Based Interests

A client's YouMap® is like personalized market research into who they are and how they operate.

It's a holistic, intuitive, and highly actionable snapshot of what makes your clients tick.

In many cases, YouMap® helps you know your clients better than they know themselves (at first), and it enables you to provide highly tailored and relevant guidance as a result.

As a result of this course you'll learn how to administer and debrief your clients on their unique YouMap® profiles.

YouMap® is for coaches who:


Don't want to be a one size fits all coach and are looking for a way to create tailored and personalized coaching experiences.


Are craving a tangible foundation and structure upon which you can adapt your coaching.


Are action-oriented, and want to get their clients moving and out of endless thought-loops.


Want to take the guesswork out of how to coach their clients, start new partnerships, and answer the question, "so what is it you do???"


Are eager to save time figuring out the "black box" mystery that is a new client and more quickly understand what they need to succeed.


Feeling some imposter syndrome and want to increase confidence that you can help your clients experience a breakthrough.


Are overwhelmed by the myriad assessments out there and looking for a more simple,



Feeling a bit bored or uninspired by your coaching and looking for an adrenalin boost to your practice.

As a result of this training you'll...

Become certified to use the YouMap® Profile in your own Coaching Practice

There are no recertification fees or annual renewal requirements - once certified you're IN for good.

Learn a template that you can build on

YouMap®, an all-in one profile include the results of four separate assessments, provides a tangible structure and foundation upon which you'll add your own style of coaching.

Have full access to the YouMap® name and branding

As a certified YouMap® practitioner, you're free to use the YouMap® name and branding on your website and in your own marketing.

Connect with a community of YouMap® practitioners

You'll become part of the YouMap® alumni network so you can continue learning, asking questions and getting ongoing support.

Create your personal YouMap® profile

You'll get your own YouMap® as part of your certification and learn how to apply your own strengths, values, skills and interests to your work.

Get all client facing and instructor materials

As a YouMap® coach you get all client workbooks, debrief presentations, as well as relevant marketing tools to help you introduce YouMap® to your audience.

You'll also receive a printed facilitator guide and Clifton Strengths cards in the mail before class starts.

Course schedule

4-5 hours/week
  • April 24 - May 25th, 2023

    A five week training, including 10 sessions (2 sessions/week)

  • Mondays & Thursdays

    10am-12pm EST

    We'll meet on Zoom for class, focusing on new material and instruction for the first 90 minutes and open Q&A and discussion for the final half hour.

  • Everything in one place

    All of your course content, from our calendar, Zoom links, syllabus, course materials, AND community will live in our Maven classroom.

  • Cohort-based learning

    You'll be learning live alongside other creative and awesome coaches, contributing ideas, lessons learned, and support to one another's learning.

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Click here to see a sample YouMap® profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is the training program? When are the classes?
I'm not a coach, can I still get certified?
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How is YouMap® different from other assessments like DISC, Meyers-Briggs, and more?
Is there a specific way I have to use YouMap® in my practice?
Is this the same as a coaching certification?
What happens between sessions?
What happens after the course is over?
Do you offer a payment plan?
Are there any recurring fees?
Will the sessions be recorded?
Where can I learn more about YouMap®?

What people are saying

        Learning about myself through YouMap was pivotal, both in my coaching and in my personal life. My strengths and values are qualities that I’ve always been aware of to some degree. But seeing them in one report gave me a new perspective that has helped shape how I approach my coaching practice, align with potential clients, and show up in the world.
Julie Jones

Julie Jones

Professional Fitness Buddy
        Having my YouMap® gave me so much clarity. I have a deeper sense of who I am, and how those values, strengths and skills inform the type of business I want to have.
H. Fryman

H. Fryman

        YouMap® is a layer of permission to trust my gut. To understand why ideas may be great to try - even if conventional paths don't agree. This is a foundation everyone needs.
V. Cabbiness

V. Cabbiness

        As a result of YouMap® I see myself in a different light. I understand that being different is a superpower and I no longer want to "fit in".
L. Morrison

L. Morrison

        As a result of getting coached on my YouMap® I feel like I know myself in a way I have not before. I feel empowered, calm and confident.
Sherri Clearlake

Sherri Clearlake

Learn how to debrief the four pillars of YouMap®



YouMap® uses the well established Clifton Strengthsfinder to assess Strengths.

These reflect your client's natural talents and inform HOW they prefer to get their work done.

By helping your clients use their strengths with intention and on purpose, they build confidence, increase their productivity, and pursue their goals with more ease.



YouMap® reveals your client's top 5-10 Values and together you help them explore how to make decisions and chart a course that reflects what is most important to them.

Identifying and defining one's top values helps a person align their decisions and actions with their deepest beliefs and priorities, leading to greater satisfaction and confidence.



The skills portion of YouMap® identifies your client's Motivating and Burnout skills.

This is an incredibly important pillar because it reflects how someone wants to spend their time each day.

Knowing one's skills helps your client manage their energy, avoid burnout, and maximize their potential



The personality based interests pillar of YouMap® is assessed using the Holland Codes.

Knowing one's personality-based interests helps your client make informed career and lifestyle choices that are in line with their natural inclinations and interest.

What motivates and inspires someone is a critical element of life satisfaction.


All Together

The four pillars of YouMap® give a holistic, actionable, intuitive, and easy-to-follow guide to both you and your client for personal and professional goal-setting and achievement.

Start every coaching journey with this in-depth view of your client's unique strengths and preferences.

Meet your instructor

Allegra Stein

Allegra Stein

Allegra has been a coach for over a decade and was certified in YouMap® in 2019.

She's administered YouMaps to over 140 clients and has witnessed firsthand the tremendous impact - on coach and client alike - when coaching partnerships begin from the place of knowing your client's Strengths, Values, Skills and Interests.

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