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Product Launches: Why Some Flop While Others Flourish

Hosted by

Andy McCotter-Bicknell, Jason Oakley, and Tamara Grominsky

Mon, Jun 3, 2024

5:00 PM UTC (30 minutes)

Virtual (Zoom)

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What you'll learn

How to spot a great launch in the wild

Learn how to objectively analyze product launches from any company (not just your own!)

How to breakdown the key components of a product launch

Learn a framework to help you identify the strategies and techniques used in the most successful launches

How to reverse engineer your favorite launch strategies

Learn how to turn inspiration into action for your company's next product launch

Why this topic matters

Ever wondered why some launches go viral while others fall flat? Product launches are like recipes - the quality of ingredients directly impacts the results. That's why we've studied hundreds of launches to identify what sets the winners apart from the rest. In this 30-minute lesson we'll share our framework and show you how to apply winning strategies to your next product launch.

You'll learn from

Andy McCotter-Bicknell

Founder @ Healthy Competition

💚 Creator of Healthy Competition, the #1 community and newsletter for Competitive Intel practitioners

Jason Oakley

Founder @ ProductivePMM

🚀 Creator of Productive PMM, where founding PMMs go for inspiration, tools, and coaching

Tamara Grominsky

Founder @ PMM Camp

✨ Creator of PMM Camp, the newsletter and community for product marketing leaders

Who we've worked with
Chili Piper

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