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Creating New Ideas from Diverse Insights & Inspirations

Hosted by

Kevin Bethune

Mon, Jul 29, 2024

4:00 PM UTC (30 minutes)

Virtual (Zoom)

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What you'll learn

Create a canvas that provokes diverse inputs from your team

Learn how to open your creative aperture by embracing 4 vantage points (people, industry, trends & exemplars) as framing

Build curation skills as you gather interesting inputs

Learn how to curate trends and interesting exemplars across a wide range of categories to inspire team problem-solving

Make a new story by connecting the dots across these inputs

Understand how to make sparks & connections across diverse inputs to make a story that represents a new opportunity

Why this topic matters

Ever encountered a confusing brief or an initial hypothesis that seemed off when tasked to create something new? Most organizations could benefit from taking a step back and opening their creative aperture when pursuing opportunities to unlock innovation. This lightning talk will provide a few simple framings to look at any emerging opportunity through a multidisciplinary, holistic perspective.

You'll learn from

Kevin Bethune

Design & Innovation Executive | Best-selling Author, Reimagining Design

Kevin Bethune is the Founder & Chief Creative Officer of dreams • design + life, a think tank that delivers design & innovation services using a human-centered approach. Kevin's background spans engineering, business and design in equal proportion over his 25+ year career (BCG, Nike, Westinghouse Nuclear), positioning him to help brands deliver meaningful innovations to enrich people's lives.

His work represents creative problem-solving that brings multidisciplinary teams together to see the future through an open aperture, and a deep industrial design approach to inform and influence desirable, feasible and business-viable design outcomes.

His first book, Reimagining Design: Unlocking Strategic Innovation (The MIT Press) released with notable acclaim under the Simplicity: Design, Business, Technology, Life Series in March 2022. His second book, Nonlinear: Navigating Design with Curiosity and Conviction (The MIT Press), will be coming out February 4, 2025.

Kevin also serves as a Trustee for ArtCenter College of Design and a Board member for the Design Management Institute (DMI).

25+ years of multidisciplinary leaps ...

dreams • design + life
Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Westinghouse Nuclear

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