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Negotiations Blueprint - Get an unattainable salary


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6 Days


Cohort-based Course

Tactics, tools, and templates my clients use to increase their job offers by $50K to $500K+

Hosted by

Gerta Malaj

Negotiations expert. Increased salaries by $1M+ YTD. Prev: LinkedIn, Salary.com.

Course overview

"You don't get paid what you deserve. You get paid what you negotiate."

I’m Gerta, a negotiations expert trained by world-class negotiators from MIT and Harvard Law School. I've spent 10+ years helping professionals increase their offers by 5 to 6 figures. In 2023 alone, I've achieved $1M+ in cumulative compensation increases amongst my clients.

My students and clients come from many roles across top startups and companies like: Meta, LinkedIn, Google, Uber, TikTok, Tesla, Square, and more.

Negotiations start as early as the first call with a recruiter, when they will ask what your preferred salary or range is, or whether the range you saw on the job post works for you. That’s a negotiation move you need to be prepared for (tldr: never share a range).

In my course, you'll take away:

1) my decade of learnings that my 1:1 clients have used to increase their compensation by tens, often hundreds, of thousands of dollars.

2) a qualitative and quantitative approach to negotiations - weave in numbers, behavioral tactics, and your own voice to construct an empowered negotiating position regardless of how much leverage you feel potential employers have over you.

3) strategies that work even in this tough job market (my recent clients in 2023 increased their offers by $215K to $550K).

This course is best suited for...


Mid-Career Professionals from startups to large companies making $100K to $300K in annual base salary


Tech Workers in either technical roles (e.g. engineering) or non-technical roles (e.g. PM, PMM, Ops, Design, Research, etc)


Tech-Adjacent Workers from industries ranging from pharma, biotech, banking, retail, telecom, etc.

What you'll get in this course

Feel comfortable navigating any negotiation situation
  • Apply non-obvious tactics that have yielded my clients extra tens of thousands in additional compensation.
  • Enter any negotiation conversation unfazed and armed with my template responses to difficult situations.
Develop a negotiator’s “sixth sense”
  • Become adept at asking for what you want without risking your relationship with your future employer or the offer getting rescinded.
  • Learn my battle-tested method of tactful persistence that will demonstrate strong business acumen to your future employer.
Establish your personal negotiating strategy
  • Build a custom negotiation approach around your personal priorities and non-negotiables.
  • Discover and weave in additional negotiation levers besides base, bonus, and RSUs/options to ensure you get everything you want.
Practice and perfect negotiating
  • Hone a personal approach to negotiating that feels natural to you.
  • Master your style via group role-play exercises and direct feedback from me.
Bonus: Refine your negotiation strategy with a personal 1x1 consulting session
  • Every student will get a 30-min one-on-one call with me ($250 value) to ask any questions and get my personalized guidance tailored to your situation.
Bonus: Lifetime access to my private negotiations community
  • Get invited to my private Facebook group, where I personally answer every question and share exclusive tips, job posts from my network, and invites to my events and social meetups.


(6 ratings)

What people are saying

        Working with Gerta was very empowering! She helped me negotiate a raise and I ended up with nearly exactly what I asked for. She's clearly passionate about helping others get what they deserve and I'm thankful for her support and for making the process less overwhelming and stressful.
Lorraine K. Lee | Speaker/Consultant

Lorraine K. Lee | Speaker/Consultant

Previously: Director - Head of Editorial @ Prezi, LinkedIn
        Gerta taught me specific tactics I never would have thought of myself. Working with her helped me land a much stronger compensation package than I could have imagined.
Chris Yuen | Program Manager, Meta

Chris Yuen | Program Manager, Meta

Previously: US Air Force, US Air Force Academy alum
        Despite my education and work experience, I was in the US on a visa, so I felt that I didn’t have much leverage in the negotiation. She helped me build a case for why I deserved more, and I secured additional comp and a commitment for immigration support that I didn’t even know was within reach.
Karen C. | Chief of Staff, growth-stage startup

Karen C. | Chief of Staff, growth-stage startup

Previously: McKinsey, Wharton alum
        Even though negotiating with my future employer was nerve-wracking, getting Gerta's insights and working with her through the process made me feel more empowered, self-aware, and to view negotiations in a completely different light - as a game as she says! The process felt better working with someone I trusted as an expert in negotiations.
Elizabeth K. | Product Strategy & Marketing Leader

Elizabeth K. | Product Strategy & Marketing Leader

Previously: Instagram, Deloitte, Harvard & Yale alum
        Gerta gave me immediate actions that resulted in 5-figure bumps in base salary alone. As my partner, she supported me closely in my compensation negotiations, so coupled with increasing other benefits like sign-on bonus and RSUs, her guidance increased all my comp packages by more than $100K.
Alex Choi | Product Marketing Manager

Alex Choi | Product Marketing Manager

Previously: Alchemy, Instagram, US Air Force, Wharton & Harvard alum
        Thanks to Gerta, I'm equipped to handle this daunting negotiation process. And more importantly, I actually feel (dare I say) empowered during a time when, thanks to the surplus of laid off talent, it's easy to feel dejected and without leverage.
Jessica Longo | UX Research Leader

Jessica Longo | UX Research Leader

Previously: Meta
        Gerta's teachings were so helpful throughout my job negotiation. I had a lot more questions than I expected, such as whether to have certain conversations over call vs email, what to say in different scenarios and to different people, how to move things forward, etc. I'm so grateful for her support.
Bernice LeBlanc | Strategic Partnerships, Block

Bernice LeBlanc | Strategic Partnerships, Block

Previously: Uber
        Gerta's expertise was instrumental to me landing my dream job at my dream pay! I learned how to navigate tricky conversations and exactly when to push for more and how much. In the end, I accepted my dream role with 41% more comp than what was first offered! I honestly didn't know this was possible in this job market, but Gerta showed me otherwise.
Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager

Previously: Google, Meta

Meet your instructor

Gerta Malaj

Gerta Malaj


I’m Gerta, a negotiations expert trained by world-class negotiators from MIT and Harvard Law School. I’ve helped hundreds of people increase their compensation by $50K to $500K+.

Over 10+ years, I've honed and taught a psychology-based approach to negotiations that gets results - in 2023 alone, I've achieved more than $1 million in cumulative compensation increases amongst my clients.

I also learned first-hand how employers approach negotiations from my time working at LinkedIn and Salary.com and developed a deep understanding of job negotiations on both sides.

I hold a Master’s in Logistics Engineering from MIT, and a degree in Math from Wellesley College. My decade+ of work experience spans big tech and biotech (LinkedIn, Salary.com/IBM, Sanofi), startups (3x founder, advisor) and venture capital (SPC). I'm also an angel investor, as well as a Limited Partner of a VC fund, Pebblebed.

October Cohort Schedule

4-5 hours
  • Session 1: Must-Know Negotiation Principles & Pressing FAQs

    Tuesday, 10/3, 12-1pm PT

    You will learn my must-know negotiation principles and actionable tactics that will empower you to be a confident negotiator and increase your job offers. I’ll also address the most pressing hiring issues in today’s tough market.

  • Session 2: Debunk Negotiation Myths & Form Your Personal Negotiation Strategy

    Wednesday, 10/4, 12-1pm PT

    Unlearn myths and misconceptions and reframe how you approach negotiations. You’ll also form your personal negotiation strategy based on your individual career and life priorities.

  • Session 3: Effective Template Responses & Negotiations Practice

    Thursday, 10/5, 12-1pm PT

    Arm yourself with specific language and template responses to confidently navigate negotiations and tough conversations. Then apply what you’ve learned by practicing negotiating in a low-stakes environment to prepare for when it matters.

  • Session 4: Course Wrap-Up & Live AMA

    Friday, 10/6, 12-1pm PT

    In our final meeting as a group, you'll synthesize what we learned. You'll also be able to ask me anything in an open Q&A session.

  • Bonus: 1:1 Coaching Call

    30 min on my Calendly

    This one-on-one call will be dedicated time for you alone where you may ask me any questions, get my personalized guidance, or however else you'd like to use the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What industries or roles is this course NOT suited for?
I haven't started my job search or am only exploring jobs casually. Should I take this course?
I have an offer and/or have already started negotiating. Should I take this course?
What if I implement the course teachings and my offer gets rescinded?
Does this course teach negotiations for promotions or internal transfers?
What does the schedule look like?
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Negotiations Blueprint - Get an unattainable salary

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6 Days