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The key principles of People Ops as a Product

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Jessica Zwaan

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What you'll learn

Get to know the principles of People Operations as a Product

Learn to run your people ops more effectively by applying core product management principles

Metrics for success and thinking about outputs

Measure the impact of your people initiatives and spend, instead of using input metrics or worrying about "busy work"

ELTV to CAC Payback

Explore a specific example of ELTV Payback (Employee Lifetime Value) and how it works in practice with real examples

Why this topic matters

In a world where we are all looking at return on investment, sustainability, commerciality, and impact; applying product management to People Ops aligns your team with business goals, promotes continuous improvement, and effectively manages change, leading to better overall performance.

You'll learn from

Jessica Zwaan

Chief Operating Officer and Author of Built for People

Jessica Zwaan is a startup and technology executive with a background in Operations, People, and Talent spanning across three continents. She is the Chief Operating Officer at Talentful and previously has served as Chief Operating Officer at fully remote video meetings company, Whereby. Prior to this she served as Chief People and Operations advisor for startups across Europe, Group Head of Talent at McCann Worldgroup, and VP People and Talent at Wonderbly. She is based in New York City, New York.

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