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Design Your Job Search Strategy

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Lena Kul

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What you'll learn

Strategic Job Search Approach

Learn to apply product development principles to structure and strategize your job search effectively.

Enhanced Networking Skills

Master networking techniques to build valuable connections with recruiters, hiring managers, and industry peers.

Improved Application Assets

Get actionable tips to create strong CVs, portfolios, and LinkedIn profiles that impress potential employers.

Why this topic matters

Discover how crafting a job application strategy is a lot like developing a product. Join me to explore effective job search practices, bridging design thinking and recruitment to revamp your job search, boost your confidence, and up your chances of landing that dream job!

You'll learn from

Lena Kul

Recruitment & Career Advisor | ex-Lead Design Recruiter | UX Researcher @ Miro

Over the years, I've had the privilege of scaling Product Design and UXR teams in highly demanding, designer-driven hyper-growth environments. I've hired dozens of individuals from FAANG and other renowned companies like Spotify, Zendesk, Shopify, and Additionally, I've identified remarkable talent from lesser-known brands who are now thriving in top organizations worldwide.

My extensive experience and best hiring practices have not only enabled me to build successful teams but have also developed my coaching capabilities. And now I'm excited to share how these experiences have shaped my perspective on job searching.

In this talk, you'll discover how crafting a job application strategy mirrors the product development lifecycle. We'll explore practical, relatable tips to help you navigate your job search with confidence and efficiency. Let's transform your approach and boost your chances of success together!

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