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The Fractional CFO Power Skills Program


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2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Being a full-time CFO isn't for everyone. But being in charge of your high-performing finance career is. Learn how to do it successfully.

Hosted by

Carl Seidman, CPA/CFF, CSP, CFE, CGMA, CIRA, AM, Certified Anaplan Model Builder

The person Fortune 500s use for their financial leadership development programs

Course overview

You want to advance your financial leadership, network, skills, and confidence?

But how?

You learned finance and accounting in school. Maybe you went back and got an MBA, a professional certification or two.

But you aren't progressing as much or as fast as you want or in the direction you desire.

You don't want to wait for opportunities to come to you -- you want to create your own. You want to elevate yourself into a position of financial leadership.

Or maybe you want to take the leap and start your own fractional CFO, FP&A, or advisory business.

CFO training programs at top universities are often taught by professors. They're notoriously expensive and inaccessible.

And most financial training out there, well, it's just not so great. It isn't case-based or taught by someone who's an actual practitioner, working as a fractional CFO, and who has trained thousands of people at the companies you know and engage with every day...

But this one is.

And it's CPE- accredited by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

Next Cohort: June 2023 | 4x for 2 weeks (1-5pm ET)

Where do YOU want to go?

Whether you want to...

>>> Build a fractional CFO business and do the work you enjoy with clients you love to work with

>>> Position yourself for your next chapter in financial leadership

>>> Grow to the next level in your finance or FP&A career

Or all of the above, this program will support you in your journey and accelerate your advancement.

Why wouldn't you want to learn from someone who actually does the work you want to do?

You have an entire career ahead of you.

Don’t leave it to others to create it for you.

Freelance opportunities are everywhere.

The time to elevate is now.

(Seidman Financial is a division of Seidman Global LLC)

Next Cohort: June 2023 | 4x for 2 weeks (1-5pm ET)

Who is this strategic finance and fractional CFO course for?


You're a professional with a background in finance, accounting, consulting, Controlling, FP&A, investing, or the Office of the CFO.


You're an emerging leader pursuing mid/senior level positions in your company or wanting to take the leap into fractional CFO or FP&A work.


You're a challenger who wants to grow with real-life business cases and companies and learning that continues after the program ends.

What you’ll get out of this strategic finance and CFO course

Develop highly-refined technical finance skills

You'll learn extremely powerful skills and techniques you've likely never encountered before. But you won't just hone new skills and competence -- you'll develop greater financial expertise and confidence.

Engage in critical thinking and the strategic mindset

Once the foundations of technical skills are in place, fractional CFO and FP&A work becomes less about rote financial modeling and analysis and more about providing strategic insights. You'll learn how to better serve your end-users within a larger context of what matters most.

Leverage technical skills, critical thinking, and the strategic mindset to collectively position for fractional CFO and FP&A work

A key difference between junior staff and mid-to-senior level professionals is the ability to leverage skills, acumen, and mindset for higher-value deliverables.

You'll learn what fractional CFO and FP&A work looks like and how to build a quality reputation as a practitioner.

Discover how to deal with different and challenging peer and client personalities

A common misconception in finance is success is all about financial acumen and application of expertise. But the truth: success comes to those who best understand people.

You'll learn how to manage relationships and conflict within the context of your finance and advisory work.

Understand how to strategically design your fractional advisory practice, CPA firm, or your time as a high-performing finance professional

We'll get into the details of how to structure and leverage your time, service offerings, relationships, sales and marketing efforts, and mindset to develop a far more sustainable business model or opportunistic finance career.

Connect with other high-performers, emerging financial leaders, and a globally-connected FP&A and CFO professional network

It's not what you know and it's not who you know. It's who knows you and what you do.

Attendees of this program are encouraged to stay active and connected as a cohort, ask challenging questions of colleagues, and build a network of trusted confidants.

Access to Seidman Financial Inner Circle Mastermind Assets

You'll get invite-only access to Seidman Financial business models, templates, worksheets, video courses, events, and office hours.

Free video course: The FP&A Professional in Today's Environment

See how FP&A professionals, Controllers, and accountants and other professionals fit together within and beyond the office of the CFO.

16 hours of continuing professional education (CPE)

Seidman Global LLC is registered with the Nat'l Association of State Boards of Accountancy as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. See the fuller disclaimer of individual course CPE acceptance within the FAQs below.


(4 ratings)

What two (2) of more than 13,000 Seidman Financial training program and seminar attendees have said:

        Honestly the single most productive and useful training program I’ve ever attended.
Mitch Insaro

Mitch Insaro

Finance Development Program (Cigna)
        The training was filled with valuable information that I could see making an immediate impact on our business. I am really looking forward to putting into practice so many of the tools you shared with us.
Kathy Smahi

Kathy Smahi

Agency Chief Financial Officer (Marsh & McClennan)

Meet Carl, your instructor and partner

Carl Seidman, CPA/CFF, CSP, CFE, CGMA, CIRA, AM, Certified Anaplan Model Builder

Carl Seidman, CPA/CFF, CSP, CFE, CGMA, CIRA, AM, Certified Anaplan Model Builder

Principal, Seidman Financial

Carl serves as a fractional CFO, FP&A advisor, and management consultant to entrepreneurial businesses throughout North America and Europe and assists them with strategic financial planning, value enhancement, and revitalization. 


He's one of the preeminent trainers and facilitators in strategic finance and FP&A, with more than 13,000 participants attending his financial training programs, seminars, workshops, and masterminds. Notable clients include:

ABM Industries, Accordion, AlixPartners, Allscripts, Broadridge, CHEP, Choice Hotels, CIBC, Cigna, Cox Enterprises, Crawford & Company, Deloitte, Dexcom, Discover Financial Services, Dominium, Express Scripts, EY, FS Investments, EVRAZ, Genentech, HCP, Inc., Heartland Financial, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IGT, KPMG, Marsh & McClennan, Michelin, NerdWallet, Radisson, Rapid7, Sol Petroleum, Spotify, Triple-S, Telus, Santander, United Technologies, Universal Business Team, Verizon, and Walmart. 

Carl is masterful at making the complex amazingly simple, engaging his audiences, building confidence, and facilitating a welcoming and transformative group experience. His content is rich and relatable, used in financial leadership development programs (FLDPs) at Fortune 500 companies, and is utilized or licensed by 6 of the top global financial training companies.

Carl is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) has earned other professional credentials including the CIRA, CFF, CFE, CGMA, AM (Accredited Member in Business Valuation), CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), Certified Anaplan Model Builder, and was a National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) 40 Under Forty honoree. He holds a BA in finance and economics and an MS in managerial accounting.

He's been where you want to be and does the work you want to do.

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The Fractional CFO Power Skills Program

May 2023

$1,499 USD


May 19 - 26, 2023

Application Deadline

May 19, 2023

Here's the Course:


Dynamic Data Management and Business Modeling

We'll cover some of the most current and robust techniques for managing evolving sets of data. This includes:

  • Dynamic data sets
  • Dynamic data modeling
  • Dynamic array management
  • Dynamic data ranges

We'll cover popular and lesser-known business modeling techniques that will make the greatest amount of difference in the shortest amount of time.


Strategic Finance and the CFO Mindset

The mind of a CFO is unlike those of all other financial and non-financial professionals in a business. But the mind of a fractional CFO is even different when considering:

  • End-users
  • Company culture
  • Technical aptitude of the individuals being serve
  • Changing needs of the business
  • Technological resources in place to execute strategic initiatives


Managing Scenarios, Change, and Chaos in the Business

Fractional CFOs and FP&A professionals must deal with ever-changing data, circumstances, and pressures. It's far more than a mechanical exercise and requires a strategic mindset for determining risks, countermeasures, remedies, and contingency plans.

In this module, you'll learn how to model dynamically, incorporating changing assumptions.


Presenting Financial Performance

Technical finance is vital to the daily operations, planning, and analysis of the business. But it's the assessment and interpretation of financial performance that is the most impactful to the CEO and functional team leaders.

In this module, you'll analyze company performance and present your package of findings clearly and concisely.


Strategic Planning and Analysis

As a Fractional CFO, you will be entrenched in annual planning and forecasting, and integral to financial presentations within the company and to third-parties.

In this module, you'll learn what stakeholders care about and how you can provide value in the form of strategic planning, rolling forecasts, and external correspondence.


The CFO Business Case

We'll break into groups and go through a comprehensive strategic and operational business case, designed to push you to think like a fractional CFO. You'll be responsible for hitting certain financial performance targets by influencing:

  • Sales and customer strategy
  • Product cost profiles
  • Hiring/headcount
  • Capex
  • Financing
  • Working capital
  • Outsourcing


Building and Growing a Fractional CFO or FP&A Business

Running a consultative advisory practice is remarkably different than serving as a full-time CFO or FP&A professional. Yes, it requires technical expertise, but it also requires perseverance in marketing and sales, as well as mastery of time management, branding, and customer service.

In this module, you'll learn strategies for each.


Becoming the Trusted Financial Advisor

A key difference between a full-time CFO and a fractional CFO is the consultative and part-time nature of the work. The Fractional CFO is an ousider, but also a trusted advisor with an entrepreneurial spirit.

In this module you'll learn best practices for working with and serving your clients or stakeholders within your company.


ENCORE: The Fractional CFO Network

Networking doesn't stop there. You'll join Carl's private CFO and FP&A community where you can keep in touch with other attendees, ask and answer a wide array of questions, share techniques and best practices, and refer business. This community is only open to former clients and attendees of Carl's programs.

Course schedule and duration

8 hours per week for 2 weeks = 16 hrs
  • Mondays & Wednesday for 2 consecutive weeks

    1pm - 5pm EST (note daylight savings)

    We meet 2x per week for 4 hours each session with periodic breaks included:

    • March 13th & 15th
    • March 20th & 22nd

    Each half-day is content-rich inclusive of discussion, reflection, and Q&A. I often stay after each session to answer content- or career-specific questions.

  • Guided self-paced accountability and action items

    1-2 hours per week

    Learning is best when there's action and accountability. There will be some pre-reading and post-session exercises for certain weeks.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Real-life cases of real-life companies with real-life colleagues

Many CFO and FP&A training programs use made-up exercises. But not this one. You'll conduct financial and strategic analysis on real client companies (names removed...of course).

Interactive and rich in engagement

Tired of listening to so-called experts and talking-heads drone on in lecture-style format? Me to. That's why I don't do it.

My programs are highly interactive and challenging. If you don't like joining in on conversations and participating in after-program connection, this program may not be the best one for you.

Learn with a cohort of peers

I do my best to ensure each cohort is made of great people. They're sharp, savvy, and want to learn and contribute. This chemistry ensures it's a positive experience for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you sometimes lump Fractional CFO and Fractional FP&A together? Are they the same or are they different?
How will the classes work?
What should I be expected to know coming into this course? How should I prepare in advance?
Will you help me start my Fractional CFO or Fractional FP&A advisory business during or after the course?
Do you offer any guarantee that I'll be able to run a successful Fractional CFO or Fractional FP&A business?
Does this course qualify for CPE (continuing professional education)?

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Join an upcoming cohort

The Fractional CFO Power Skills Program

May 2023

$1,499 USD


May 19 - 26, 2023

Application Deadline

May 19, 2023

$1,499 USD




2 Weeks