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The Path to Successful Negotiations: Discover, Plan, Execute

Hosted by

Gerta Malaj

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What you'll learn

Uncover negotiations you often don't know you're engaging in

Learn every point in the job search process where you will encounter negotiations so that you're not caught off guard.

Build your personalized negotiations approach

Gain clarity on your personal priorities, which will serve as the foundation of your custom negotiations strategy.

Create concrete drafts for future negotiations

Prepare responses tailored to your situation that will help you retain and gain leverage with future employers.

Why this topic matters

It's essential to have a personalized game plan in place before negotiations even begin to avoid making costly mistakes. This lesson will guide you in building your personal negotiations strategy now so that you're not leaving money on the table later.

You'll learn from

Gerta Malaj


Gerta is a negotiations expert trained by world-class negotiators from MIT and Harvard Law School. She has helped hundreds of people over 10+ years increase their compensation by tens of thousands of dollars. In 2023, despite the tough hiring market, her clients added, on average, an additional $90K on top of their initial job offers.

She also advises professionals and teams to negotiate with business leaders, investors, cofounders, customers, vendors, and more.

Gerta’s career spans big tech (LinkedIn, IBM), global biotech (Sanofi), startups (3x founder, advisor), and venture capital (SPC). She is also an angel investor and a limited partner of a venture capital fund, Pebblebed. She holds a Master’s in Logistics Engineering from MIT and a degree in Math from Wellesley College. Her broad range of experiences has taught her how to navigate and excel in negotiations across different industries and contexts. 

Previously at

MIT research group

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