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Intro to Python for AI (Hands-On Workshop)

Hosted by

Britney Muller

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What you'll learn

Master Python Basics in Minutes

Start using the fundamental building blocks of Python, including variables, lists, dictionaries, functions, and more.

Navigate & Utilize Colab Notebooks

Learn how to set up and execute code within a Colab Notebook; a powerful tool for interactive coding.

Deploy an AI Model with Python

Experience the joy of installing libraries, like Transformers from Hugging Face to execute an LLM in your notebook.

Why this topic matters

Understanding Python, one of the World's most popular programming languages is akin to gaining superpowers. This workshop demystifies programming, making it accessible and less intimidating, even if you're a complete beginner. By learning Python, you open the door to endless possibilities in AI, your career, data analysis, and beyond.

You'll learn from

Britney Muller

AI/ML Consultant, Entrepreneur | Former Hugging Face, Moz

❤️ Machine Learning/AI changed my life (and career). The purpose of this lightening talk + my Fundamentals of GenAI Course is to share what I've learned with YOU! 

🛠️ Over 10+ years experience in ML/AI

🤖 Developed over a dozen in-house AI applications

🎤 International Keynote Speaker & AI Workshops Instructor

✍️ Authored The Beginner's Guide to LLMs & BERT 101 to help demystify AI technical AI concepts

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